– Alright, ball number two. It’s got “Titleist 2”, “Pro V1”. That’s a four dollar
golf ball right there. We’re going to put that in this
clamp and see how it works. So, let’s get it in there. Let’s cut it so the “Pro V1” shows, so that way when he’s doing his project, any dads that know how to golf, they know this is a nice ball. Because they will be
curious what’s inside. Oh, look at that bend. – [Man] See how it bends?
– [Lincoln] What? – [Man] Turns oval when I squeeze it. It smashes it more like
(makes smashing noise). Alright. Let’s see what’s in this one. I’m just gonna do it like this. – [Lincoln] This might
be a little bit tricky. – [Man] This… might be. Cool! Turning pink. – [Man] Look at that.
– [Lincoln] It is? – [Lincoln] Neat!
– [Man] Check that out. – [Man] Claire, come look
at this. It’s turning pink! – [Claire] Huh? – [Lincoln] That’s a golf ball. – [Man] Alright we got it
back on the clamp here. – [Lincoln] It’s workin’. – [Claire] That’s a lot of it. That’s a lot of dirties. – [Man] It is a lot of dirties. Man, that’s hard. Probably can see how far we’ve gone in. Haven’t even gone in that far. – [Lincoln] It’s workin’! (Man chuckles) – [Man] Seems like it’s there. – [Lincoln] That’s a way to do it. (Claire exclaims in the background) – [Lincoln] Well, that’s a way to do it. (golf ball snaps in two) – Whoa! Bingo! Woohoo! – [Claire] Let me see!
Let me see! Let me see! – [Man] Let’s go guys, check it out. – [Lincoln] It’s pink inside.
– [Claire] Can I touch it? – [Man] Yeah, touch it.
– [Claire] Can I taste it? – [Lincoln] It’s like… like hard play dough. – [Man] Hard play dough? (laughs) – [Lincoln] Yeah.
– [Man] Yeah. That’s pretty cool. Look at all that mess we made. All this pink dust stuff like foam. – [Claire] Can I touch it?
– [Man] Yeah, touch it. – [Man] Make a smiley face out of it. (Claire sighs with satisfaction) (Man laughs) Alright. – [Lincoln] Ball number two done. – [Man] Looks pretty good. – [Lincoln] Ball number two done. – [Man] Yippie!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Golf Ball?”

  1. Older golf balls had a liquid core surrounded by elastic bands – luckily it wasn't one of those type as they could be dangerous to cut open.

  2. Fast-forward to cutting a Gold Play Button etc. but I still can't watch you put your fingers at risk. I mean I know nothing bad is coming but my mind still goes YIKES!

  3. I'm sure this is just perfect treatment for that marble kitchen table to yank the tip of the saw into the surface over and over … 😀

  4. On the KITCHEN COUNTER?? Jeez. If I were his wife I would be pitching a fit! If you scratch those counters they STAY scratched.

  5. I had a neon yellow goofball in my car for years. My 2 year old grandson found it and fell in like with it. Now I want to saw it open, but I don't want to upset him because he recently lost his dad.

  6. I know the movie that’s in the background my sister watched it last night (idk why this is comment worthy)

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