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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Cricket Bat?”

  1. Just wood?! Thats english willow. And the handle is made of Caine and those black lines in the handle are bands so there is less vibration through the handle when you hit a ball

  2. I am from Australia. How can you destroy 2 billion years of wood research by cutting a cutting-edge bat? 😢😏😂

  3. 5:53 A kookaburra bat is expensive bcoz it is made with a better quality wood and produced carefully. A good bad can deal a lot of speed. A kookaburra bat can withstand 290kmh speed ball. Don't believe me. Try it out😏

  4. The three lines mean that you can play with a leather ball
    And if there are no lines means the bat is a tennis ball bat

  5. It feels me Pity. You cannot do that with a cricket bat. Respect it man.
    If you have any spare bats and you are planning to destroy it like this then give it to someone who is in need of this .
    I am completely shattered watching this. This is unacceptable.

  6. So, no explanation of what is actually going on. Not the type of join used, or the use of woods or the tradition of using willow.
    The people who do know are left disappointed and the people who don't are left none the wiser and all it would take is 5 minutes of research.
    This was just the outtakes from a free holiday to Australia.

  7. What they could of done was turned it into a middle bat plus it is more expensive what wood you use the best is English willow then there is a grade so grade 1 is best then like grade 3 is not as good then you get different brand prices if they make it handmade or not then pre knocked In or not

  8. Go to kashmir and check out the differemce between a kashmir willow bat and the english willow one which you just opened!Ive niticed kashmir willow bats are quite tough

  9. At least that bat wasn't a Keeley it would have been 450 pound down the drain but still my mind be like don't do it noooooooooooooo

  10. Such a sin. I’m from Australia and you just destroyed a Awesome Bat , next time don’t use a good bat use a 20€ bat

  11. Some stuff you don’t find in like India or England (two of the cricketing countries in the world). But in Australia like a cricket bat

  12. My uncle actually has a cricket bat but it’s a different kind of bat because it’s for playing at home and it’s for beginners and it’s not made out of wood and it’s hollow so even when you hit it like medium it will go far and it’s light

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