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Dennis Veasley

49 thoughts on “What Would You Do For A MILLION DOLLARS?!”

  1. This game was given to one of my friends as a gift, we tried playing it and couldn't find out what was fun about it. We then tried getting drunk as fuck and playing it, still wasn't enjoyable or funny; We eventually said fuck it and threw the game away, then decided to play Skip Bo because that's actually fun…

  2. Is calling someone a 'c*nt' really serious in the US? It can be used as a term of endearment in the UK, I call my boyfriend a 'c*nt' when he is being playfully annoying…Its one of the nicer swears here haha.

  3. 6:28 technically someone else could put it out
    The card said that YOU can’t put it out.
    So just have a friend with you whenever you do something rage inducing

    Listen I know I’m two years late shut up

  4. Even if you had a fire start where you are standing and couldn't directly put it out doesn't mean you can't put it out. Let me explain. Say it's a really small fire, smaller than your hand and you could just put a jar over it that way all the air would be used and it would go out. You technically didn't put it out directly you just did an action that caused it to go out. Or, you could remove all objects that could catch fire away from the small fire and it would just burn itself out. Or you could just pour water on the floor wherever you're standing when you begin feeling angry so when the fire starts where you standing it starts on top of the water and immediately goes out again

  5. The "Butt Plug Podcast" is so funny bc it's up to ur imagination to think about what their doing 😂😂😂

  6. The fact that he calls mark "an insane man with a tennis ball launcher ." And is still more scared of Tyler is still hilarious to me

  7. Here's the thing "cunt" in Australia isn't bad so they could say cunt in an Australian accent and it'd be fine.

  8. The differences
    Mark: the only difference is the hair
    Ethan: the only difference is the hair

  9. "their was so much power behind it"
    "its gonna go through me"
    "mark im scared"
    "mark mark mark'
    ethan grunting as mark approaches
    "that hurts "
    oof i loved those moments

  10. When you missed one sentence.. Focuses back on the video… Hears them talking about butt plugs… 😂

  11. 0:24 basically what Tyler is saying

    “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.”

  12. The canon wasn’t a good idea he could have herniated a disk really bad, he could have gotten a spinal fracture, or dozens of other conditions such as neurological swelling.

  13. Holy fuck. Mark! The fear in Ethan’s voice! That is legit more evil than warfstashe. What the shit is Ethan okay?!

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