Hey guys, my brother Miles was just telling me about an awesome thing going on that sorta stops racism Apparently, athletes can wear whatever shoes they want for a limited amount of time and they can express awareness. Now, we usually express breast cancer awareness by having a pink phone, or pink shoes, ’cause women have never heard of breast cancer, and if it wasn’t for us virtue signalling, then they would all die, ’cause they’d have no idea of what this rare disease is, that kills tens of thousands of women a year. So, a lot of them are taking advantage of this opportunity to showcase racism. There’s one guy — I’m not good with these names — Daymon Green? Basketball player. His shoe says: “Sideline Racism,” put it off to the side, let’s stop racism via basketball. Yeah, ’cause if there’s one thing that you see racism at, it’s basketball games. (redneck voice) “Goddamn it, I want the white team to win! Don’t give those negroes basketballs!” “That’s a white man’s game!” (laughs) The entire Mets team doesn’t even speak English. It’s the least racist place on Earth. But anyway, this other guy, Tyrann Mathieu? He is a football player, and these are his cleats. They say: “Sideline Racism,” and I think the question that comes to everyone’s mind when they see this is, “Is that what, fuckin, athletic shoes look like these days?” DUDE, it is! This is one of the most popular shoes around right now. So is this! This is a hot shoe. Hey! You wanna play football? Why don’t you put these on? I couldn’t believe it! I went to — I went to a local sports store, and I thought, I should get my kids some shoes; I love Air Jordans. It’s kinda fun buying, ya know, the classic Nikes for your kids. And I go in there, and there was not ONE NORMAL SHOE! All shoes are designed by Jeremy Scott and Bea Arthur or something, some crazy old lady and an eccentric gay dude. Kids can’t have normal shoes anymore! EVERY SINGLE SHOE! First of all, they’re all Under Armour for some reason; there’s barely any Nikes. But EVERY SINGLE SHOE there was fucking insane. Check this out. What the hell is going on with shoes these days? I’m trying to get my kid basketball shoes, and look at all these things! I mean, I like fashion, I like being fun and funky, but this is way beyond Jeremy Scott. These are what your boy wears? These are the — look at this, this is the whole variety. Look at these! This is like a mentally ill Star Wars fan. And it gets worse, check this out. (music) What are these? Look at this weave thats going on. It’s like the buyer is an old lady and a gay man, and they’re just impressed with the latest technology. Now, these are women’s ‘fast pitch,’ whatever the hell that is (chuckles) Under — everything is Under Armour too; you can only get Under Armour. You can’t get black and white stuff anymore. Look at these things! Like I feel like even gays would see them and go: (camp voice) “Girl, what are you doing? That’s — take it down a notch, Jesus Christ.” I just wanna get normal — I have to go to eBay now and buy shoes that are vintage. And they’re fuckin’ expensive. But they’re not $119, for these. And you go: “Yeah okay, Gavin, but where are the normal ones?” There are no normal ones! There’s no such thing as normal shoes anymore. Okay, but just get some black shoes, some normal black shoes. Okay. What about these space boots from the year 20 million? Look at these things! They’re from Guardians of the Galaxy, for fuck sakes. Look at this! It looks like intestines. How is this a shoe that a normal guy would have on? For $139! Look, I don’t have a problem with gays or old ladies but why do they take over shoes? And why do they take shoes away from our children? I don’t really care if you ‘Sideline Racism,’ or if you have breast cancer; what I DO care about you doing is is RUINING THE COMMON SHOE! (camera guy) You said “Daymon” but it’s “Draymond” but you said “I don’t know what these guys’ names are,” so… Hi folks that was a Rebel Media short I have my own show on Rebel Media called “How’s it goin eh?” You gotta pay for that one check it out right heeeere

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “What the hell happened to athletic shoes?”

  1. styles change dude. It sucks a lot. cant change the times. Even our four fathers knew that. Mr McInnes rules, but come on man at least i laughed at it.

  2. What the hell are you even talking about dude?
    I thought you were a sensible guy with a great view on today's society.

  3. I wish Miles was my dad; he seems cool. But then you would be my uncle and you might be kind of a weird uncle.

    But actually, I agree. I'm not a huge fan of Vans, but they are the only shoes I wear now (accept Crocs for private use, of course) because all other shoes look so stupid.

  4. Ok so basically I have a pair of super colorful Jordan 7s and I gotta say that they all look like this in an attempt to stick out like Jordans did back in the day when it was cool, but then everyone started copying the colorful sleek style and now it's just everywhere and boring.

  5. 2:57 "You can't get black and white stuff anymore"
    While standing exactly next to black and white shoes
    Makes eye contact, then runs away

  6. 2:57 "You can't get black and white stuff anymore"
    While standing exactly next to black and white shoes
    Makes eye contact, then runs away

  7. I think one thing people don't understand about him sometimes is that he is a little bit of a troll who cracks jokes with underline serious meanings and some people just can't justify that type of humor, oh well!

  8. Thank you!! I can't even find a simple pair of LEATHER black and white Nikes anymore. EVERY dam shoe in the store is for one, looks like something Chris Tucker would wear in the fifth element, and for two, made out of this dam fabric stuff. There is no structural integrity in any of these shoes. They're basically socks glued to a leather sole. Better hope you don't drop anything on your toe. Material wise, this stuff can't be very expensive to make. I think the shoe companies are selling this fabric stuff at $100 prices and making fortunes off of all the idiots who buy them. The most fabric ill except on a shoe is the 90s Air Max. And everyone's walking around like this is normal? I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone everytime I go shopping for shoes.

  9. 2:03 it's all under armour there's hardly any Nike's. Now watch this clip of me in a shoe store with all Nike and hardly any under armour 😂

  10. An all Negroe basketball-team is: "It's the least racist place on earth"? XD I hope that he was being sarcastic.

  11. Exactly. The shoes either look like a rainbow or look like they were born deformed. The crazy part is that people go crazy over those.

  12. Gavin When you buy your classic shoes of eBay your most likely buying of scalpels.i make a lot of money doing it.Buy as many Air max 1s as I can on air max day (usually sold out within hours sometimes under and hour) buy them for £110 sell them for £350 plus.Buy your shoes from NIKESNKRS.COM and you can get most of the classic shoes

  13. wtf that's not at all why we use a pink ribbon for breast cancer, it's to spread awareness for the disease and to show our families that we stand in solidarity with them.

  14. I have to agree for the most part, especially the "Normal" shoes remark. Basketball shoes especially are ridiculous now. They all look like socks (a shoe in the shape of a sock). What happened to the great designs that were unique looking. Air Penny's, Jordan 1's, 3's, 12's, etc., Payton's Glove's, Melo's, Pippen's, Hell even the Shox that Carter wore. The color saturation is way the hell out of control too, just like he was commenting on. You truly have to look high and low just to find a regular looking basketball shoe. I walk into a foot locker and can't find a damn thing that looks interesting. It's a wall of sock shoes that have been splattered with sherbet ice cream.
    Give me a pair of Melo 10's (I have hoarded several pair already) or some Penny 2's and I'm good.

  15. I disagree with Gavin here. These companies are in a competitive market. The product has to be eye-catching especially in a store where there are thousands of shoes. In any competitive market, the product that looks the most attractive will sell…such as shoes. ESPECIALLY if you're selling them to kids.

  16. 5yrs ago i was saying to people, that if id have worn 90% of any of today's footwear to school – i would have had the SHIT beaten out of me every day – yet i see people wearing fluorescent orange trainers and acid-green & pink trainers . . . right up to men in their 50's
    What the hell is going on ?

  17. That is why I only wear boots. My EDC boot is a 8” tall, waterproof, carbon fiber ANSI toe, with metatarsal guard boot. My once a month nice pair are the same except they are 6” tall and I spit polish them like my inspection boots were when I was a young devil dog.

  18. Should just spray-paint them white and then stencil-on the logo of choice. Agree about neon colors and ridiculous graphics.

  19. I just came from a video where you were saying women if you want to look 18 stop becoming 60.🤪😂.
    But then I saw you without that Manly beard eeewwww gross you look like you eat babies. #funnybastard

  20. What I want to know is, what happened to toe shoes? They were a thing and now they're not. I love mine, they feel so much more natural to wear.

  21. Its so funny cuz when i went to the nike store i thought the same thing plus i couldnt find any air force ones

  22. Bruh.. try going to a footlocker or somewhere thats not an outlet/discount spot.
    100s of retro and classic jordans still come out every month, if not every week even! …lazy reporting

  23. “You can’t get black and white stuff” standing next to a black and white normal shoe 😂

    If you want a good quality shoe go to REI, a new balance store, a Merrell store, or whole earth provision if you are lucky enough to live in Texas. And be ready to pay $70-150, but they last

  24. I just went to goodwill on half price day and got me a new pair of black and gray Chuck Taylors. 2.50 and not athletes feet yet.

  25. Mr.Naismith was a white man.
    I think HE was a MAN too.
    Not only that, HE WAS CANADIAN !!

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