hey there today I am sharing 32 tips on
what not to do when you travel these are things that I don’t want you to do in
the airport what not to do in the airplane what not to do in a foreign
country what not to pack all kinds of tips for what not to do when you travel
the number one tip for what not to do when you travel is to not over pack I
have so many travel tip videos and packing method videos even about
toiletries for you to watch and the number two tip for what not to do when
you travel is do not pack an outfit for every day that you are going to be on
vacation like if you’re gone for seven days you do not need seven outfits pack
tops that can mix and match the number three thing of what not to do when you
travel is do not take too big of a personal item like I take a travel
backpack for underneath the airplane seat and then I have a carry-on suitcase
above my head and the overhead bin it fits and all major airline bins over my
head but that backpack is very large and it’s like a school size but it has two
big pockets and one small pocket at the front and that is fine for me when you
go to your Airline’s website they will have luggage requirements and it will
tell you the size requirements for your personal bag as well the number four tip
for what not to do and you travel is do not keep your travel documents put away
until it’s your turn to talk to the TSA agent I try to keep my travel documents
in that front closest to me pocket of my backpack just while I’m going through
security and then I can put them in a more secure place once I’m done with
security but that way I take out my documents put them right back in that
closest zipped pocket be a respectful traveler to the people behind you so
that they’re not delayed waiting on you the number five tip for what not to do
when you travel is do not hold up the security line do not wait until the last
minute to untie your shoes or to unzip your boots have those already untied or
unzooped unzipped by the time you get up to that conveyor
belt do not wear a belt until you are through with airport security I put on
my belt when I get through security I keep it in the outside pocket of my
suitcase and that way when I’m through security I just pull out the belt and
put it on that’s when you can also put on your jewelry for the travel day
outfit do not hold up the line by waiting until the last minute to take
out that liquids bag have that liquids bag pocket unzipped so that you can just
pull out the liquids bag put it in the gray bin and then put your backpack in
another gray pin do not try to be funny with the TSA
agents like if you have a knife and they find it and it’s small and it is allowed
through airport security don’t make a joke like well what do you think I’m
gonna do do this to the pilot because you will probably not fly that day or
for a while and you will hold up all the quiet and obedient people behind you in
Lund another tip for what not to do when you travel is do not wear lace-up shoes
to the airport it’s just so time-consuming to tie them when you’re
done do not be in a hurry when you are going through airport security you have
paid good money for this airplane seat ticket you pay good money for your
vacation you have planned ahead by watching awesome YouTube videos to
prepare in advance and be a responsible traveler and a respectful traveler you
will never see those people again and I think when people get in a hurry or get
flustered that’s when you forget your ID or an important document or your cell
phone at the security line so just take a deep breath and just keep going don’t
get mad at yourself and just have a peaceful vacation before you’ve even
started when you travel do not be rude to the gate agents they are only the
messenger and I know it is so frustrating when the gate agent says for
the fourth time I’m sorry folks your flight is still delayed and we have no
idea when it will be resuming or if it will even be cancelled after you’ve
stayed at the airport all day there are so many different lines of communication
that get broken before it gets to the gate agents so they don’t know sometimes
really they do not know anything it might be the parent
company’s fault it might be ramp people’s fault it might be some weird
reason that we don’t know about but don’t be rude to the messenger my
husband was in Washington Dulles Airport and one of his gate agents had just an
awful weather day and this rude customer said to him I hope your mother dies
well she had just died like a week and a half before that day it was just
completely immature and you’re responsible for something to say even
though you are so angry but anyway don’t be rude to them also when you get on the
airplane don’t expect the flight attendants to put your suitcase or your
bag up in the bin over your head I see a lot of people do this to flight
attendants they say I can’t pick my bag up and put it in that bin you’re not
asking them to do anything you’re just complaining so politely use common
courtesy and ask the flight attendant right when you get on could you call a
flight attendant to help me put my suitcase in the overhead bin and then
when you’re waiting for that flight attendant back at your seat if you see a
man standing nearby ask him for help would you mind helping me put my bag in
the overhead bin and most of the time they will also do not wear tight
clothing pay attention to the button or your waistband of your pants that you’re
gonna be wearing on the airplane because if they poke in too much when you’re
sitting it’s gonna be really uncomfortable and hurt your stomach also
pay attention to how tight or fitted your trousers are around your calves
your pants or your jeans that you’re wearing if your jeans are too
constricting around your calves you can have major blood clots which will cause
a lot of harm to you in flight so I recommend
Zella compression leggings compression socks there are some really really cute
ones out there and then also what we have is a compression sleeve and this
goes just around your calf and they are footless so if you are worried about
fashion or your capris showing your compression socks try out these I will
link some below Amazon and zella leggings they are all
compression leggings I use the high high high waisted ones to help me suck in all
that Indian food and croissants that I’m gonna eat when I’m in Europe but I use
the high-waisted ones and they are considered compression
they don’t say compression leggings but they are considered compression and they
are good oh it feels so good my my feet my calves
nothing swells on a flight and I’ve had some really bad problems with my calves
swelling during flights even just a two hour flight when you travel do not keep
ringing the flight attendant call button they are not waitresses they are there
for our safety the free drinks and food that we buy that is only bonus learn
from me and do not forget to take tylenol on your flight if you have a
fever and help stave off the symptoms of it and also it can help you get through
that flight home so that you can just make it to your car and then make it to
your house when you travel do not expect that you are going to be able to sit
with your family even though you have chosen the seats together it’s kind of
like that Jerry Seinfeld episode where he rents a car and when he gets there
they’re all out of cars even though he’s already paid and rented it and reserved
it what I recommend is the day before you know you can always check in for
your flight 24 hours prior check in and see if those seat assignments are near
each other or beside each other then the next day when you get to the airport if
that’s when you’re checking in see if the seats are beside each other if
you’re not assigned seats that means when you get to your gate the gate agent
is going to call you up and tell you here’s your pass to get onto the
airplane and your tickets or your seats might not be together ask the gate agent
but don’t expect her to solve the problem they will most likely especially
if it’s a full flight they’ll most likely get a flight attendant to help
you and honestly flight attendants have more of the power on the airplane to say
excuse me sir do you mind moving up to this seat and they can even sweeten the
deal for that person who needs to move to give them a closer seat up front you
know in your carry-on suitcase do not put containers that are larger
than 3.4 ounces or a hundred milliliters some people have brought a shampoo
bottle like a regular-sized shampoo bottle but there were only a few drops
of shampoo in it and we’re so angry when it got confiscated but the container has
to be 3.4 ounces or less when you travel do not forget to sign up for the State
Department’s step program and let us say emergency a civil unrest notification
kind of program that they can notify you on your phone or they can find you if
there is a family emergency that’s the best reason but they can give you
updates of national emergencies if needed if you have not seen my 9 travel
safety tips be sure to click on the iCard or down below do not talk loudly
on the bus from the park and ride to the airport or in the quiet boarding area in
the airport it’s really pet peeve of mine but honestly I think it makes you
look uneducated and slow with technology and pickpocketers pickpocketers are
looking for that kind of person so talk a little more quietly another tip for
when you travel is going to help you save space in your suitcase or your
carry-on backpack or travel bag do not pack those bulky headphones anymore
there are lots of bulb type ear phones headphones and some over the ear
headphones that I really like that are more secure than the little bulb ones do
not take a Tupperware of tuna salad one it smells like crazy on the plane but it
is one of the easiest meals to take when you’re going on the airplane and I’ve
done it and I will probably do it again but remember that you’re gonna have that
Tupperware with you your entire flight but honestly if you throw it away I’m
sure it’s going to end up in your kitchen cabinets a couple of months or
at least the lid will another tip when you travel in the airport is to move to
the side of the terminal if you need to ruffle through your bag to find out
where your next gate is if you need to look at your phone for something don’t
just stop in the middle of the terminal those terminals are
really narrow and we need to keep the traffic moving do not forget to take a
water bottle or an aluminum mug there are a lot of really nice water fountains
now that your bottle can actually fit all the way under in airports now and
the water does not taste like a pipe that has not had water in it in five
days anymore like they used to there was an article and I don’t know if y’all
have seen it um I think it was on Facebook or something that said flight
attendants do not like it when you order a diet coke basically it was saying that
the sodas take a long time to dissipate like the bubbles take a long time to
dissipate and so flight attendants don’t like it I don’t know if that’s true or
not most everybody orders a soda or something bubbly I’ll link the article
below though so you can see it don’t let the airlines booking system book you on
a tight connection connecting flight a lot of airline websites will say oh
there’s a connecting flight to Philadelphia that leaves an hour after
you leave land in DC don’t trust it it’s trying to be efficient but there are so
many out-of-control reasons for delays these days like weather in like Africa
that can affect the flight departure time in Dulles or DC for domestic
flights do not let there be a connecting flight
within an hour at least two hours would be much better and for international
flights we recommend not having a connection less than five hours when we
live near DC we always tried to get on the Phoenix flight that left at 5:30
5:00 in the afternoon well there was a flight from Frankfurt
Germany that landed at 4:00 and there were so many times that we would see
people an hour and a half later who would not even make the flight at 5:30
which meant we as Stan buzzed now had an empty seat but a lot of times we would
see them running and an hour and a half is definitely not enough time for a
connecting flight internationally by the way my name is Laurie thank you for
visiting my travel tips by laurie youtube channel i give tips in hacks for
all those travel mistakes that i’ve already made that
can help you with my husband is a pilot here in Houston and we’ve been traveling
this world for about 17 years if you haven’t already leave me a
comment below and introduce yourself and let me know where you’re going next
another tip for what not to do when you travel is do not pack liquids in other
areas of your travel carry-on bags like you have your liquids bag and you might
put some liquids like in your carry-on suitcase all liquids have to go in that
quart sized liquids bag and be pulled out in airport security if you’re taking
it on to your person in the airplane do not feel bad if you have to go to the
bathroom and the person beside you is like dead deeply asleep and sleeping
just tap them on the shoulder and scoot by they know to expect it and you’ll
never see that person again and do not throw everything in your suitcase last
minute pick a packing method fold them roll them use packing cubes use the con
mari method that’s all trendy trendy now choose a method and just try it this tip
for what not to do when you travel is kind of a pet peeve do not stand at the
conveyor belt in security to put all of your belongings back in their place or
put all of your clothes back on take your stuff and the gray bin like walk it
over to the bench that’s outside of security right outside of security put
the gray been down there and put everything back on get settled take your
time be organized so that nothing is lost and don’t hold up the people behind
you in the security line this is a good one do not forget to sign up for the
police house check program that most counties in America have just Google
like James County police house check and you can sign up for the days you’re
gonna be on vacation and a policeman will walk around your house sometimes
and they will do a drive-by to make sure anything is not out of out of place or
see if anything is suspicious and they won’t tell you the specific days or
times that they’re going to do it but it’s a great peace of mind
tip when you travel internationally there are some things that some
wonderful youtubers have told me of what not to do when you travel there
the main reason is so that you don’t stick out for pickpocketers two of the
youtubers are a Love & london– I will link some of her videos below or
in an I card if I remember to do that and Wolters world or voltar’s world but
with a W they are very helpful and they have some really good tips for traveling
internationally the first thing is to not wear white tennis shoes and the main
reason is for pickpocketers okay but we as Americans won’t support in our shoes
and I am used to wearing tennis shoes so the way that I compromise is by using
grey tennis shoes that I am taking knees to when we go to Europe this spring
these are Mizuno they are running shoes but they’re I mean they’re brand new
they’re very comfortable anyway I am gonna take some other shoes that are
less American looking some boots or something like that in most of Europe
they do not wear graphic tees like we do they do not have their
college/university wording on their shirts and we are Americans we’re not
trying to fit in because we do not belong in that culture but we’re trying
to be less conspicuous to those evil people out there and do not put all of
your money in one wallet like spread the goods spread the wealth put it in
different places hide it in your hotel room I have some really really smart
hacks for hiding money and where to store it like one is in between the
Kleenexes of a little Kleenex packet so that’s so smart and there’s another
brilliant one in there if you watch that video okay you’re set you’re going to be
a respectful responsible traveler now that you’ve watched these 32 things what
not to do when you travel thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful
wonderful trip in the airport out of the airport in the airplane and on your

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    Rita G

  57. Ok, I know this one sounds semi ridiculous, but I am so opposed to the airplane lavatory floors oh, that I now pack a few puppy pee pads with me so that I can spread it out on the floor. If you get the small ones they are approximately 24 by 24 in and folded they are not as thick as a maxi pad. I feel much better about my pants hems hitting the floor with one of these. A package of 14 costs less than $4 at my local Walmart. They also are tremendously handy as a disposable mud mat during rainy season.

  58. HI LAURIE! LOVE your videos! Just wanted to tell , my 1st plane trip was the MOST FUN I've ever had! (maybe lol) It wasn't scary at all! I have a question for you tho… We had no trouble at all getting thru TSA in Birmingham AL, except for a funny incedent with my Hubby's shoes lol, but when we printed the boarding passes at the hotel for the return flight, I noticed at the top of our passes it said in bold letters TSA PRE, and I wondered if it stood for TSA PRECHECK, and sure enuf, at the Haydenairport, they basically just let us walk right thru without removing our shoes, just did a quick scan of our luggage; so my question is, does that mean that from now on, every time we fly, will we get automatic TSA PRECHECK, or was that maybe a one-time blessing? It was a very pleasant surprise cause we didn't apply for it at all! What do you think?

  59. I have never flown before. I have an international flight, with an hour and a half connection to the international leg of the trip. Am I in trouble?

  60. Love your tips! But each person should pack ONLY what they can lift over their head safely into the overhead. You can ask for arranged assistance from flight attendants, BUT that is NOT their job to lift heavy suitcases. I've had way too many women INSTRUCT my husband to put up their huge, heavy luggage. He does not. However, if either of us see a very short or older person in need of assistance, one of us will offer and help.

  61. Hi Laurie, I just love your travel blogs, they've helped me so much more to feel confident when getting ready to fly. I will be going to London for 3 full days and Scotland for 16 days. One thing I do not understand is "Airplane Mode" I've seen that mode in my settings. Please tell me more about it. I leave August 18, thanks so much!

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