(energetic music) – My name is Allen Wang, I’m a professional table tennis player. (ball pings) – Oh my gosh! My father used to play on the
weekends at a local center. And he first brought me
there when I was five or six. Making my way to Team
USA has been a long road. My dad decided to send
me overseas in China when I was 10 years old, and I was there for a year and a half. And every day, we would practice
for 5, 6, 7 hours a day. (upbeat music) This is the Lily Yip Table Tennis Center, where I always train. Let me give you a little tour. Adam Hugh, multiple time
national team member. Great friend, awesome
coach, amazing player. People of all ages can play. No matter who you are
or where you’re from, it’s a beautiful community, it’s awesome. So here we have Cory Eider. Cory and I played men’s doubles together, and we got national
champion in 2013, 2014. – (Cory) 2014. – Yeah, 2014 men’s double match, so. – (Cory) Right. – Awesome coach as well. (ball pings) – They told us that you
trained Forrest Gump. (laughs) – Six, one. – Alright, so here we’re gonna … I’m gonna attempt a round
the net shot with my phone. So basically, hit the ball
around the net like this, without going over the
net, so it’s pretty hard. (energetic music) (ball pings) – Are you just as good
tipsy as you are sober? Yeah, probably. (laughs) – A lot of people usually,
like every five years, there’s this huge kind of, everyone gets really
excited about table tennis. (upbeat music) – The most important thing
is that you have to love it, you have to enjoy it, even though the practice
might be hard sometimes, if you endure it, it’ll create
many opportunities for you. Coming from my experience, I realized that table tennis
was much more than a sport. It was just a gateway to
many other things as well. Just awesome adventures. I just want people to know
that this is a beautiful sport. (light music)

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100 thoughts on “What It Takes To Be An Olympic Table Tennis Player”

  1. Doesn't apply to all Asians.

    All modern table tennis champions are specifically Chinese from mainland China.

    There are many documentaries where western table tennis players go to mainland China to compete against locals.

    They couldn't even win against provincial or city competitions because the skill level of average Chinese tennis player was so high.

  2. I played this for 7 years won A couple of nationale gold medal but stop because of school 🙁
    I was like 3 in my country for my age

  3. I'd like to see people watch this video that think table tennis is the easiest and the stupidest sport ever.

  4. Olympic table tennis players are a right laugh my friend beat me with his shoe while drunk and he's only the England reserve

  5. Allen teach me ur table tennis skills and I will coach you steps to achieve the perfect shed approach:)

  6. Fun fact: The toss-up during the serve is how you can tell a good player from an amateur. A good player should be able to wait and serve in between their opponent's breaths to throw them off, while amateur simply does it for dramatic effect.

  7. I have been playing for a year and I'm pretty good with the time ive spent the only thing that's stopping me from competing in competitions is Table tennis players are such a bad sports when they lose.

  8. This is my town and i work at a pharmacy that’s connected to the ping pong place. Our town is one square mile and just this place being on buzzfeed was a big thing for us lmao bc there’s like 88 people so imagine the exposure

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