[Intro Music]>>DREW WALSH: The universal athletic position
is the foundation to all movement. Becoming proficient with this setup is a necessity
for athletes to reach their full athletic potential. If proper mechanics are overlooked, we then
create poor habits and movement patterns. Let’s take a look into the universal athletic
position. First, we’re going to take those feet and
set them slightly outside our shoulders, facing forward and keeping weight distributed through
the midfoot. Drive your hips straight back. Bend your knees until your shoulders are aligned
directly above your toes. Fully extend your arms in line with your torso. Bring your shoulder blades down and back. Hold this position while maintaining a flat
back. It is paramount for all athletes to understand
the basic postural mechanics of the athletic position. Once this set up is mastered, athletes can
progress to more complex movements to maximize transfer to all strength training, movement
mechanics and sports specific tasks, while also enhancing performance and helping to
reduce risk of injury. [Outro Music]

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Dennis Veasley

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