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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “What is Gaelic Football? (part 1 of 3)”

  1. no/yes huring is done on a gaelic pitch the gaa i think it is represents 4 sport gaelic and hurling are two of them so they put the pitchs together

  2. Well we did make ye look ordinary in Munster,but no doubt when the All-Ireland final comes around we'll shit the pants,and Kerry will have an easy All-Ireland…unfortunatly.

  3. CELTIC FOOTBALL is better. New sport from NZ.
    Played on Soccer field with Soccer Goals and Aussie rule posts. Most of the Rules of Soccer apply plus:
    * Groundball – can play the ball with hands anyway but only if ball is outside Penalty Box and clearly above knee level.
    * Heldball – must bounce the ball once if suddenly change direction while holding ball. cant be stationary holding ball.
    * Contact – similar to basketball contact rules
    * Scoring – Goal(10 pts), Double(2pts), Single.

  4. real athletes? haha my arse, NFL? run into each other for 20 seconds? then a 2 hour break showing us how great Pepsi is. haha

  5. Damn right-b proud of ur culture and heritage-I was behind maurice fitz when he kicked that leveler vs dublin in thurles. Without GAA I wudnt hav anyting-soccer relies on GAA players during their off season-A gud football match is a gr8 spectical-a bad one can be pretty ugly-but how many countries hav their own sport. I bet it is played in ur country-NFL is all about corporatism-shite.

  6. This was mighty useful, thanks to whoever created this and whoever posted it. I just learned about this game the other day and I am impressed (American here and I'd only somewhat even heard of Aussie football through some marines who like playing it). I do wish someone would post these types of videos for all of the world's football games.

  7. @riseingstur The Scots would disagree here. While I can see you calling Scots players poofs, I don't see you proving that on the field.

  8. @shgibby61981 shut up you fucker…stop calling it soccer.cause its played with the foot..its called football…call american football…fatball.. it is a bunch of fat pigs

  9. @bapfontein u are a fucking idiot- ''GAA/IRA''? there are loads of protestants that play it in the republic, just the northerners are too bigotted to play- and as for calling it ''paddyball'' i dare u to come to ireland and say that, you are just a little bitch, go play some cricket u little rat before u get hurt-

  10. @bapfontein looks like your the only bigot left because nobody cares about that anymore in case u didnt realise, how the fukk do i know the religion of county players? but i do know there are protestant players playing to a high level with there club, nobody asks there religion, why would they- u obviously know nothing about our sport u sad loser, the sam mc guire cup was named after a protestant- your just a pathetic bitch, what the hell is paddyball?

  11. WTF is with all these people liking the hate comments..its a sport, an old sport that is part of our heritage, its has NOTHING to do the with fucking IRA which by the way does not have the support of much of the catholic community..we want peace as much as anyone else and the IRA are hampering the peace process along with protestant paramillitaries! so stop being so fucking ignorant and full of hate, its a sport, a game go vent your ignorant hatred where its wanted, like nazi camp.

  12. @bapfontein have to say mate, without doubt that is the most ignorant and pathetic statement Ive ever heard concerning GAA spoprts. Let me give you a bit of inof, The GAA is a charity, designed to aid the starving children of Ireland. Sam MAcGuire, A protestant, was one of the founders of the GAA and hence has the Gaelic Football trophy named after him. My Club in Belfast have plenty of Protestants playing the game, so your statement is totally wrong. If you wish to meet me on the ormeau road?

  13. @bapfontein have to say mate, without doubt that is the most ignorant and pathetic statement Ive ever heard concerning GAA spoprts. Let me give you a bit of info, The GAA is a charity, designed to aid the starving children of Ireland. Sam MAcGuire, A protestant, was one of the founders of the GAA and hence has the Gaelic Football trophy named after him. My Club in Belfast have plenty of Protestants playing the game, so your statement is totally wrong. If you wish to meet me on the ormeau road?

  14. How did the IRA cause the 1920 murder?. People, if you dont like the IRA, thats fair enough. But dont be Ryan turbirdy Ignorant. Listen, Im no fan of the IRA, but I understand the idea held by the people who want Ireland to be free. When you have had a gun held in your face by a londoner who hasnt the faintest idea what he is doing in a 2 bedroom house in Belfast then you can make your bullsit statement. The english have no place in Ireland, all military of the queen should go and never return.

  15. @TheProudAussie Aren't they??? I though the Aussie rules games between Australia and Ireland still happen! It did in 2008! Nat sure bout 2009, but id say they playd too! Mayb here actually in croke park!! Am i wrong??? U heard different down under?

  16. @DEFiiANCE Yea she should teach you!! The craic is mighty hi! Also a gud way to vent any frustrations ye have, although ladies gaelic football is non-contact, ye can also get a dig n somewer tho! lol! And its nat dat wile complicated once you get da hang af it! Enough practice and ul get a lot of da basic skills ta make a start!

  17. @houlhersteady Seriously pal, take your sectarian shit and shove it! There's no room for ignorant, small-minded, bigots like you in todays world!

  18. @houlhersteady Nah! You're a sad individual! Get yourself a life, before your sectarianism destroys all possibility of ever having one!

  19. @houlhersteady Please rewrite that in either English or Irish so I can understand your sentiments! Your grammar is appalling! I won't even mention your spelling! Are you drunk? What is all this religious mumbo-jumbo you're on about? I've played rugby and GAA in four countries, on two continents and never heard anyone mention religion ever!

  20. @houlhersteady I have no need to engage in "smart ass talk" in dismantling you, I'll use infinitely superior intellect and reasoning instead. Are you game?

  21. @houlhersteady Actually, your spelling and grammar are part of the issue here. Literacy conveys a certain level of intelligence where an individual may be taken seriously in a debate. You've already failed the most basic spelling and grammar requirements to enter an Irish second level educational institute. You must be British!

  22. @houlhersteady Firstly your Youtube profile confuses me, you state that you are from Ireland and that you like Irish music etc. This leads me to believe you are either a Protestant "Southerner" (which I have no problem with whatsoever) or a Catholic from the South who has right wing tendencies (you know the kind, Zionist / Imperialist loving conservatives). Perhaps you could clarify this for me.

  23. @jarsonist Maybe be wrong to generalize the whole of British society, but having worked there for a year, I can see where your coming from!

  24. @houlhersteady What questions? It's so hard to take you seriously! I'll tell you what, give me a list of questions and I'll answer them. However, the catch is that you have to promise to get an education. Education is free in Ireland by the way, it's non-religious and non-sectarian as well.

  25. @houlhersteady Secondly you state you are a lifetime student, I can assume that all this free time on your hands, has in someway contributed to all that sectarian bigotry and hatred which has built up inside you. Shame really.
    Thirdly you seem to make the ridiculous aspersion that anybody associated with the GAA, is uneducated or "thick". Have you ever listened to the average yob footballer or football supporter in England try to string a coherent sentence together?

  26. @houlhersteady I can see your point regarding grounds, trophies etc being named after famous republicans etc however I'm only interested on the game taking place on the field of play and nothing else. It is afterall a sporting organization and not a political one. The same cannot be said for the orange order however (Listen to the speeches in fields after the 12th of July, they talk more about constitutional / Political issues and also have an unhealthy pre occupation with the Pope).

  27. @houlhersteady Well they have to name some grounds and trophies after Catholics. If they named all the trophies, the Sam Maguire cup is a good example, or all the stadiums, like the Dr Douglas Hyde Park, after protestants, then the GAA wouldn't be a non-sectarian organisation. Protestants founded the GAA. Today people of all creeds, and none, play the GAA sports.

  28. @houlhersteady Also you can't join the orange order if you're Catholic, on the other hand you can join the GAA if you are a Protestant. These are irrefutable facts which can't be argued against.
    Best stopping while you are behind now Houlhersteady. However from looking at your previous messages, I suspect you will be on here still in 6 months time spewing out your vile hated. My advice – bury the hatchet with yourself.
    I'm away to bed, I'm tired now
    Fhear Manach Abu

  29. @14magicpenguins No you still have to chip it into your hands.

    Unless your a goalkeeper and yr inside the square – or a female.

  30. @14magicpenguins In Ladies Gaelic you can lift the ball up but in Mens the ball must be scooped up by your foot before your hands touch it = Kick the ball gently into your hands when over the ball.

    And no sorry you can't dive on the ball. But a solution to keeping possession is simply
    – when an opposing player is running for the same ball as you run fast :L
    -if you do get to the ball first bend over it and use the scooping the ball off the ground technique

  31. @14magicpenguins

    -if a player pushes you or strongly touches you as you bend over to get the ball, a foul will be awarded and you will be given a free kick .

    hope it helped 🙂

  32. I love how when he's saying how great Croke Park is at 1:32 they block out the Hill!! It does let the stadium down from an aesthetic point of view, but it's where the best craic is!!

  33. @houlhersteady
    aye and sure they invited the queen to Croke Park to furthure incite hatred!! your talking utter bolox!! the GAA was founded to promote the Irish identiy not to incite hatred!!! if you want that kinda of organisation you just have to look at the Orange Order!!

  34. Brilliant game, I remember it from school. All the best bits of football and the best bits of rugby and no stupid rule preventing you from passing forward. Rugby always felt more like a dance rehearsal than a game. Its basically football but you can pick up the ball and knock seven bells of shite out of each other 🙂

  35. Wow some retards in this world actually think that the GAA are to blame for bigotry and that the playing of Gaelic games is goin down when it's the opposite

  36. I'd pay to watch the GAA players try their hand at football in the premier league…..why do people compare? Two different sports….one is professionally run and played worldwide by professional athletes….the other is a run by a shower of bigots and played by village idiots.

  37. Typical response from a GAA-HEAD…..the reason so many hate your sectarian organisation. Pure bigoted filth!!

  38. have you n oticed the type of people who play soccer in ireland?
    they come from the council house class.
    ha ve you noticed the type of people who play rugby in ireland?
    they come from the better classes, the upper middle and upwards.
    NOW, have you noticed the type of people who play g.a.a. football in ireland?
    yeah, you are right, they are shitty headed simpletons from the arseholes of every town and village.
    full of anglophobia, ask them what religion sam maguuire had.

  39. this is NOT brutality , everybody who plays this game thinks that its so brutal and you need to be tough as nails , truth is you dont , its nothing like rugby infact if these players played rugby then they would know what brutality is

  40. I always think it is a bit strange that they call it Gaelic FOOTBALL, Australian FOOTBALL, American FOOTBALL… whereas in all these sports, most of the time you don't use your foot!
    It's even more weird that the only sport where you DO use your feet most of the time, is not called football (at least in the US), but soccer!
    I like watching Gaelic Football though!

  41. "…all those sports are part of the football family" ; so you are saying that all sports that are not played on a horseback are within the football family?? So handbal, tennis, etc. are all part of the football family??? 🙂
    Also, are you sure they use the term "soccer" in for example Ireland??

  42. Regarding the first point; now you say it again… "only english sports or sports descended from english sports are part of the football family"… I guess what you are trying to say is "only english sports played by foot or sports descended from english sports played by foot are part of the football family"… otherwise you could add cricket to that list…
    Regarding the second point; okay so you don't know for sure…?

  43. You just call it GAA and you use your foot quite a lot, American football is really called hand egg and ''soccer'' is just football.

  44. GAY-LIC handball is a pathetic excuse for a game,i refuse to call it a sport,its the most unskillfull game in the world………………

  45. soccer is a word that is used in countries where its not the number 1 sport.In countries where it is the number 1 its call football.In ireland its called both,because its no1 ,in cities and gaelic football is mainly rural areas and big towns where its called just football.

  46. yes and soccer has massive attendances for league of ireland matches so it has.The national team struggles to fill aviva stadium

  47. what a load of bo..llox,are you serious,us soccer skillfull players wouldnt play this retarded game,its the most unskillfull game in the world,they look so retarded running with ball in their hands,as for hurling its played by frustated mullas running around with sticks,no one gives a fu.ck about either of them,so stay quiet you fool,and im 100 percent irish btw…………..

  48. what is GAY-LICK football=its a pathetic unskillfull game played by farmers,mullas and failed soccer players…………..

  49. because the ruling body the GAA has another sport called handball which is like squash played with the hands.Secondly in the past there was much more kicking than there is now

  50. Because, originally, for example, American and Canadian Football used the feet much more. As the games became more distinct, and didn't use the feet as much, the name still stuck.

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