Specially designed balls and racquets :
Check! A challenging program that helps kids develop at their pace: Check! Great fun with new friends: Check! ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is the fun and easy way for kids aged 10 and under to learn how to play tennis. Smaller courts, smaller nets, smaller rackets, low-compression balls, and a whole lot of fun! Developed by Tennis Australia the program consists of three stages that proressively build up kid’s skills and confidence. By the time kids have graduated the third
stage, they’re ready to play on full sized
courts! And they’ve developed some great skills that they’ll have for life. When you start, it’s all about having fun. and ANZ Tennis Hot Shots allows kids to learn how to play tennis in a fun and relaxed environment. So what are you waiting for? Get involved in ANZ Tennis Hot shots today. For more information go to hotshots.tennis.com.au

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Dennis Veasley

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