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Dennis Veasley

41 thoughts on “What Is a Foul? | Basketball”

  1. Not too useful as i was looking for more detailed and tougher fouls…obvipusly these three things he's done are fouls c'mon

  2. thanks howcast i learned alot my jumpshot and shooting thanks i love basketball so much i watch it ever day and in my pic i shows my favorite youtuber wearing STEPH CURRY JERSEY

  3. i dont get it though. i keep seeing the player with the ball driving or dunking on somebody who is standing still (or just jumping straight up in the air to block) and its a defensive foul!?

  4. I hate when people put their arms in my way when I’m driving to the basket.
    “It’s not a foul” he said

  5. wow these examples were really bad, cuz he just showed extremes were everybody can tell that these are fouls. these doesnt help to avoid fouls.

  6. I want to know if there is a foul if the basketball touches my feet during game and if contact of basketball with no day is a foul or not?

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