Imagine this: You doll yourself up to go out
with your friends, and you think you look amazing! But have you ever wished you could read minds
to figure out what men think about your style? If so, you’ve clicked the right video! This test will reveal the thoughts guys have
as soon as they see you! Just choose one of the 3 pics that will appear
on the screen, and write down the points you get for your choice. After you calculate your total score at the
end of the video, the truth will be revealed! Ready? Then let’s get on with it! That’s it! But before you get to know your results, let’s
figure out what men love about women’s style! – Do you have to wear glasses because of your
poor eyesight? Wait, what? Are you saying you’re ashamed of them? Well, I’ve got some excellent news for you! Men adore girls who wear glasses! They say that such girls seem to hide a secret. Besides, glasses make them look very confident
and highlight their individuality. – Most men can’t help but pay attention
to a woman wearing red lipstick. At the same time, pink colors are almost as
good. But stay clear of bold unnatural colors! They scare men away. – Apparently, men like delicate bracelets
on girls’ wrists most of all. Massive bracelets decorated with rhinestones
won’t get them to take to the hills either. As for string bracelets, men aren’t particularly
enthusiastic about them. – A lot of men think that smoky eyes are smoking
hot on a girl. However, natural makeup that looks as if you
aren’t wearing any cosmetics at all is almost as alluring. But try to avoid overly bold and bright colors. Most men admitted that they don’t find such
makeup attractive. – Do you spend hours trying to tame your hair
and make it attractively curly? You don’t have to bother! Apparently, men love it when a girl wears
braids! According to them, this hairstyle gives your
hair an interesting texture that mesmerizes them. Naturally, they won’t say no to shiny and
clean loose hair, but braids are still braids. – Men are sure that women’s tank tops are
some of the best things invented by humanity. First of all, they show off your shoulders
and arms. On top of that, since most tank tops are flowy
and pretty loose, they look as if they’re hiding a mystery — and guys absolutely love
that! As for complicated constructions with an abundance
of lace and bows, these just confuse men. – It probably won’t surprise you if I say
that men are crazy about high heels and elegant shoes! On the other hand, some men find sneakers
even more appealing on a woman than stilettos! – Men do like it when a woman has a small,
feminine handbag. However, they aren’t opposed to sporty backpacks
if a girl is dressed in the same style. As for unnecessarily big bags, men find them
unattractive. – It’s probably no big revelation that men
love a woman in stockings. A much more surprising fact is that they might
like high socks even more! Especially if they’re paired with a short
skirt and boots. – Surprisingly, men love a good old baseball
cap on a girl a little bit more than a stylish fedora hat. But try to avoid weird hats with “cat ears,”
over-the-top hats, and things like that. Now let’s check the most awaited part of the
test: your results! If you have 0 to 30 points, men think you’re
lovely. They are happy to be with you and spend time
together. But if you want to attract more attention,
try something you’ve never done before! Why not put on stiletto heels and use that
blood-red lipstick that’s been lying on the shelf for ages? If you have 35 to 65 points, men find you
beautiful. They think highly of your style and manner. You know how to dress up when necessary, but
you always try to choose your style according to the situation. If you have 70 to 100 points, men think you’re
smoking hot! You turn heads wherever you go and don’t feel
a lack of male attention. On the other hand, it might be useful to tone
it down a bit every now and then. Otherwise, you might blind everyone around
you! Are you happy with your score? Write about your impressions in the comment
section below! Remember to give this video a like and share
it with your friends who are not sure of their style. Oh, and if you click subscribe, you’ll instantly
get to the Bright Side of life!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “What Guys Think About You – Attractive or Not?”

  1. I am beautiful ._. THATS FALSE!

    I'm obviously gorgeous <.< I am more of a lazy looking potato than a hot chick tho. I like hoodies and stuff but like I give a damn xD Woopsie ;-; I got mad there!" << . But seriously I don't care about my looks '' THAT '' much. I pay 90% on my behavior 🙂

  2. Omg I got smoking hot my score was 70 I was impressed because I dont think that I look good at all
    Lol what did u get?

  3. Listen. Women dont need to be feminine, sexy, or 'wear stilletos' and "men" shouldn't subjectify women into categorys men should be able to love individually as much as anyone, and if you came here to see if others think your beutifull you are girl! Be who you are and if someone really thinks your amazing that will be for the real you, not someone they want you to be ❤

  4. Person seeing this,stay you,don’t try to be what a guy wants you to be.he should look after u and not u to him🤩

  5. I don’t thing any man in his right senses would wast they’re time turning back and looking at me 🤣🤣

  6. Video: Men think your beautiful
    Mirror: Am I a joke to you?

    I know it's not funny. I'm not that type which is funny but please remember your beautiful in any way That was just a quick little massage I hope You have a marvelous day ! 😘💖

  7. 1. 0 points
    2. 10 points
    3. 0 points
    4. 5 points
    5. 5 points
    6. 10 points
    7. 5 points
    8. 10 points
    9. 5 points
    10. 0 points
    Total points: 50

  8. no woman needs to start wearing a red lipstick or start carrying a small feminine bag or even do smoky eye makeup to impress men. just do what YOU want. okurrr have a gr8 day!!

  9. 75 points but bright side got me all wrong I'm shy and I wear glasses and sneakers and jeans and shirts not makeup and stillettos and huge purses. Don't even like makeup that much TBH. I think people see me as lovely or beautiful not hot

  10. video:Men think you are beautiful!
    me: well that sucks.

    wellllll at least I didn't get smoking hot u know how close I was?!

  11. Apparently I am smoking hot like f you think so and comment if u don't, it you ever saw me what do u think I would be?

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