– Hey guys, it’s Sierra,
welcome back to my channel. So I am just about to head
out and go to the mall because in today’s
video, I am going to see what $100 can get me
at 10 different stores. So this is gonna be an expensive video but I think it’s gonna be
really interesting to see how far your dollar can go depending on what kind of store you’re at. So the rules that I’m giving
for myself for this video are: it has to be at plus or minus $10 from 100 so anywhere from 90 to 110, that way it keeps a pretty even comparison between what I get at each store. I’m allowed to shop on the sale racks but I’m not allowed to go to outlet stores because I know that not everyone
has outlet stores near them and I wanna streamline
this as much as possible. And third, anything that I
buy and that I don’t wear within the first week of
buying it, I’m going to return because even though I think
it’s gonna be really interesting for you guys to see
what I can get for $100, I don’t wanna be wasteful. So we’ll see how much I end up keeping and how much I end up returning at the end of this week as well. So let’s go to the mall! Okay, I’m at the mall,
first stop is Forever 21. This is gonna be my cheapest store and I’m gonna work my way up to the more expensive designer stores. Forever 21 clothes seem to
range from about 15 to $30 so I’m thinking I can probably get like four or five clothing
items in the budget. We’ll have to see though,
this is gonna be an adventure. I don’t typically shop at Forever 21, their clothes don’t fit me
super well all the time. So it’s probably gonna take
a lot of trial and error to fill up my $100 budget. (upbeat music) – [Cashier] Okay, so your
total is gonna 96.11. – Okay, so let’s go through what I got for $100 at Forever 21. Also, I know I’m obviously buying a lot of stuff in this video, I don’t need all these clothes, I just wanted to show
how far your money can go depending on where you’re shopping. I’m gonna do a video on my vlog channel a week from now showing what
items I ended up returning and what things I kept. So make sure you’re subscribed
to my second channel so you can see that video
next week but anyways. Forever 21, they had a
lot more items in my style than I expected. It’s honestly been a while
since I’ve shopped at Forever 21 and it seems like I’m
kind of right in-between standard sizing and plus
sizing at Forever 21. I can kind of fit into both
but in their plus sizing, I would be a 0X and they didn’t have very many zero options
in the plus size section so I’m mostly stuck with
the standard sizing clothes but it is good to know that I can do both. So the first thing I got is this little white buttoned up crop top and it is a little bit see-through so I would definitely wear a half tee with this on a normal day. It really hits me in just the right spot or it’s really flattering and
the perfect amount of foxy. I liked it so much actually,
I got it in two colors. I got it in yellow as well,
both of these are in a large and they were 14.90 each. Next, I got this gray sweater and I really like the fit of this because it’s relaxed but
it’s not too oversized. And this sweater was $17.90 and I got this one in a large as well. And when I was venturing
into the plus size section, I saw this blue and white stripped sweater and they did have it in a zero and blue is my favorite color so it was an easy yes and this was 19.90. So I tried on a lot of
clothes at Forever 21 but these were the only four pieces that I really liked enough to buy and I wasn’t at the $100 threshold yet so I got some accessories. I really love headbands and
they had so many at Forever 21 so I got two, this floral one was 4.90 and this little black one
with the wrap on the front, the little tie, super cute, was 3.90. And then I also got two packs of earrings. So I have my ears pierced but
I like never wear earrings because I just don’t have a lot of them so I thought this was a good opportunity to stock up on some earring packs. This one has 10 pairs
in it and it was $6.90 and this one has three pairs
but they’re a little bit nicer and it was $5.90. I don’t know why the prices
of everything at Forever 21 end in 90 cents, maybe it’s some sort of like weird psychological idea to make you spend more money, I’m sure that’s it, that’s gotta be it. Anyways, my total came out to $96.11 and for that price at
Forever 21, I got four tops, two headbands, and 13 pairs of earrings. Forever 21 is a wrap. Second store of the day,
we’re going to Old Navy. So Old Navy is actually
one of my favorite stores, I think they have really good
prices, really good quality. Things seems to range from about $12 to about $30 on the high
end so pretty inexpensive but I think the quality is
much better than Forever 21. So I’m excited to find some
cute stuff, let’s head inside. (upbeat music) A pretty big bag from Old Navy but the most challenging
part about shopping there was there are so many markdowns, it’s kind of like Kohl’s
where the actual price on the tag of the shirt is very rarely what you actually end up paying because they have so
many little discounts. So it was pretty difficult to keep track of how much I was actually spending but I did end up getting
right to the perfect amount. So the first thing I got is
this black basic V-neck tee in an extra large and I’m so confident about this T-shirt right here, I’m taking off the tag, I love this shirt, it’s definitely a keeper. I loved it so much, I
actually got it in red also and these are two things I
will definitely be keeping. I’m gonna link this
shirt in the description because it is pretty
great and it’s only $13 so yeah, I thought these
were a really good find. Then I got this little
yellow crew neck sweatshirt that says Stay Amazed on
the front and it was 29.99. Then I got the black
high-rise rockstar leggings in a size 12 and I actually already have a pair of the rockstar jeggings and I already know I love the cut but these ones, get this, these ones have like fuzzy
fleece on the inside. I thought these were pretty
great and they were 23.99. And the last thing I got is this polka dot buttoned up jean shirt. I think this is really
cute and would be perfect with like leggings and boots
for a casual little fall or winter or even spring look because of the polka dots
and it was on sale for 15.99 which brought my grand total to $104.68. At Old Navy, that got me two T-shirts, a pair of jeans, a buttoned up shirt, and a crew neck sweatshirt. Store number three, one
of my personal favorites, American Eagle. So American Eagle can range
from about 25 to $50 per item except for jeans, jeans can sometimes be a little bit more than that
$50 mark but I love their jeans so maybe I’ll be getting a new pair today. I shop at American Eagle pretty regularly which if you’ve seen other
videos on my channel, you probably know that by now so I’m pretty familiar
with their store layout, their pricing, it shouldn’t
take me long at all so hit that $100 threshold. (upbeat music) So at American Eagle, I actually ended up deciding against getting jeans because I have four pairs
right now that I cycle through. I think my jeans needs
are pretty much satisfied. What I did get though is this
gray, lightweight hoodie, this is like perfect for
Southern California winter because you feel snuggled
up, you feel cozy but you’re not gonna get
overheated because winter for us is like 60 degrees. This jacket was $40 and
I got it in a large. I loved the look of this boxy
courted sweater on the rack but they only had it
left in an extra small or an extra large so I
tried the extra large and I almost didn’t get this sweater because I thought it seemed too oversized when I tried it on but it realized it will
still be really good to pair it with tighter bottoms like the jeans that I was wearing and this sweater was $45
so those two items together almost brought me up to $90,
it was just underneath it and I saw this really soft fuzzy jacket on the sale rack for $15
and it was in a size small and my friend Kenzie
is pregnant right now, if you guys watch the vlog channel, you saw all those pregnancy vlogs and she has been like
living in comfy cozy things and she usually wears a size
small so when I saw that, I was like this is the perfect thing to round out my purchase. Okay, I met up with Kenzie, I got you something from American Eagle, it’s the only thing left in a size small and I thought you could like
cuddle up on the couch in that and eat all of your pregnancy cravings. – Which is, Wetzel’s Pretzels right now. (laughing) Thank you!
– You’re welcome. – Oh my gosh, it’s so soft. – So that rounded out my total to $108.70. So at American Eagle, that gets you one
sweater, and two hoodies. Store number four, Abercrombie & Fitch. I only recently got back into Abercrombie. I always thought of Abercrombie as one of the intimidating
cool kid high school stores but recently they’ve been stepping it up, they’ve got some really cute stuff. I think the prices are just like one step above American Eagle, I think about maybe 30 to $60 per piece. So we’ll see how far my
$100 can go at Abercrombie. Still forever has the
overpowering Abercrombie smell but the clothes are cute. (upbeat music) So Abercrombie actually ended up being more expensive than I thought except they did have some
really good markdowns on their sale rack. I got this little short-sleeve buttoned up blouse on sale for $9. And I actually already have
this same shirt in pink, I got it over summer and I wear it a ton so I got this one in a large
and then the next item, I got in an extra large. This little black cropped hoodie was $58 which does seem expensive
for a regular hoodie so on a normal day, I
think I would have passed and tried to find something
similar at a different store but we gotta fill up that $100 and I did like it so I got it. Another shirt that was on sale didn’t have that big of a markdown on the tag, I think it said $25 on the tag so I thought I was done and I checked out. – [Cashier] Okay, so $72.29. – [Sierra] Let me grab one more thing, can I just hold those up front? – Yeah, of course.
– Thanks. So I also got these little
fuzzy slipper sandals for $10.50 and this blue bandana for 6.99. I feel like that’s a really good price for a bandana like this. It’s silky, it has like a
really nice design on it. Anyways, my total was
$91.13 and at Abercrombie, that gets you a blouse, a hoodie, a bandana, and a nice
little pair of slippers. Store number five, it
is time for Nordstrom’s. Nordstrom’s is definitely getting up on the pricier side as we go. Considering we’re halfway through, these stores are gonna start
getting a lot more expensive. Nordstrom carries a lot of brands from different price points though, so I’m hoping I’ll be able
to get a pair of black boots. I don’t have any black boots right now and there have been a lot of outfits that I have been styling
lately that I’ve been like uh, this will look really
cute with black boots. Today’s outfit for example, I think it looks cute with the brown boots but I think it’d look even cuter with some matching black boots so that’s what I’m gonna
try to find at Nordstrom’s. Uh, or a new jacket. I have been looking for a
new jacket, this is so cute. Uh, I have a feeling it’s
gonna be out of the budget, yep, my feeling was correct,
even with the discount. Moving on, goodbye cute jacket. (upbeat music) Okay, so shopping at
Nordstrom’s was tough. Every single pair of their
tall black boots was over $100 and almost all of the black
booties were still over $100 but I did find one pair finally. These little black booties were $99. So with tax and everything,
they rang up to $107.50 which is definitely more expensive than I would normally
spend on a pair of boots but they are very cute, very comfortable. I’m just used to doing my shoe shopping at Macy’s on Black Friday
where shoes are like $15. So Nordstrom’s was
definitely more expensive than I expected. Okay, so we’re halfway through. The first five stores down and now the next five are
definitely the more expensive kind of like luxury designer brands and they don’t have that at my mall because this is not a rich person mall. So I’m gonna drive down
to like the downtown area where they have this big mall with a ton of more expensive stores and we’re gonna do the last five but I was getting a little bit
tired of shopping on my own, only buying stuff for me so look who came to join me, it’s Kenzie. I still got your present, it’s in the car. – Aww. – So Kenzie, you have to happily
spend $500 at five stores. – Yeah, we could do that
in one store at that mall. – So I just got into store number six, not gonna film this outside this store because it is pouring rain
and this mall is outdoors. So Madewell, these prices
vary from about 50 to $150 so we’re definitely getting
up there on the price scale. I love Madewell, all of their stuff is like very my style, I
would shop here all the time if I won the lottery but I didn’t so I don’t shop here that often. It is one of my favorites stores but I definitely come here in moderation since it’s more pricey. But let’s see what I can
find under the $100 budget. (upbeat music) Okay, I found something,
Kenzie, you find something? Yay! – How much is yours? – [Sierra] 45, how much is yours? – 40.
– Yay! Okay so that should take
us like right to $100 with tax and everything. – I got it a size extra
’cause you know I’m pregnant. (laughing) – [Cashier] Your total is 91.05. – Awesome, thank you so much.
– Have a good one. – Thanks, have a good day.
– You too. – So at Madewell, all
of the dresses and pants that I was interested in were over $100 so I didn’t get a chance
to try any of those but they did have some tops in my budget so I found one that I
really, really liked. This burnt orange wrap style blouse. This was $45 and I just love the fit, I love the design, I
got it in an extra large and I think I will definitely
get a lot of use out of this and I also got a top for Kenzie, she picked out this yellow
sweater that was $40 and that rounded out our total to $91.05. So for 100 bucks at Madewell,
you can get two tops. Alright, store number seven,
we are going to Free People. I’m thinking we’ll probably only be able to get one item here but–
– Most definitely. – Free People can range
from about $50 to about $200 so a little bit more pricey than Madewell and a lot of their stuff is
that more of like boho vibe, I’ve gotten some cute stuff here before but it’s not a place I
shop super frequently, especially ’cause of the price
but today we’re doing it. (upbeat music) – 94.82.
– Awesome. Free People was so pricey. Like most of what I found
under $100 was like T-shirts and considering I had just
gotten two great T-shirts from Old Navy for like 13 bucks, I was not inclined to
spend $50 on a shirt. Eventually I found something
that I did really like and didn’t think was outrageously priced. This little one-size-fits-all
Kokoon cardigan is totally my style, I wear
things like this all the time. I mean, it’s expensive,
it’s a $70 cardigan but for Free People,
I’ve seen a lot worse. And to finish out our $100, we found this little $20
black bralette for Kenzie, it’s super comfy and soft and stretchy and Free People bralettes
are just my favorite so I actually recommended it to her. So for $100 at Free People
or $94.82 to be exact, you can get one cardigan,
and one bralette. Okay store number eight,
I’m headed to Kate Spade. Things at Kate Spade usually
range from about 90 to $300 so getting up to the higher
end of like designer goods but I’ve only ever shopped
at the Kate Spade outlet so I’m not really sure what to
expect at the regular store. Also, now that we’re getting up into these more luxury designer brands, it’s not nearly as
acceptable to film inside so we’ll see how much
footage I can get inside before they tell me that you’re not allowed to film in there, I’ll try my best for you guys, I try. (upbeat music) So Kate Spade, all of the clothes, like literally every single
item of clothing I looked at was between 150 and $400 so definitely out of our budget and the same went for all of the handbags and most of the jewelry. There were only a few items
under that $100 price point, a few small wallets and a few rings. So I decided on this little
black and pink wallet, it does seem very functional, it’s got a ton of little card slots, even has a little key chain on it but with tax and everything,
it came out to $105.60 and I know there are plenty of designers that charge way more than that but I feel like because
I’ve always shopped at the Kate Spade outlets,
that seems so overpriced to me, even though, it’s not for Kate Spade, but like, at the outlets, you can get a wallet for 30 bucks, so. Stop number nine on our
shopping extravaganza, we are going to Gucci. So I don’t even know if they
sell anything under $100. I think most of their items range from about 500 to about 10 grand so yeah, maybe I can buy like a pencil
or something, I have no idea. (upbeat music) Can you believe it? We actually managed to find
something for $100 at Gucci. Of course, it’s boxed up
because Gucci is so extra. This pair of white
socks with a black trim, it says Gucci on the front in black. Like don’t get me wrong, this feels like a very nice pair of socks, definitely the nicest pair
of socks I’ve ever held but $100 for something that’s just gonna be stinky
on your feet all day, that seems like a little bit of overkill. I feel like it would be better to save up for a three or $400 item from Gucci instead of $100 pair of socks that are gonna get dirty
after the first use. So I will probably be exchanging
these for something else. I’m gonna put them right back in the box. But these were $100 on the dot so with tax, they came out to $107.75. Okay, last stop of the day, Louis Vuitton. I am gonna be so shocked if
they have anything under $100. I mean I thought Gucci wouldn’t and I at least found one thing
but I feel like Louis Vuitton is even more expensive but, we’ll see. There was nothing. Louis Vuitton did not have
a single item under $100 and as soon as I walked in, they also told me I couldn’t film so don’t have any footage, sorry. But Kenzie and I looked for
probably 20 or 30 minutes, we just kept kind of walking around looking at some of the smaller items that we thought maybe could be around $100 and the cheapest thing that I found was this $200 card holder
so definitely over budget. Maybe they had something cheaper but you can’t exactly go into
a store like Louis Vuitton and be like what’s your cheapest item? So yeah, $100 at Louis
Vuitton gets you nothing. Anyways, after doing this video, I think the store with the best value for your money is Old Navy. The clothes are pretty cute,
they’re definitely simple but really high quality. Everything I’ve boughten from Old Navy has held up a lot more than
things from Forever 21 or H&M. It’s a good balance of money and quality. I feel like if you’re looking for a place that’s gonna give you the
most bang for your buck, Old Navy is probably it. I think the worst value for money would actually be Kate Spade. And honestly, I’m aware
that that is mostly because I’m just jaded from
the outlet store pricing but $100 for a wallet is a lot and at least if you’re shopping at like Gucci or Louis
Vuitton, those stores were definitely more
expensive than Kate Spade but at least you know you’re getting the best possible price
unless you were to you know buy an item secondhand or something. This video was so interesting
and so much fun to make. I wanna thank our sponsor for making it possible, HelloFresh. Because you know what
my favorite thing to do after a long day of
filming and shopping is? Eat, and you know what
I don’t have time to do? Go to the grocery store. You guys know that I’ve
been making my health and fitness a priority this year and I just find it so much easier to eat healthy when I have meals planned and food ready to cook and
HelloFresh is so convenient. It stops me from eating
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getting to try something new. With your HelloFresh subscription, you can switch between
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get the veggie meal kit and oh my gosh, the recipes
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tried a recipe like this if it wasn’t for HelloFresh. HelloFresh really gets
us out of that recipe rut and helps us learn to cook new things that are outside of our comfort zone. And each box features
farm to fork goodness with fresh and responsibly
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with six meals free. So that’s two free meals in each of your first
three HelloFresh boxes. Just go to HelloFresh.com and
enter promo code sierras60 to get $60 off. So thank you to HelloFresh for sponsoring and thank you for watching, especially if you watched
all the way up to this point, you are the real MVP. Make sure you’re subscribed
to my vlog channel so you can see that video where I show what I keep and what I return next week. I mean, this was a gigantic haul and like I said, I
don’t wanna be wasteful, I only wanna keep things that I’m gonna get a lot of wear out of, I just wanted to show you
how far your dollar can go depending on what store
you’re shopping at. Anyways, be confident, love your curves, and I will see you on Friday
with another new video, bye! (upbeat music)

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