Good morning friends of cultivated competitive sport! Welcome back after a quite long time, on my You tube channel! So, what do we’ve got for you today? The Meissen Cup in Meisssen:-) I am in Meissen at the Meissen Cup 2018 The main event is just about to start. As you know, I can’t participate. I am still a little injured. So that was small and sweet guest act from Gregor Winter, ladies and gentleman. Let us go downstairs To the warm-up area The training area is always more interesting than the competition floor. Right, right. And now we let you see a bit without disturbing the athletes. Finnland, Spain Yes there he is, Ritvas and Rebecca. France And ze germans Hello I am Almir Velagic and this is Jürgen Spieß We are the weightlifter of the German national team. And we’ve been today in Meissen And from Juni we’ll bang again on our way to the world championship Hello, I am Kingue Matam and…… Thank you and bye Thank You And it stays international, I like that. That was Matam. I know him quite long He already won the trophy in front of me once. What he told us before, was actually quite interesting. He asked me before the competition, if I could organize some shoes for him Then I asked him why? Problem was His training bag in which his weightlifting shoes, his wrist wraps and his knee sleeves were Is gone.. Stolen !! We have a sale booth here in Meissen, but without shoes We only have T-shirts up for sale, here in Meissen. But our warehouse, is in Markneukirchen Which is only two hours from here And then we found two volunteers here who were nice enough to take the two hour ride Two hours highway To drive to the warehouse and get the shoes. And came back right on time, with the shoes. So Matam could compete. Here is the national trainer from Spain Thank you What should I say? My Name is Rebecca This is my fifth time competing. Bye She even speaks some German I have to correct myself Because Something changed in fact in his last attempt, Michalsky performed a clean and jerk with 222kg That means He replaced Ritvars from the first place With an one point lead That means, Ritvars is not the winner. He is in second place. Michalsky is in first place and Matam in third place Alright guys, that was it for today Greets go out to your grandparents from me. Friends of competitive sports, that’s it I hope you enjoyed it. I gonna make my way home oh no, first of all I gonna take a shower. I wanna go….. Bye Thank you guys for watching. If you liked the video Thumbs up! Otherwise I hope to see you guys again on my channel. I hope it won’t take too long Till then, stay strong!

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Dennis Veasley

12 thoughts on “Wer hat Matam’s Schuhe geklaut? // Who has stolen Matam’s shoes?”

  1. Entweder verkauft er in seiner Freizeit Versicherung oder er ist der von den Film Kingsman. Aber 1 zu 1

  2. Verstehst du alles was die sagen oder sagst du nur "Gracias" "Merci" usw. weil du denkst es war was Positives? xD

  3. Servus, wollte mal nachfragen ob man bestimmte Nachweise vorlegen muss um in die Sportfördergruppe Der Bundeswehr zu kommen ? Lg

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