he’s got to make this if he wants to tie
the game hi guys guess what we’re at the golf
course and we’re here for a very particular reason because good your
Titan tyre decided that it’d be a great idea for to have the LSW of 1400 tires
on one of our 8230 combines so we did that and now the problem is which you
guys have brought to light is who gets to drive that thing for harvest and
rather than battle each other break it to bones and you know make some
fat lips and whatnot we decided to do this the gentleman’s
way and that’s on the golf course so we’re here at Murray’s Valley Golf
Course and we’re ready to just settle this once and for all
so winner after nine holes gets to take that combine for harvest 2019 I’ll
probably share it we’ll see let’s go golfing don’t forget the
scratches we’re good very good not really off to a great start I guess
I’m kind of golfing in a different fairway but I can make this happen we
got going the right way going the right way that’s all that is right so here’s our said I got a tree in the
way I kind of hit a little off the fairway to the right
good hit just not quite straight but I’m gonna try to ground that low with some
kind of wood I don’t think it’s gonna work but let’s try it on the green Hades
can everyone on the green we’re gonna find leg arms this yours Oh like I’m
just over here actually not too bad of hit I’m only about three yards from the
pin on and two might be able to birdie this hole
I can’t putt so no not gonna happen he’s trying to farm the golf course okay well I triple bogey that one that’s
really good if you guys didn’t own a triple bogey is that’s like pro and leg
arms got a six two so that means we’re both like triple bogey masters just in
case you’re under why the mothers aren’t riding they they often to walk and push
the strollers because we’ve got two little boys and those things so plus I I
want to card yeah drive things I don’t like walking like driving I’m guessing these are like the high
scores whoever this guy is right here I’m gonna beat him I’m gonna get 361 for
sure yep that’s me not even on the green good distance oh I’m excited for failure
let’s do this hey hey like hers is on the green and I’m not crap that’s not
good I want to grab that combo hey Nick I’m uh I’m right over there you see
right there I hope that’s on so leg arms is on him
one I am two strokes in and I’m right here but maybe I can one putt this and
catch up it’ll happen because he’s not gonna win double-bogey yes tell me I suck tell me I start terrible that’s for crap like arms is beating me
by one stroke you you bugging it I double bogeyed it we’re gonna start
powering stuff then we’re gonna end up in birdies and then an eagle I know it
it’s gonna happen I’m not this bad at golf it’s the camera
I promise there’s not cameras I mean I golf like 10 times better
Oh since like arms is in the lead he goes first it’s gonna be mine I hope I’m
gonna catch him fefe Nick I don’t want to drive the
combine anyways it’s too much for me I can’t handle it oh man terrible slice
yeah I’m gonna take a gamble here I’m just gonna try to ground it with my
driver well little nervous I should have been
hiding behind the tree Nick was right there then he went up there and he’s
right there good job get out of the way weighted it downhill well that’s a nice
ball good ball it’s on the green well here’s the tally so far like I’ve
just got a six on that hole so he double-bogeyed it I got a seven so I
tripled it again playing absolutely terrible today but let’s see if I can
pick it up any trees arms unfortunately for him I’m not
actually sitting any better at all further in the trees we’ll find it
I’m on in four I guess that’s par but I’m not in the hole yet so that means
I’m cutting 5 flag arms is over the green I think he’s got about three or
four strokes in at least this is not our best game of golf we’ve ever played but
that’s not the point the point is who wins right I don’t care if it’s two
hundred strokes long as I’m under leg arms oh you gotta be kidding what is that actually six it was six and leg arms got
six – okay well that means I’m still 2-under
things are not going well for Hollywood today they’re still holes left I can
make it up long is like golf under 100 for nine holes right because that’s good nice grounder ball but it’s straight
down the fairway that’s what matters but make this one this is the fist folded
one that I’ve made so far today that’s I mean that’s that’s about average but you
know we’ll see that’s not a hole-in-one but it works hey bad that’s good 300 yards go find
leg arms he’s over here somewhere you’ve got a little bit of a window
there I think he’ll be able make out of these trees plus he’s not me I found a
way to hit every tree I possibly can today so he’ll Bank him I believe in him
I like I hope I beat him still so I’m here on one leg arms here in two
so now’s my chance to try to gain some ground on him but that guy is just
unstoppable and he like has kids two of them hey I’ve just hit seven on that am i
giving the camera there we go he just gave me the camera there we go that’ll work money on the green this
here is the Mariah’s River I spent a lot of time floating this river back in high
school inner tubes track the tubes sometimes no tubes sometimes it’s almost
ran dry and sometimes it’s been flooded over this berm right here back this
spring it actually flooded but rice river is the lifeblood to Shelby this is
the water that we use to spray our fields and drink and put in our swimming
pool its plumped in Shelby it’s some of the cleanest water around it doesn’t
look that good here but there’s Wells they pull from and it’s awesome good
water but yeah this is a beautiful valley my River is a gorgeous valley and
this course is even more so gorgeous this fun you buy golf mister these are
two things you’re gonna really enjoy driving stuff and golfing and you’re
hopefully gonna be better than Daddy at both of them well I pard that whole
first part of the night not that great and leg arms got a need on this thank I’m in the trees I got to find my
ball somehow I managed to chunk it I’m gonna lose my lead oh boy like herbs got a four on that I
gotta fly over to that so we’re back to two separated by two God yeah
fill a grant with a party now we both hit pretty far on this hole
and doglegs to the right I’m pretty sure that means I’m in the trees over here
because I didn’t get a slice like I was always expecting to so I got to dig in
these trees there we’ll see we can find it I think it’s just right into these
rough area here you know I’d say it’s a very competitive game of suck II miss ya
Nick and I are totally sucking it up really bad I mean really really really
good we’re great golfers yeah oh guys could be tally the numbers like I’ve got
a seven at last hole I got an eight so that means that we are one stroke apart
right now I am leading currently let’s see we can finish this out so determine
who it gets to drive that 8230 with those super sweet LSW 1,400 tires on it here’s our said I just got a six on that
like I’m putting four I’m one ahead of them technically so let’s see what
happens but for now he’s putting five he’s got
to make this if he wants to tie the game hey I’m gonna be the bigger guy and walk
away I’m gonna add it up I think I won that I think I won that okay well there
we go that was an amazing round of golf and
officially I won by one stroke 53 to 54 there might have been a mulligan or two
in there there might have been a couple balls drop there might have been a
couple retakes but one way or another I guess I could have 8230 Rosco happy 4th
July guys we’ll see you later god bless like and subscribe enjoy the next video
coming down

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Dennis Veasley

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