Hi, welcome back to the channel of EmRatThich. Today I want to present some
“Weird table tennis styles” that can be seen only in China. This is the 2017
Stiga Tournament organized at Xi An station. This tournament is only for the
amateur players. Let’s feel the “Amateur” level in China and Have fun!

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100 thoughts on ““Weird” Chinese Style in Table Tennis”

  1. i am chinese. Not weird. just a habit. Girls and beginners here often like to use this style. But feel this style is less ambitious than normal one.

  2. You guys call this dude coach? Real coach would not say that's weird propbably he didn't watch a lot of TT games. I would say these people in the video have some experience but not experienced. Just like when you see ordinary brazilians playing soccer on the Rio's streets, you would say they play much better than many countries' national team.

  3. Not sure what's supposed to be so "weird" about these players' styles. I see much weirder stuff all the time in the US.

  4. Can you pls stop calling yourself coach if your vision is so narrow? If you can't point out what is weird with their forms what's the point making judgement? 💩💩

  5. Don't be fucking ignorant. This style of holding the bat has been in fashion since, what, table tennis was invented? Some players prefer this style (maybe because they grew up with it). Others prefer the "chopper" hold. There is nothing weird about it. In fact, it offers a very speedy backhand reply. Do your research before calling anything weird.

  6. Chinese doesn't speak good English; they clearly don't understand what AMATEUR means, look at this guys, they play like Olympic champions.

  7. well they are amateurs. I'm from china and I've seen my dad and some other people at his age playing at the same level as shown in the video. China invented table tennis so no surprise their people lead in the sport. Chinese might not win strength battles but definitely mind games and games that require agility. China invented TT so I wouldn't say their style is weird

  8. the handling is not weird it's old school style, check back 70's 80s' ping pong world tournament and you will see it. you sure they are amateur?lol

  9. I fail to see the weirdness in their play. Of course chinese are good at table tennis. Their national sport. Chinese amateur basketball, tennis, baseball and football players would marvel at US amateurs in those sports. The same as most would marvel at India cricket and field hockey. European and South America soccer. Etc.

  10. Everyone of these players would probably beat the best player of my club (1675 QTTR) and I myself would have no chance at all lol (1054 QTTR)

  11. I am number 200 in greece and I say for sure I can easily beat all of these guys …they are unskilled …. ma lin and whang hao were some well respected chinese style players

  12. Don't think they're that weird ! We see some in the UK. Most are quite stylish – they seem to have good touch/feel – nice clip !

  13. This is a national competition for amateurs in China. the video shown is the match in Xi'an zone, a southwestern division of this national competition.

  14. When you feel like you've reached "amateur level" … and then you see "China's Amateur level" 🙁 … I feel like a beginner again.

  15. Nothing weird about this. I have seen the same styles in Australia. Its universal amongst amatuers i would in fact say. It may be weird in the sense that the technique is not professional but thats all.

  16. So ignorant! The penhold style favoured by the Chinese dominated table tennis for decades and was adopted by many western players. But as the West improved the handshake style which allows for an easier backhand reasserted itself and was adopted by many Chinese and other Asian players.

  17. There is nothing weird about this style. I have been playing this way for more than 30 years already


  19. I wonder why would so many people (204 at this time) give this a thumbs-down? It looks like good quality TT to me.

  20. you call penhold as" weird" ? you sure you can use your normal style to defeat those kids or grandpas?

  21. 现在用直板的很少了,许昕是一个,在没别的了吧,老一辈都是这么打球的,直板的反手很难

  22. I like how they don't classify the players into age or gender group. And seems like all Chinese were born with table tennis skills.

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