We’re here today to celebrate the partnership
between Asics and Patrick Mouratoglou So are you playing? I am… yeah I’m ready but I’m actually extremely nervous Really… why? Because I think it’s you know
like when you’re being watched and like coached by such a well-known famous coach there’s like a lot of pressure on you and now I have like a major mental
block with my backhand so every time I hit my backhand I hear like screaming
It’s don’t do it don’t do it So the first thing we are going to do is put music in
your ears so you don’t hear any screams That’s like the movie The King’s Speech.
Did you see that? oh yeah yeah I saw it I just play music every time I hit a backhand Exactly! Or you sing. One of the major issue is being nervous because it prevents you from feeling the ball
and when you don’t feel the ball it’s difficult it has to be natural the more
natural the better always and then if you hear me singing I will know why If people ask me why I’m singing
I’ll say the coach told me to Don’t worry… exactly! yeah this is so much pressure
I’m so nervous right now so the fact that they have this space in
a train station, it’s kind of amazing this is like on my tennis bucket list
it’s so hard to play here nobody knows where it is only Patrick Mouratoglou can bring us here I’m gonna feed you balls that are gonna
be in front of you so it’s gonna be backhand you come here hit the ball boom hop touch here and again
boom touch here and again okay Very good! I’m gonna hear you sing finally. No please! Just relax… relax…relax!
We said we’re going to relax. You judge yourself … go! I’m going to tell you just one thing When you hit a forehand you don’t care.
When you hit a backhand you care. It’s the the same… okay Your backhand is good… no really Watch out guys because her backhand is dangerous Go for it. Yes… I like this one! Again!

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Dennis Veasley

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