Hey guys, today we’re going to be exploring my neighborhood Umm… umm… we’re gonna umm… we’re gonna This way walk around and we’re gonna find, there’s like abandon stuff and were going to look around them, so this is what it’s all about. and umm… The camera guy and were going would you like to tell them what it is? What do you mean? What the abandon place thing is. oh, it is an abandon Tennis Court And its really far place from here A small little one Yea, a really small one, but it’s really, really cool That’s how you set loading? and we got a limited time oh, so how long is this gonna take if we move like this? I don’t know. Pretty long But Will just ran. Help him? Ohh, running I’ll race you. I’ll race you Ready, set, go! Okay, lets stop! What the? So… The Abandon Tennis Court is right… Back there Face the camera away. Face the camera They’ll rob us It’s possible Umm… So. It’s right next to the very weird building Yes It’s right through here. Me and my brother went there once and there was a guy who came out and it was like He yelled at us, it was really creepy. And so we just ran. Yea, we just ran We were afraid that he would pull out a shotgun and be like “Get off my lawn!” Balloon So It’s a speck on the screen Lets go a little faster Remember guys, we only have a limited amount of time So, that’s why we’re hurrying up Okay. Stop, stop, stop, stop Okay. So we’re coming upon it Got to stop showing the house Okay, lets get running. And so that house right there Is the house. On the other side is the tennis court It looks like a stadium kinda. Like a run in stadium So Were next to the Tennis Court And were gonna explore it And umm… The lighting on your face looks excelent What that sound Okay Lets, you can kinda see it right here Okay, so its right there guys Right there. You can see it Its here. Okay, I’ll record. You just go there Okay, I got it Lets see Here next Do you know how to black stuff out? What? Do you know how to black stuff out? I don’t know I wish Eh, it doesn’t matter Your really good at recording, so You go for it Okay, so let me see it Okay, so guys Here we go You sure? You remember this? This is so creepy And like it’s down the road -Dog Barks Oh, my god. Frickin Ow, I fell Oww -Dog continues to bark Shhh… Oh my god There’s a guy. There’s a guy up there Oh my god There’s a guy! There’s a guy he’s like We gotta go! Well, we got caught again I think I saw one of the guys! You wanna see around it? Let me see Guys, I think there’s someone over there He’s like He was just up on his porch Lets see if there’s another one I think he’s coming out in a second God dang it Dude You can go around. Oh, there’s a guy there! There’s a guy there! Shhh… Get down! Come on! Come on. Not come on. Will, there is a guy there! There’s the guy again! Let me have it! Oh my god! Guys, there’s a guy there. There is a guy there. He got to go. Holy crap! Holy crap! Run! There are like There are dogs barking Gotta go! There is someone there and he frickin Oh my god! We actually get Caught. Will, he gotta go! Okay We gotta go! Okay Come on! Come on Will! Guys! Oh my god Okay, okay okay Okay There was a guy there. He was looking on the porch He was looking at us And we just ran! Oh my god! Okay. We have no idea Where we are now We probably do. Just down the street Oh my god! There is a car! Okay guys. We’re going to end the video here Bye!

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Dennis Veasley

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