Now i am interested in your tactic for this shot. Call an ambulance for this poor guy! Hey guys, welcome to our new video! We are going to continue with the Monster Hydro challenge today. Where i was 1st, Lukas was 2nd and let me think who was third the last time… I think that guy isn’t here today. Third was of course Konzi! The loser of the whole challenge is going to bring your favourite shoe to you personally. I would say we directly start out – Hold on, wait, wait, wait.. The winner of the last time is… And today you can win something once again! You can win a nice football bundle. All you need to do for that, is to comment this video. And you can comment whatever you want. Okay, let’s go! Let’s start with the no bounce challenge. Everbody has actually got three tries from each position. If you are not able to score at all, you are going to get no points at all. We start with 16 meters, then 30 and the the middle line. It’s going to be intense and difficult i think. Okay Lukas, can we start? It’s for the first time a little challenge now from that distance. Now you have to think about that first… – The problem is clear: I didn’t drink my hydro before… It was just identic to Lukas’ shot. Konzi now you can get your hands on the points! Well i have to actually! What should i say about that?! That one was good. Next position! But still everything is possible… That’s the score now. Was it in before bouncing? – I don’t think so. I have no idea… No goal! That one was to short for sure. I am convinced that Konzi is going to shoot to hard an over the goal. Ooooooh that one’s perfect! Wait, wait… Oooooh close… Now we have got a linesman at least. I’m always so close to it. What was it? You hit the post. You are really unlucky here. Come on, next challenge! The second challenge is a striker challenge. I am going to get played six balls by Konzi and Lukas. Then i’ve got two contacts to score from the half circle. So let’s go! Now it has to be in! Next one. Next one. Now the high ones, only one goal until now. One goal at least. The volley would have deserved a great goal. So Konzi it’s just one goal you need to beat. I think you can do that. Come on, the last one, you have to score now. What an awesome goal with his left foot there… Really nice, your left foot was besser than your right one. Are you ready? – This time with a defensive player. You can give him some more pressure. Come on, Konzi, do it now! That can’t be real… He can’t stop and redo it again there. I thought i may play a couple of nice passes, but he directly smashed the first one. But you have to say that he left himself a lot of time. Time for the third challenge. At the moment Lukas is the first one. Then it’s me and Konzi once more is third. 3,2,1 we are already in the right position. That is a special ball, a curve ball. That means it should fly in a more spectacular way. We are going to try that. Felix lost the last challenge, so he may choose the order. Konzi starts, then it’s me and then Lukas. The winner is, who can score three times first. And then the challenge is over and we will see who has got the second most goals. I don’t know how to try the first one at all, maybe a knuckle ball? I would try to shoot completely normal. No, that wouldn’t work. Just shoot is always, makes the ball go 50 meters above the goal… That one wasn’t with a lot of power… I am already analyzing the shots to make it better now. That one was really crazy… Now i am interested in your tactic. He shows full commitment at least! Call an ambulance for that poor guy! There it is! What a great reflex there! Ooooh what was that?! It is impossible to safe, the ball changes its direction so many times… Felix only shoots right onto the goalkeeper. – True, but it is not enough. Can you beat this keeper? – Yes for sure. And i just said it, not a second time again… Jan, what happened there? – But the ball is really crazy… It seemed to get in… The keeper is on fire again! I think Felix knows who to shoot now. So what’s the problem now? 2 goals again… Konzi it’s sudden death again… We both have 2 goals and Lukas was the first one to score a third one. So it is a sudden death battle for the second place between us now. Who is going to start then? You are about to start. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to start now with Konzi… Broad built, bronzed, but only 20 kilos on the weight bench. That is the way we all know him. Ciao Konzi, that’s crazy… Is there any better penalty?! That was not so nice – Well, Konzi, it’s about the goals! Now it is your turn again! How can you shoot so badly, whereas Konzi score an absolute screamer? Lukas is completely escalating after every shot from Konzi. But he also shoots like a young god! Now i really want to see something crazy as well! No goal! I even shot a whole into the net! That was way to much show before the shot. I wanted to score into the corner, it is too much pressure here. How did he save that?! Are you having goosebumps? Yes, it is because of the goalkeeper. When i am able to score now, it is finally over! I am going to look at you all the time now. May i also look at Konzi? – No, just me! So that’s it with the hydro challenge no. 2. We have a winner! So we have go a new intermediate result now. The first challenge you can find in the description. I have got 3 points, Felix as well and Konzi, well, has got great zero points! But in the next challenge the winner can get 3 points, so Konzi still has got a chance… You are so gracious to me.. The last challenge is going to decide everything then. The loser has to bring you his favourite shoe. An right now a lot is speaking for Konzi. But there is still a lot of tense for the last challenge! Thanks to Monster Hydro for the challenges! See you next time and goodbye!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “We feel sorry for the keepers trying to save this football (MONSTER HYDRO #2)”

  1. wtf i taught these guys were good at football instead of only being good at free kicks, no finishing in these guys

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  3. I’ve been getting back in the freekick scene not to long ago. So my legs hurt after a session but the videos help me to improve my technique! Keep up the good work.

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