Announcer: Wow! [crowd cheering] Yijun Feng: I started when I was six. My dad, he had a table tennis table in his company in China, and he would always take me to his company to play, you know, just play for fun. When I was preparing for the Olympics, I practiced nine hours a day. So basically, you know: sleep, eat and table tennis. I was on the 2016 U.S. Rio Olympic Team. We just like walk around the village, you will meet like many like star athletes. I think that’s the best part of the Olympic experience: I met Phelps, I met Kevin Durant, and all the NBA stars. Being on the Olympic team was my dream. That was my goal, you know, when I started to play. Announcer: Final match of the team finals of the National Collegiate championships. A whole year in the making. [crowd cheers] Yijun: The NYU team was the underdog. The last match, I played it with my teammate Adar Alguetti, the doubles. It was very, very, like intense. I’m used to playing individual events, but when I played for the NYU team, they were all very supportive, and they were cheering louder than me and giving me confidence. Yeah. [crowd clapping] Announcer 1: Can they do it? Can they win this match point here? [Yijun and Adar cheer] Announcer 1: They’ve done it! They’ve made history! NYU, winning the Team Championships, defeating Texas Wesleyan! Crowd goes crazy! Announcer 2: Oh my gosh! Announcer 1: There it is! First time for NYU! Announcer 2: And they’ve never even been this far at all. An incredible— Announcer 1: Never! Ladies and gentlemen, They are the co-ed team champions! Yijun: This better than winning the Olympic qualification. Definitely, definitely! [team cheers] This is the best! I want to thank my team for all the support. I mean without them we can’t get there. We can’t get to here! [laughs] I was chosen by other students to be the 2018 Collegiate National Male Athlete of the Year. Honestly, I didn’t expect that, but I appreciate that title.

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Dennis Veasley

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