We are Tifo Football. We make videos that explain football, its
history, tactics, how the game works. At Tifo we think football should be accessible
to everyone. And we think it should be easy to understand,
however complicated the topic. That’s why we launched the Whiteboard Football
series, to break down how the game is played and run, so that you, the fans, can get to
the heart of what matters to you. Our Tactics Explained series takes teams from
around the world and shows you how they play. Our Player Profiles series highlights individuals
who catch our eye. We take you behind the curtain as well, with
our ‘Meet the Owners’ and ‘Finance and Laws’ series, which open up how football
works as a business. And our live action series explore the fan
experience and take you straight to the action. And that’s not all – Tifo is constantly
developing new series ideas, working with our brilliant team of writers and producers
to keep our channel fresh and exciting. Informative, intelligent content about the
game you love – we are Tifo Football.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “We Are Tifo Football”

  1. Looks like Bundesliga money is being put to good use. Just a suggestion, if you guys could add more footage of application of tactics in real life matches, that would be great. Otherwise, been loving them videos. Keep em coming

  2. One of the best channels on youtube .. wish you all the best from iraqi fan ..

    I love football , i love tifo ❤

  3. Tifo is on par with COPA90 right now!!! Hey, how about a little collab with COPA90? I think that would be awesome.

    Keep up the good work guys!!!

  4. I love this channel's tactics. Always make me wanna tweak my FM tactics based on real life clubs.

    I hope you can cover some of the women's game as well, especially with their World Cup coming up next year.

  5. My favourite football channel anywhere on Social Media. Thank you guys. Thank you, for existing, educating and elevating our knowledge levels.

    Much love.

  6. Been here when you guys were still on 20K subs or so, its been a great journey. One of the best channels on youtube, and im proud to be a Tifo fan. Proud of how far you have come.

  7. Smart contents! I love your contents on tactics, finances and meet the owners. Keep up the great work!

    It's a shame that a smart channel like you have doesn't get more subs compare to those less-educating channels.

  8. Wow have you come a long way, I’ve been subscribed to you since 18k and now you’re way past that. Every video and podcast you make is quality and you guys have been doing a great job. Keep going!!

  9. This channel is the reason so many people don't just watch football but understand what happens on the pitch legit one of the best sport YouTube channels

  10. Tifo really is one of the best football channels on youtube. I still remember the umaxit days when you guys were on a few thousand subscribers and Tifo grown and got better. Great Job

  11. Your videos are of great quality! it's hard to find videos with great quality and informative content And Your voice is very soothing 🙂

  12. My favourite football channel, I love that you go into the history and talk about forgotten players too, and of course the "meet the owners" series. I have an idea, you can do commentary of live matches and explain tactics at the same time. Your voice is really soothing!

  13. You guys are doing something beyond anyone else in the game you take a step back from the media hype and stereotypes and you break football down and strip away all of the bullshit and see it in its purist form and view the game in the way we all should. I thank you all for continuing to produce the highest quality of content that isn’t made for views or made for millions to agree with, it’s made objectively and analytically and makes me more than ever want to delve into analytics and expand my thinking about the beautiful game beyond the bullshit we are fed in the media.

    Thank you Tifo and thank you Joe Devine for your silky tones and flute music

  14. I still don't understand why this channel is have this less subscribers….come guys let's share this channel…..and help them reach many fans in the world…

  15. Absolutely LOVE this channel. Always watch your videos on TV. You explain things so clearly and I personally learned so much. Thanks Tifo!

  16. Great channel keep it up. I just subscribed. I watched a video of how you guys predicted how well Salah will do in his role based on his style of play like 7 months ago. I went into the comments section and was reading all kinds of comments from when the video was first posted "its too soon" "how can you make predictions like this only 3 game in" etc etc… Now 7 months later … well to say the least you guys were on the money.

  17. Absolutely love the content, makes everything simple. Anyone know what program they use to produce the videos?

  18. I’m new to futbol and I’m excited to learn it. I have been trying to get into it for awhile, but the US men’s team sucks, and I didn’t know any rules.
    I’m excited to watch your videos and hopefully pick up some things. Do you do videos about the different leagues so I can get info on those and then pick a team to follow?

  19. Great work guys, a small voice of appreciation and gratitude from an Indian, for your attempt to awaken my motherland "a sleeping giant".

  20. hye! please make a review about FCSB(Fc Steaua Bucharest) it s a good story 86" UCL champs owned by a racist of all sorts ,lost it s name and branding to the army.

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