Hi, my name is Lincoln Ward; I am a USPTA
certified tennis pro here in Austin, Texas with Lonestar tennis company. Today, we’re
going to talk about how to watch tennis online for free. There are couple of great websites
you need to take a look at to check some of this out. Number one I would suggest to you
is Youtube. You can find some really cool clips on that, on different matches you want
to see, some older matches between some of the classics like Aurthur Ash or even uh Billy
Jean Kean all the way to Wimbleton nowadays. It’s a great place to look for video clips
on tennis strokes or tennis matches. You can find a great amount of tennis knowledge there.
Couple of other places you can look is the USTA website, www. usta.com. Go to their search
catagory and type in uh, tennis matches online. They can pull up slews of different options
for you. As well as USPTA.com. Not only can you find online video clips but you can also
find some, some tips clips on there as well, just like what you are watching now. This
is the, these are couple of places you need to start look for if you want to watch tennis
online for free. My name is Lincoln Ward, thank a lot.

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