Warm Up In this video you will learn a warm up to do before playing tennis. Tennis is a strenuous, physically-demanding sport Always warm up before playing to prepare your body for the effort Start off by jogging twice around the court Do a final lap at a quicker speed Then do 20 jumping jacks – hopping your feet out as you clap your hands overhead Next do a high knee run up to the net Run tall and light, bouncing off the ground Run back to the baseline with heel flicks Run back and forth with taking short strides and and flicking your hip with your heels Follow up with the carioca Step over across in front with the right leg, step to the side, step across behind with the left leg and step to the side Remember to rotate the trunk twist the arms as you step across Next run three steps and rotate one leg outward and the same with the other leg three steps later Once you reach the net, turn back and rotate the leg inward and repeat the same with the other leg till you get back to the starting position Next run and lift one knee and swing the opposite arm up Alternate the legs and arms and run back and forth Run forward and swing your arms forward one by one On the way back you could swing the arms backward Do a few knee to chest tuck jumps Follow up with a few lunges on each side Next rotate your arms forward and backward Do the same with your wrists, clockwise and anti-clockwise Finish by rotating your ankles one by one You are now ready to hit the court Enjoy your game!

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