Welcome back to PingSunday, the best place
to learn table tennis. Recently, in the Austrian
Open, Wang Chuqin has made an incident (the bad manner for the image of the sport). He
threw the racket after loosing the first set in the match versus Zhao Zihao. Right after the match, the CTTA (Chinese Table
Tennis Association) has suspended Wang Chuqin for 3 months. his coach, Liu Guozheng, has also been suspended
for one month; both return to China immediately. One month ago, Wang Chuqin has won Zhao Zihao
easily 4-0. No doubt that fact added
the frustration of a player known for his calm and resolute approach. The Chinese Table Tennis Association released
the following translated statement:

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94 thoughts on “Wang Chuqin is suspended in China”

  1. Respect for China national team administration. They suspend the player Wang and beside that also his coach. Cause of hierarchical responsibility. Strickly discipline…

  2. He did it to himself. He should’ve known at that competition level in China the players are top notch. Needs mental discipline.

  3. Don't forget that he won the Swedish open title recently. It's the athlete's pride.. Feeling a bit sorry for him. He fell to the dark side…
    Btw nice camera angle!

  4. Professionals should lead by example, I think his opponent took no offence as can see bat was not aimed at him but if you had such behaviour in amateur league against another team there would be war. Good decision by tt China

  5. Strict discipline…but i can understand how high Wang's pressure was. We say "Yi Jiang Cheng Ming Wan Gu Ku". BTW, great camera angle!

  6. I was there and watched it live. He threw the racket after the 3rd set. There also were no coaches nearby. The seasoned coaches and the seeded player left for the hotel at 2 pm. So they left the younger player alone with lower coaches. Looked like he had problem with the ball and could not produce his normal spin. Mizutani and Boll had the same problem during their first matches / doubles.
    I was looking forward to see Wang Chuqin more. I was pretty sad, that they also withdraw the double with Fan Zhedong.

  7. Well banned, disrespectful is the worst in sport competition, does not matter how good you are, go back and learn more manners!

  8. Great video, Coach! This is the only way to discipline the player and the coach not to lost their cool during the match.

    Clearly, Wang was the far superior player. But for some reasons, everything in his game fell off. He had bad mechanics, timing the ball late and producing a ton of errors. Zhou didn't really played a great game either, but he just made far less mistakes and kept calm.

    Wang played a bit better and even had a chance to win it coming back. At 9-9, he made an absolute unforced error and his nerves got him with a poor serve barely touching the base of the tape to ending up that way.

    Hopefully the suspension wakes him up a bit because he has so much potential. Plus already he is a Tomokazu Morimoto beating machine.

  9. Do you have a channel where you speak mandarin only? ive been learning for the past year and would like to hear a native speaker to practice.

  10. I really understand Wang chuqin's frustraition when he lost the match due to his fault service after a amazing comeback.. But he should have do that. He is still young and promising. Loosing one match is recoverable, but loosing his image as a proffesional player, well that must follow him for the rest of his career

  11. Jonh Mc Enroe would be killed if he Was chinese, ok punish but with no moral, not a democratic country to be giving lessons.

  12. Not only to keep the spirit of the China National Table Tennis Team as you have written. More importantly, it is to uphold the spirit of sportsmanship.

    We don’t care what your Chinese national table tennis team spirit is. We care about the world at large.

  13. Is it a fault when a player hit/knock intentionally the table with his racket because he is mad ?
    It shows a lack of self-control + it damages the surface …childish behavior !

  14. 만만한 상대로 진것이 화가 난 것은 이해하지만 상대를 향해 라켓을 던진 것은 이해가 안된다

  15. Can't really understand why the coach is also suspended. I mean, it is chinese player vs chinese player which should mean that both players have to play against each other without a coach. Kinda weird if Liu step in during breaktime and spoke to Wang Chuqin.Maybe he wasn't nearby during the incident?Are there rules that neither players of the same country during should have a coach?

  16. He is too inexperienced to be in national team!though he is a good player but inadequate discipline by him can easily damage any national team reputation!in a few of his previous matches he was also rude and impolite!

  17. I feel like what got him suspended wasnt necessarily the racket throwing but where he aimed said racket… It looked like it almost hit zhao zhihao had it been thrown any faster…and if being critical the part at the end where he tried to hit the ball(from the looks of it)… I doubt had he thrown the racket lightly would he had gotten a punishment like so. Hopefully, when he comes back he can control his nerves cause he is an amazing player

  18. The way this boy throws the blade and it ends up hitting the cool guy is disgusting……in many clubs this may lead to fistfights…………great composure by the Penholder(Zhao Zihao).I'm sure there is some deeper issue as the root cause,but still it not acceptable.

  19. Don't worrying, Communist monster government will put him in jail in future, later will take his organ for sale

  20. Good decision by CNT. Throwing your racket is unacceptable and the way he shake his teammate's hand was not respectful at all. He should learn to control his emotions like the silent assassin LYJ.

  21. my god, they guy is a teenager. completely normal in that age to lose your temper once in a while. personally i love the drama and it was a really good match too!

  22. WCQ is very talented, but he thinks he should win every match easily. Chinese discipline is great, and so are the enforcers of Chinese discipline. Professionals must maintain a high standard of integrity and good behavior. A couple of months of hard labor in remote coal mines followed by manual cleaning of sewers and border patrol duties in the desert should bring out his best behavior.

  23. Why I love the Chinese, as someone who moved to America. I hope the Chinese don’t cave to the soft approach of the rest of the world and holds its ideals strong. This needs to be done more

  24. he got banned because he got frustrated and threw his racket at the table, unfortunately it flew across the table. I seen worst by the European players. His action is not warranted a ban, maybe a slap on the wrist.

  25. 太年轻了!情绪失控了。希望他能吸取教训。也希望大家对他宽容点。挺有潜力的运动员。

  26. Please keep us updated on stuff like this
    If possible make podcasts or discussion on stuff like this because like I watch basketball analysis so would love something like that for table tennis

  27. i don't think if he deserve to be banned for just this. i't's an ill behavior but it happens a lot in such a competitive sport. He should just be talked to not to display this kind of behavior next time around. —just my opinion

  28. In China they will squeeze your balls for 10 minutes on the hour every hours for not behaving and you should say "thank you" repeatedly while they are doing it. So he will be thanking a lot next
    3 months…

  29. Being suspended for 3 months is of course a complete overreaction, but China at the moment seems to be going through a period of moral panic, as most mainlanders believe there is a deficit of morality in China. I guarantee that players of the Chinese national team don't suffer from a lack of morality. In order to get to that position, there is no such thing as cutting corners. There is no such thing as shirking responsibility. These are not the "Bu Yao" types who are just trying to get through the day.

  30. The kid Wang Chuqin couldn't control his frustration has nothing to do with the poor coach. Why suspended the coach? I am sure his coach did not encourage Wang to throw his racket after losing.

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