[Dunk] I can’t believe he’s actually going for it! THE WALUIGI… SLAM-BONEY TECHNIQUE! aaaaand… BOP! And that’s why you’ll never be in smash! You hang back, Waluigi.
I got this! I got this! Shit! [Laughs] and… Oh! Too fast! Too fast, idiot! Hey, I wasn’t ready! [DK] BANANA… SLA-! [Dunk] Oh! He’s stuck in the air!
[Laughing] You lose! You lose, you stupid Donkey Kong! [Laughs] It bounced off the net!
[Laughing] Donkey Kong’s in smash… but not you, Walui- YAH! Oh! You’re not in smash! I got that! I got- Wo! [Laughs] Uh-oh I got that! YAH! Ooo!
I’m in- YAH! Oh! Now we’re playing for real! NOW- Ooo! Now we’re playing the real game! Come on, baby! Come on! He’s out of there! He’s outta there! I’m sorry- It all comes down to this… This is the one. [Laughs] Na, na, na, na, no! I got this! I got- aaand… Fuck! Noo, ho, ho, ho… WA! WA! STOP! Oooo… He’s outta here! Come on, Luigi! Show me your REAL moves! Oh shit!
He’s gonn- No! Okay! You lose! [Laughs] Now show me your TRUE real moves! Yep! And… He stepped on the tennis ball… All right! Luigi! Baby, I love ya… but you suck at this game! I’m gonna stand right in this guy’s face… BOP! Nope. BOP! Nope! Ye- Fu- Wai- [Laughs] I got it! That’s me! THAT’S ALL ME! YAH! That’s- That’s mine! GET OUTTA MY WAY! Good teamwork, Toad! [Yoshi] “Yoshi, Yoshi!” [Dunk] Serve the ball! Oh my god!
[Laughing] He’s been standing there for like, TWO minutes! Come on! Oh my go- I’m coming up there! I’m coming- I’m- WHAT?! Ooo! The meter’s full! You know what that means… heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… eeeeeeeeeee… YAH! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! Woh, woh, woh, woh, woh, woh, woh… Ohh!!! Serve the ball! I’ma- I’m leaving! Bye! Goodbye! Shit! [Laughs] Yeah! Bouun… Bouun… OH, BONGO… HIT! Oh! ho, ho, ho! and- and that’s why you’ll never be in smash! Whose idea was it to schedule A FUCKING PARADE on this tennis court? What is the- Wha- What the fuck? You can be Chain Chomp! [Laughs] Ooo! Ooo… Ooo!!! Here we go! Oooo… cha! I got that! Shit! Nnn… Nope! [Giggles] YAH! W… WA! OH MY GOD! Oh my god! That’s how you do it! Now this is how people that are in SMASH hit the ball! Here we go! Wa!
[imitating Waluigi] Ya suck! Ya suck! Tony… Bring up the replay. Look at that serve! See how he hits it with that! You see what you did wrong, Toad? YOU SEE? Do you see what you did? Huh? You see what you did wrong, Toa-? Ehh! Wrong again, Toad! Tony, bring up the replay. Now do you see what you did wrong, Toad? [Laughs] You see what you did? There- [He’s about to cry] [Laughs] [Outro]
♪ NBA JAM – TEAM SELECT 2016 REMIX ♪ (Visit dunkeyscastle.com or he’s gonna have to eat ya shoes)

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Waluigi Tennis”

  1. I wonder how, I wonder why
    Yesterday you told me about how Dunkey beat Sky
    But all that I can see
    Is Waluigi's serving spree ,_ ,

  2. Dunkey: now THIS is how smash characters serve the ball *mario fail

    Me: um… what was that u said bout Waluigi not good enough to be in smash XD

  3. I love that he shows his hair. I knew it looked like that because there is some rendering from a game where his cap is about to fall off.

  4. Without ears and nose waluigi would actually be pretty handsome
    With the blue thing under eyes he looks like old d'arby

  5. Wait a minute. Everybody knows that Waluigi has always been a lefty so why the FUCK is he right handed in this?

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