Almost 1.5 years ago, Audi presented a new S3. It had more power than the previous S3: 300 PS, and Quattro. This is it’s sister model, the 300 PS Golf R. No longer a 6-cylinder engine, but like the Audi a 2.0 4-cyl. 300 PS used to be a lot, but perhaps those days are gone. A new 911 Carrera deliveres 350 PS, less than this A 45 does. Question is: does that make it better than the other 2? Let’s start in the Audi S3, the oldest model of the 3. Partially, this is the best car, for it offers the nicest interior and most comfort. That doesn’t make it dull, especially in ‘Dynamic’ setting, which influences steering, engine, gearbox and suspension. In ‘Dynamic’, this car is incredibly fast. No matter how hard I push the limits, there’s always grip. Very clever. It is quite safe, you can’t oversteer it like the others. But compared to the previous S3 it’s way better in every aspect. During the introduction of this A 45 AMG I said… “It’s hard to define this car, judging it takes a lot of time” Today I have the same feeling: very hard to assess. It’s by far the most brutal car of the 3. The suspension is very firm, and not adjustable. Its lack of comfort makes it unsuitable for longer distances. This is the haviest of the 3 cars, but it feels like the lightest. However, engine and suspension make it very uncivilized, so it doesn’t feel like a smooth driving machine. In this wheater, and on winter tires, there’s a lot of understeer. So it doesn’t give much confidence. Surprisingly, in this wheater it isn’t faster than Golf and S3. The powertrains of Golf and S3 are the same, but there are small differences in driving. I think DSG-gearbox is way better than the Mercedes-DCT. This DSG does always exactly what you want, when you want it. As I said, there are differences between VW and Audi. In the Audi, the steering is the biggest drawback. For the first time, the Golf-steering is very sensitive. In corners, this car is more fun than the more serious Audi. It’s even possible to slide it round corners with a little oversteer. It has the same tires as the Mercedes, but doesn’t understeer It’s more comfortable than the Mercedes, but surprisingly sporty. The A 45 AMG needs a track or very smooth road to be the fastest, but in this wheather, it simply isn’t. This new Golf R is way more fun than its predecessors, the best since the first Golf R32. There’s a big gap between this car and the Golf GTI, like it should be. Looking at the prices, i noticed something interesting. The Golf is yours from 50000 euro’s, this example 59000. It’s pretty well equipped as standard. A standard Audi S3 is 51000 euro, about the same as the Golf, but with some desirable options, it’s 68700 euro, a huge difference. It gets worse with the Mercedes: base-price 59200, this example 78000 That’s quite a lot for a hot hatch. Some options on this car: alcantara steering wheel, 1100 euro. These seats, 2100 euro… and the AMG Performance exhaust of 700 euro. It’s the most spectacular of the 3, but not worth the price gap. In terms of value-for-money, the Golf is unbeatable. It’s the cheapest, but it can keep up with the others.

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Dennis Veasley

91 thoughts on “VW Golf R vs. Audi S3 vs. Mercedes A45 AMG – English subtitled”

  1. Golf blijft uber Gti te zijn! Knap en zoals t hoort. Snap niet bij AMG, dat je maar in afstelling hebt op t onderstel= knoerthard! Gemiste kans…

  2. Drie auto's met kinkhoest. Zou ze alle 3 nooot kopen. Die dubbelekoppeling shitbakken. Wat een lelijk geluid!

  3. Leuk hoor die opgefokte Golf. Maar mijn Megane RS met een chipkuurtje van €600 heeft ook 310pk. Dan ben je voor 40 mille klaar en heb je gegarandeerd meer lol!

  4. its interesting you indicate  a gap between the R and GTI but one channel did a track test (admittedly on different days) and the GTI (may have been with performance pack option fitted) was faster.

  5. Roland een spraakverbod opleggen en Roy voortaan de filmpjes laten maken. Scheelt minimaal 10 vergelijkingen met wilde dieren, de zeehond is je vergeven.

  6. Have winter tyres on the AMG is a crime!!. Let its Dunlop Sport Maxx as standard and use your Skoda on winter!!! 

  7. Check my channel for more volkswagen and audi and mercedes. I filmed the Golf R in Red Black and Blue. The Audi in black. The AMG in white and black

  8. i didnt know the cars are soo expensive over there. In Poland basic golf R starts at about 35000 eur

  9. Thanks. I'll be getting a Golf R. Sure, it's $38k or so here bit the 45 is gonna be $15k more stock. APR stage 1 gets 360+ hp ECU only.

  10. I will take the S3 but change the front grill, cant stand the horizontal lines, change it to rs honeycomb or standard.

  11. 78000 euros for an A Class??? WHAT THE FUCK for that price I'd buy a fucking CLS!!!

  12. Cars in the NLs are around 20% more expensive than in my own Belgium, so don't think all of Europe pays that much. Same with fuel and such.

  13. Great film and review and thanx for putting the true prices !!!
    I'll take a 3 door Golf R in Blue with DSG as it does rain in the UK and Ireland !!!
    Thanx for the English Subtitles !!!

  14. Mercedes obviously has a lot to learn about refinement in a hot hatch.  Talk about trying to rip customers off.  Here is a real test…………park all 3 cars outside and exposed during a hail storm and lets see which car gets the least panel damage.  All I know is that  my friends Audi S3(previous model) survived without having one single dent when golf sized hails rained down for about 5 mins but the Hyundai i30 parked next to it was totally annihilated, windows smashed and flooded.

  15. mocht deze jongen ooit het geld hebben, komt er absoluut een Golf R voor de deur! Heerlijke auto zeg. ik lees overal niets dan goeds. stuurgevoel en allroundheid hebben schijnbaar een grote sprong voorwaarts gemaakt. ook erg knap hoe ze de Golf zoveel anders dan de S3 hebben kunnen laten rijden/sturen. Kudos VW. de A45 valt een beetje weg tussen de andere 2 eerlijk gezegd.

  16. Well presented and concise review, thanks for adding the subtitles. The review has definitely added new perspective to my decision

  17. Geen twijfel, aangezien de M135i niet bij de test zat, zou ik direct voor de Golf kiezen. Zeker na Roy's commentaar op capabilty tov de andere 2 en de prijs. En nog de mooiste ook samen met de Audi.
    (MB foeilelijk, brrrr…..sorry guys)

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