That’s just a cult, I think. But it’s already something else. Good day everybody. Today is a lot going on here, or Kevin? Very loud on the forecourt. The Golf 4 R32 from our car wrapper Folienwerk AT. He said this one is his dream car and he bought it 2 weeks ago. He’s totally happy, of course we too. And we’ll film that in the coming weeks and months, because we’re going to change a lot here. Let’s go inside to Andre. That’s really a coincidence, because he has to wrap a car. And we ask him directly, he’s a handsome guy. Let’s go inside. Key would be great, do you have one? Yes I can do that. I saw him inside. You told me. I’ve just seen him in there. Work. Incredible. This is our handsome Andre. I have already raved about you. Yes sure. That you drive a Golf 4 R32. Look how red he gets, how cute. So watch out. I informed myself. Because he is the guy who likes facts. What did VW intend to do with the car? He told me the whole story before, but it was not quite right. Yes, tell me how was that with VW and the Golf. They wanted to produce 12.000 or 15.000 pieces. Boop, fail. They wanted to produce 5000 and it should become a special model. Because the demand was so great, they built another 7.000 more. 5.000 were delivered to the USA. And how much built they with DSG? He has DSG. Only 500 cars. Who says that? I read it on Google. Ok in any case, there are much less cars with DSG than with manual gearshift. The car should have 241 hp and 320 Nm. Never. That will be tight. Tell me, you talked about the car for weeks. It’s a wonderful car. This engine, the sound. Everything is superior. We’re still talking about the Golf here, they’re coming to see what’s going on here. The car is second-hand? Three previous owners and built in 2003. Is this already the last edition? Yes. The fin number recognizes that and the lumbar support and I’ve forgotten something else. The car is series except sports catalysts. Yes. Because you also have the lamp on in the cockpit. Yes. Before we started the video, he arrived and said it wobbles like that. What have we already replaced in the first days? Wishbone and tie rod ends. Everything was broken. How many kilometers did the car run? 176.000 kilometers. Basically. It’s an old lady. Timing chain is top you said. Yes, good it has 3 degrees. We checked that, when he bought the car. In this video we have the following plan. We’re looking for a girlfriend for him. We make a performance upgrade. Software. Input measurement, input run on the road, output measurement and output run on the road. But more is coming in the next videos. What do we have in mind? That’s all his dream and we try to make it possible. Who owns the key? Thanks for that. Definitely a suspension. Yes, he wanted deep, deep, deep. We talked him out. He gets a normal KW suspension. Deep is actually the most important but in that case it is probably enough. Maybe a rear silencer. It’s everything series except the sports catalysts, or? Yes, sports catalysts should be in there. We haven’t looked. But he has. May I already say which suspension? KW V2 suspension we have said. Do you dare to wrap it? I can recommend a good designer, that will make you a decent livery. You said that you won’t wrap the car. Maybe black. Satin black. The whole car? Yes. Cut! That not a good idea. First we stay with suspension, rims and rear silencer. We drive now. Ciao. Take care. You feel directly much younger in this car. No radio. No he didn’t. He told me something. I have to tell you, that he had nothing else in his mind during the last two months than this R32. Can you imagine that? I then promised him we’ll do a video. That’s already back to the roots, like the good old time. The car is already 16 years old. How time goes by. Engine indicator lamp is on. He bought the car with sports catalysts. From 100 to 200 km/h, it will take a long time. Such a R32 has something special. And you have to say, the cars are really expensive. When he told me the prices. This one is from the Eifel and he knew that the car was for sale. The prices for a R32 are high. I never thought that they are so expensive. I have to admit. Andre likes that. He took me once with this car. We switch to S. So we’re in S. That’s the I8, which will came to our company. That will be a long drive from up to 200 km/h. I honestly can’t remember the last R32 I did. I mean in the last 3 years we’ve done no more. I think the last one we did in Australia. We can’t achieve much power just with software. 10-13 hp. But we film the project, even though I don’t think we’ll make 100 more Golf 4 R32. performance increases. But it’s a cool project. Cult. Andre likes show and shine style. At best 7 meters deep. Air suspension and … I said we help you to build your car. But if you want to have something like that you have to go somewhere else. As I said. We take a KW V2 with normal deepness. I don’t make wild conversions like other tuners. Somehow our name is on it, too. I think it will be 50 mm deeper. There he is crying. Driftbox is on let us try it. We need a lot of space. Let’s go. 100-200 in 26.5 seconds. Second measurement isn’t worth it? No, then we are in Cologne. We did it and it won’t be much faster. But good, that’s just cult and it’s something special. We are now going on the dyno. As I said earlier, we tuned some R32 long time ago, some including supercharger conversion. We even had a turbo conversion, but we never specialized in it. The series performance will be hardly to reach. So between 220 and 230 hp. Not more. Do you know what we forgot? He actually wanted a Porsche brake. He told that too. But that’s all. So let’s go on the dyno. Fabi sent me the file from the old school VW. What we forgot. We also optimize the DSG. There you can do a few little things. We increase the rpm, kick down off and change 2-3 shift points. We set the maximum rpm higher, from 6500 to 6700. These is rpm when shifting. We raise them up about 200-300 revolutions. I forgot that we also join the DSG. We have shown that now. ECU is similar, I’ll do that next. Fabi sent me the DSG file. That’s why we do it first. No problem. That’s another cool dataform. ME7 control in ECU, that is already a few days old. I think the file is ready in the next 20 minutes. Fabi also has to do the input measurement. So let’s go. Serial output almost reached. Instead of 241 hp only 234,6 hp and instead of 320 Nm only 289 Nm, but that’s normal. Curve is normal, everything is normal. Also fueled with 98 octane. And now comes our amazing software optimization. We’ve 301 Nm, so 12 Nm more. It’s really ok. And as you can see I have raised the rpm. Should help us at 100-200 km/h. And we have 242.4 hp, just 8 hp more. It is like it is. And we have adapted the DSG. Let’s see if we are faster on the road. I think it will be a little bit faster. Now let’s go on the Autobahn. How fast was the series run 25.6 or 26.5? 26.5. We’ve just a little extra power. I hope that we are 0.5 seconds faster due to the larger rev range and the DSG adjustment. It may also be that I am wrong. How many seconds from 50-150 do you remember? No. That’s a lot. Yes. 24.6 seconds. As you can see a few rpm more are helpful. 1.9 seconds faster. Andre can’t walk tomorrow with so much power. Great, a time as if we had 50 hp more. Next comes the suspension. We have winter soon, but as I know him, he still bring us the summer rims. 99% that the suspension comes in the next video. KW V2 is already ordered. And when I heard correctly, it is almost there. Thanks for watching and see you next video.

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Dennis Veasley

31 thoughts on “VW Golf IV R32 Teil 1 | Chiptuning – DSG Upgrade – 100-200 Zeiten | mcchip-dkr”

  1. Mensch…..quäl den alten Opa doch nicht so……..177tkm ist schon ne Ansage.

    Damals fuhren die gechipten 1.8er denen schon immer weg.

    Trotzdem, der Sound ist genial und er hat doch mehr als ein Käfer mit 24,5PS 🙂
    Reicht doch vollkommen…..auch heute noch.

     Mittlerweile kann ich diese Vierzylinderblechtröten einfach nicht mehr leiden…sorry….

    Konntet ihr denn nix an der Ventilsteuerung machen, das war doch damals ein Hype…….

  2. So einer stand vor fast 20 Jahren beim vw Händler bei mir um die Ecke. Wie oft ich als kleiner junge mir den Wagen angesehen hab. Ich dachte immer boah wer so einen kauft der muss ja richtig verrückt sein. Aber wenn ich sehe wie langsam der eigentlich ist find ich den nicht so geil. Da sieht man mal wieder was so ein Turbo bringt… schönes Video von euch macht weiter so lg aus Baesweiler

  3. Der 4 er und 5 er R32 müssen neben den Allrad noch zusätzlich paar Kg mehr schleppen als zb.
    1.8 T front kratzer und co…

    + die 3.2 sind reine Sauger , was will man da erwarten.

    Die Motoren machen erst bei R32/36 T umbau richtig Spaß.

    Mir gefallen die Vr6 2.8 / 9 – 3,2/ 6 ) Liter Motoren schon alleine wegen dem klang 💪

  4. War in meiner Jugend immer mein Traum Auto…! 😊 Der R 32 hat für mich mit den besten Motoren Sound für einen Sechszylinder!

  5. Über Optimierung des Nockenwellentimings ging bei den Motoren so einiges. Da gibts eine Firma (bzw 2 Personen) die dafür sehr bekannt sind, will hier aber keine Werbung für andere Firmen schalten.

  6. Also Vr6 motoren sind vom Sound her für mich absolut unschlagbar…
    Aber leistungstechnisch ist ohne Turboumbau absolut nichts los🤷‍♂️

  7. Lol ich hab den tt 3.2 gehabt mit nur einer Stage 1 und optimierte Ansaugung. gemessen wurden 281 ps mit Software mit Sauger Tuning habt ihr es jetzt nicht sooo😀

  8. Och, en Turbo-Kompressor druff mit humanen 350 PS, wäre schon Nice. Nix übertriebenes mit 500-600 PS, schööööööön gediegen dat jantze😊👍👍👍🤙

  9. Eigentlich eine Sünde so einen schönen Originalen Golf 4 R32 umzubauen denn die werden langsam selten besonders im Original Zustand , die meisten Autos haben nur Original eine Wertsteigerung im gehobenen alter sprich wenn sie kurz vor H Zulassung sind , da fehlen ihm noch gute 10 Jahre .

    Bin Froh das ihr den nur "sanft" umbaut mit feingefühl und sinnig ! Auch wenn ich kein VW Fan Boy bin finde ich den Golf 4 am schönsten ist meiner Meinung nach der beste aller Gölfe .

  10. Einfach nur ein richtig geiles Auto. War in meiner Jugend auch der Traum von allen. Egal wie die Performance von 100 auf 200 km/h ist.

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