Hello Guys and Girls it’s Lurgs here. Welcome to my channel and today the Volkswagen dashboard lights and what
they mean. Now this one is actually of a Volkswagen Golf but they’ll all be very
similar across the whole Volkswagen range. Now what I’ve done is I’ve just
done all the major lights and what they mean, so let’s get started. So this one is
the engine coolant temperature, if this red light comes on or the gauge gets
anywhere near the red then pull over immediatelym do not drive any further and obviously you need to check that your coolant level is okay, but don’t do it
while the engine is hot because you will get a face full of steam! The EPC warning
light now this is also known as the electronic power control warning light,
now this is normally indicating a problem with your throttle system or the
traction control the wheels are slipping, maybe you’re driving on gravel giving it
too much throttle now that should just pop on if you have a problem, if it stays
on then get that checked out at your local garage. The glow plug warning light
now this you only get obviously on diesel engines, this should light up when
it’s cold when you put the ignition on to get the glow plugs glowing up nice
and hot, if this stays on you’ve got a problem with one of your glow plugs so
get that checked out at the local garage. The battery warning light now this
probably will indicate a problem with charging your battery so this could be
the alternator belt or a problem with your alternator. This is the diesel
particulate filter, now you only get this on diesel engines and this could
indicate a problem with your filter system, you can carry on driving but try
and keep the revs lower than 2500rpm, and obviously get that checked out. This is the engine oil level so make sure that
the engine oil level is between the min and the max on your engine dipstick.
Now the next one here is the red version if this is red stop the car immediately
this means you’ve got a problem with your engine oil pressure so you’ve got
problems, do not drive on! This indicates that you’ve got a problem
with one of your bulbs check out all the bulbs all around the car one of them is
probably faulty. The rear fog lights are on. And this means that you’ve got your
main headlight beams on the main beams are on. The power steering system is faulty, if this is yellow or red then you’ve got a fault with your power steering system
get this checked out immediately if you can drive to an authorized repairer. Now this is a problem with the engine management system so probably engine
emission control anything like that so get that checked out. If this flashes or
remains permanently on it means you’ve got a fault with your airbag system or
possibly your seat belt system. If you have sensors on your brake pads this
will light up when your brake pads are getting low so you need to get your
brake pads replaced. This indicates a fault with the ABS system so this could
be an ABS sensor on one of your wheels. So this is the ESP the electronic
stability program if this just briefly flashes on it means the computer has
taken control and it’s stopped the wheels spinning and if you’re driving on ice or
gravel or anything like that this could just flash to say that the wheels have
lost a bit of traction, and if this stays on this means you’ve got a problem and
actually you can switch this off as normally a button on the dashboard if
you want to overrule the system. Now this normally means that you’ve got the
handbrake on so if you’re driving along and this is lit and you’re not going
very fast it’s because you’ve got the handbrake on if not it could be the
brake fluid level so also check that out. This means somebody in the front either
the driver or the passenger has not got their seatbelt on so put your seatbelt
on, be safe. This is the tire pressure monitoring system so if you go and check
out all of your tires you’ll probably find that one is under inflated, make
sure that they all pumped up to correct pressures and then you may need to reset
that tire pressure monitoring system on the dashboard and there is a link above now about how to do that on the Volkswagen
Golf. And this is obviously the fuel gauge and if you’ve got a diesel or a
petrol I advise don’t let it get into the red because then it will start
picking up lots of dirt and sludge from the bottom of the fuel tank and then you
will start getting problems really ideally when it gets to about a quarter
of a tank just go fill it up. So that was just an overview of all the main
dashboard lights all the most important ones and I hope you found that useful so
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  2. oh right. so its the tire problem. i wonder what that was. thanks. i thought it was something to do with handbrake.

  3. So with the engine light help me out here mate . How does the warning light work . I’m getting all light comes on but when car it’s started all warning lights gone

  4. Hi, I removed my catalytic converters from my passat B5 and the check engine light came on. Is there any other way I can remove check engine light?

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