To be a great hitter you need to learn
how to approach. In this video, I want to share with you my three tips for
learning the volleyball spike approach. For the best advice on volleyball training
and coaching, subscribe to my channel hit the bell to be notified when I post a
new video every Tuesday. How difficult it is to getting in position comes down to
how well you approach. If you find yourself constantly miss timing your
hit, be sure to practice your approach. By the end of this video, you’ll know exactly what to
do to get in position each time. This is the system I use with my players and now
it’s your turn. So the first thing you want to do is
focus on the last two steps. The last two steps of the approach are the most
important. If you’re right-handed, the last two steps are right left. If you’re
left-handed, the last two steps are left right. Stepping in this order is
important because you want the hips and shoulders open to the ball, so you can
rotate the hips and shoulders as you hit. Rotating helps in preventing too much
stress being placed on your shoulder. Being open to the ball is basically how
you create more hitting power. Now if you haven’t watched my video on how to
create more power, make sure you check it out. The link to watch it is in the
description below and also in the cards in this video. Number two, you want to use
smaller steps to establish a rhythm. It’s important to be moving the feet as
the setter is setting the ball. This will allow you to figure out the timing for
starting the approach. The third thing you want to do is you
want to always finish with a big explosive step. Always finish the approach with a big explosive step to the ball. It’s important to focus
on getting the feet to the ball. You do this by stepping in the direction to the
spot you need to plant and jump. If you’ve been struggling with hitting
or have a question about hitting, please comment below with a follow-up question. Now you know what to do to approach the ball. But what about
generating a lot of power? I’ve created a checklist that covers the entire process
of learning to hit a volleyball. This covers the entire process from approaching the ball to
hitting it down over the net. The link is below. If you like this video, please let me know by liking below. Subscribe and share
it with your volleyball friends and comment below with the word helpful if
you found this video has helped.

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