There is no indicator in the MFA display showing
that forward gear is set. I’m going into reverse and it’s not showing up either, while the
engine is idle as you can see. There’s no error message in the car information display.
The PDC is working. And now I’m changing the gear, set it to parking which doesn’t change
anything. Finally, I’m trying any possibility, even manual shifting, which does not help
at all. So, turning off the car and restarting the engine. Waiting some time for the display
to initialize, then it will show up again in the upper right corner. The “P” is there,
and so on, an the gear is working again. Took the car to the garage and they replaced the
transmission fluid in the DQ200 DSG. And on the next morning the car did not move any
more. The “P” was blinking. After some diagnostics, Volkswagen changed the mechatronics.

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Dennis Veasley

40 thoughts on “Volkswagen VW Golf VI 6 problem defective 7 speed DSG DQ200 mechatronics (7-Gang-DSG defekt)”

  1. Mach mir keine Angst. Das Getriebe DQ200 ist der größte Mist! Bei mir wird gerade die Mehrfachkupplung gewechselt weil der 2. und 5. durch ist! Und das Kulanzverhalten von VW ist bescheiden! Weil man ja soviel Einfluss auf die Kupplung hat. Das Öl im Getriebe wurde gestern gewechselt und neu adaptiert. Ich werde den Wagen schnellst möglich abstossen.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing the video. I was thinking to buy a used VW Golf 1.4 tsi. May I know whether your car is having other problems after replacing the mechatronics? Thanks.

  3. Such a shame that the DSG has so many problems. Really like VW cars generally (trim quality, handling etc.) but the automatic transmission problems are something that will possibly turn me into Japanese alternatives (Honda/Toyota) instead. :/

  4. wow man you have an average fuel consumption of 12 liters. What engine is this?
    I have a dsg 7 speed on my golf 6 from 2011, but the stick it's different looking. It's smaller. I have done 100 000 km without changing the transmission fluid, should i do it?

  5. it happens olot in China。and no further response from VW after 2014. They even chg the 10ys warranty to 3ys for the 7speed dsg.

  6. This is clearly a mechatronic/electronic fault. to solve this problem, changing the transmission fluid is idiocy. Dont let them touch your car again.

  7. Thank goodness VAG cancelled making the 10 speed DSG, now that they are facing the Dieselgate Scandal worldwide. BMW is also facing similar scandals with their diesel engines too.

  8. i scanned my 2009 vw golf tsi DSG7, and got an error transmission code 06012 , can anyone advise me , what that could be???

  9. guy you are a poophol, i have a golf 3 gti with over 1,2 million kilometers. so yes you are correct, vw are crap

  10. mate, u shift way too fast in a DSG. DSG needs additional cares. Be patient and shift one by one and stop at N, but not D to P straight away, like D to N Then handbrake Then N to P. Cheers. Touran DSG 7speed Owner.

  11. dsg oil has a special change procedure. if it's not followed correctly you will get dsg issues. dsg is a manual gearbox with dual clutch and hydraulics attached, computer controlled.

  12. Stupid vw car makers the problem exists also in caddy 2012 ; any one want to buy a good car dont buy vw or audi anymore go to japenese or american cars its better you dont even need to replace any gear oil for 10 years

  13. Good info mate! I had the same problem in my 2017 Polo GTI – exact same gearbox, DQ200 – Check out the video I uploaded if you're interested, keep up the good work!

  14. I am experiencing the same problem with my vehicle and just decided to park it I am so tired of this car, before it wasn't revving I took it to the specialist and paid 5k they sorted it, then after like a month the problem began when engine is running it wont engage gears it will only appear on the LCD and keeps flashing so its parked for like 4 months now

  15. i have golf 7 dsg with 53000km last night i drove about 100m and the car stopped i see gearbox error message and the car dosent move nd the car has guarnatee any advice

  16. I have a 2010 polo doing the same. i ordered a new dq200 hopefully i can replace and solve the issue as the car is immobile

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