Hellou, Hellou! Today we have some car business I just got a new company car And let’s go and check out the car Let’s go Ooolrait, here’s the whip Black monsieur Volkswagen golf variant Pretty cool car, good to drive Been driving it few days now And so This kind of car it is There is few spots for tailpipe Not sure if there is even two actual tailpipes But doesn’t really matter, it’s looking good Good looking And so What else… Maybe we should go and check it from the inside It has a keyless access Which is pretty cool So now I have keys in my pocket Then you can open it like that Mirrors are folding too Which is pretty cool too It makes many things more easier This is how it looks from inside Coffee man has some coffee there, of course And some water too since coffee dries you out So better handle that water biz too So Let’s pop the trunk Uuu, I am popping from the windows Let’s open it Boom! Let’s see You got lot of space here Oil too This is one of the coolest things in these farmar cars that you can put a lot of stuff in here It’s a good thing I think from here you folded the back seats Yep, Voilà From here the second ones, Boom! Like that. Now I have to go and fold them back.. Let’s check the back seat space Lot of space Here you can fit bodybuilders too This I like to use Here the people on these seats can now just relax and drink coffee or some other beverages! Pretty nice Seats are very comfy too Let’s check the front seats Okayyyy Now we here Now we talking Let’s Rock N Roll! Okayyyy Now we rolling Let’s go Car is good to drive Everything working like it should 2.0 diesel engine So not too bad And so Bit bumby Bumby road Might be bumbing there too We don’t mind about bumby roads So What else I could say about this car Manual.. I mean not manual… Automatic gears DSG DSG gears have been working well And so Now we here, have to check the cars Here in Porvoo the traffic is tooooo crazy Here we go Now we can continue talking Okayyyy Engine is roaring So What else We have a navigation system here too which is really good You can see it from there The screen is also fully digitalised like you can see Luv it! Pretty neat thing The main screen is pretty awesome too It comes more detailed info there Like for example now “take right” It’s good if you don’t know the roads! Now we rolling on the highway Summer limits have just came (120 km) One thing which is pretty neat thing too Is cruiser mode. Adapting cruiser mode For example now I have 120 km on the cruiser mode And the car on front of us is driving bit slower So our speed is adapting to his speed with out pushing brake etc. Which is really good when you are driving a lot In general the best things in this car is that it is really nice car to drive I really like the automatic gears Adapting cruiser mode Good engine, nice to drive, turns smoothly Which just makes the driving more easier and more enjoyable I like that the car is cool But it’s not too “cool” I mean it’s good car to go and see some customers for example It’s not too “showing” car It’s pretty basic good car with some good plus accessories Now we almost at Ikea Have to start to wrap up this video Hope the video was entertaining Hope there was some value for you Some car stuff today We have some business to handle in Ikea with ma Madame Some stuff to take care BTW this reversing camera is awesome Haven’t have it in my previous cars But now when I have it, I can say it changes the reversing game! Specially when you coming to Ikea You can park it smoothly and throw your stuff in the trunk. Easy! See you in the next video Subscribe If you liked the video Rauhaa ja rakkautta!

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