The Volkswagen Golf is VW’s most popular model
in Britain. In fact, it’s one of the most popular cars on sale today. Last year alone, VW sold over 59,000 of them
in Britain and that’s credit to its performance, economy and practicality. But for those buyers
who want a little bit more, VW now offers this – the Golf SV. It’s a replacement for the old Golf Plus,
which in fairness, never really hit it off with UK buyers. But this new model is bigger,
more stylish and more practical than before, so it’s got everything it needs to be a hit
the second time around. Given the name, you’ll be unsurprised to hear
that beneath the surface the SV is based on the standard Golf hatchback. It uses the same
modular MQB architecture as the hatch, but it measures in at 83 millimetres longer, 18mm
wider and 126mm taller. VW has also stretched the wheelbase by 48mm
and although these numbers may not seem huge, it does mean there’s a whole lot more space
inside for passengers and all of their luggage. It’s fair to say an MPV like the Golf SV is
never going to be winning any beauty contests. But, its sharp edges and sculpted panels do
help disguise its bigger proportions and its for those bigger proportions that people will
be buying this car. The boot for example is now 500-litres big
– that’s over 70-litres larger than the old Golf Plus and over 100-litres bigger than
the standard Golf on which it’s based. But if you need more boot space, the rear seats
slide forward, freeing up 585-litres of boot space and the front passenger seat also folds
completely flat. Elsewhere inside, it’s pretty much business
as usual from VW. You’ve got the familiar dashboard and centre console which are familiar
features on Volkswagens these days and there’s also the touch screen infotainment system.
But as the Golf SV is a more family focused car, there’s some bigger storage bins and
bigger storage compartments for all your loose odds and ends. We already know that the Golf SV shares the
same platform as the hatchback. What that also means, is that the engine range is also
carried over. There’ll be four turbocharged petrol engines available from launch, and
also three diesel engines. If you like to keep an eye on running costs,
the one to go for will be the 1.6-litre Bluemotion model, which VW claims will returns over 76
miles per gallon, with emissions of just 95g/km. But the engine we have here is the 140bhp
2.0-litre diesel engine. Now, you have you to sacrifice a little bit in terms of economy,
but around 59mpg is still pretty good going. But the extra performance – especially when
you’re carrying four other passengers and their luggage – is very handy. Now, an area which usually falls victim of
the bigger and more practical body in cars like this is how fun they are to drive and
how well they handle. But because this car shares so much standard DNA with the hatchback,
there is very little to choose between the two when it comes to driving dynamics. Now, the only real noticeable difference is
more body roll in the corners, but turn-in is equally as sharp and it holds the road
surprisingly well for a car this size. If you go for the GT trim, which is the car we
have here, VW also throws in some firmer sports suspension. It rides just as well as the other models,
but what that also does is counter that excess body roll you’ll also experience. We spent the entire day with the new Golf
SV and overall, it’s a really impressive bit of kit. Now, there are some rivals out there
that can carry a bit more and may look a little more stylish, but when it comes to the Golf
SV, there’s very little in terms of compromise. Now, nobody buys an MPV because they want
one – they buy one simply because they need one. But this new Golf SV goes somewhere between
narrowing that gap.

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Dennis Veasley

38 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf SV review”

  1. So VW have taken SEAT's idea of a sporty MPV and then tried to re-interpret it with a slightly bland design and not sporty proportions and then they ironically named it the Sportsvan which itself is an oxymoran. Germans have a funny sense of humour. The Altea still looks better than this.

  2. Is it wrong to suggest that its design is faintly reminiscent of the older Mazda Demio/Mazda2 models? Back between the mid-'90s and 2007 that car was also designed as an MPV, and it had a similar shape to the Golf SV.

  3. Why do these reviews have to be so boring? I'm no expert in car reviews, but can't you make these reviews intriguing and informative?

  4. Of all people at Auto Express there wasn't anyone more natural in front of a camera, with more life in him and that was more cheerful? Really?

  5. to all you 12 year olds complaining about reviews being boring. guess what, these video are made for people who really buy cars. there are enough videos that are entertaining like top gear, chris harris and his expensive cars aso. buying a VW is the best thing you can do if you are a human living on planet earth since chance are high that you are not terribly poor nor terribly rich. so, if you are 12 and you don't like cars that are not expensive, or stylish but unpractical just shut up and search for videos that are more up your alley. 

  6. I'm sure that he's a good guy, mas he needs to find a new line of work. He sucks at doing this; The car – why should anyone buy this, when there's a sportwagon? This one's uglier, and has a smaller boot… 

  7. Blimey, that is the most Wooden review i've ever seen !!!
    So after seeing tens of thousands that is some kind of akolade ?? !!

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