Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today we’re testing a Golf.. which is seriously loud! How loud this Golf is?! And what a Golf! This is a pretty interesting toy because for the VW and Golf enthusiasts, this is a Golf rather paricular and out of the mass. When you think about the VW Golf just don’t think about the boring 1.0L version but think that the Golf has a long history about their spicy versions just think about the GTI! And this, for the enthusiasts and collectors, it’s one of the most interesting Golfs and I think it will be one of the most sought after in the future because it’s the R32 on its 5th generation. Such noise! I thank Moscato Collection for letting me drive the Golf they just sold and also Andrea, future owner of this car which is going to collect in a few days, basically I’m doing the pre-delivery inspection! So thanks both for the trust! This 5th generation of R32 is very particular because in front we have a 3.2L N/A V6 which sounds absolutely divine with this full Supersprint exhaust! They hear it comin’ and nobody expect the sound comes from a Golf, this is such a great engine! 250hp and 320nm of torque. We find the V6 just on the 4th and 5th generation, in fact this car is interesting in terms of collection, slowly the prices of these cars are raising up, also because the more we go on the more rules the downsizing and such big N/A engine on such tiny car, it’s always fascinating. This V6 is linked to a 6-speed manual transmission, on request it was available also DSG, which is a double clutch transmission (very good btw), but if I had to choose, I’d go for manual! At this point of the video you might asking to make a comparison with the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA I drove but the fact is this car has a straight piped dekat exhaust and I think it need a remap because at low revs it’s particularly powerless, the great thing about these V6 engines is the elasticity, feature I found on the stock GTA – here it doesn’t so it wouldn’t be fair to compare them but I have to say, it’s a good engine! It revs ’till 6500rpms and with such exhaust, I hit the redline with a great pleasure! The power is unleashed through an AWD system which makes the Golf glued to the road! The power delivery is 60% to the front and 40% to the back so making powerslides is impossible. This exhaust is just insane! Exhaust aside, it doesn’t really grab much attention! It has a few extra bits that make it more sporty without making it flashy, a detail I really like are the specific wheels made just for the R32, the blue brake calipers sweet too, not to mention the two mega cannons in the back, whenever you hit the throttle.. you make everyone understand it ain’t a normal Golf! 0-100kph takes about 6.5s with manual gearbox, with DSG 6.2s and top speed is 250kph, performance that are still respectable today. And as I said on the review of the GTA, playing with a manual gearbox and a big N/A engine, it’s always a winning move! It moves fairly nice around these roads, with the AWD it’s glued to the road, the engine doesn’t even have so much power to handle through all wheels so it’s impossible to make it slide. Instead of an AWD with this power delivery, I would have preferred a nicely done FWD with a proper LSD to save weight because it’s not light, it has a dry weight of more than 1400kg and you feel it around the corners. I can’t deny this R32 is fast though! Whenever I hit the throttle, it’s impossible not to smile! As I said, the traction is endless, but I think VW could have worked more on the steering because it’s a sporty car but the steering is not communicative and precise enough. I like the mix of engine, gearbox (rather precise), the only thing that feels out of the place is the steering because from a sports car with such figures, you expect to find a precise and communicative steering, a quality I did not find on this car. I tested hot-hatches that offered a better feedback behind the wheel, this is a feature VW had to improve. Anyway, even on the R32 we’re talking about – Nice one! (*Renault R5 drives by*) These cars are amazing, on the R32 we’re talking about the end of an era because after all, the 5th generation is the last Golf R to have a specific engine because from the 6th generation onward both the R and GTI have the same engine just think about the gearbox because from 2017 the Golf R is not available with the manual anymore so for the enthusiasts of these cars the Golf R32 MK5 represents the end of an era. Just look at the prices of the old GTIs or the R32 4th generation, I’m sure also the 5th generation will have important prices in the future it’s still affordable for the features and performance it offers, it’s about 15.000€ depending also about the mileage and conditions if you’re a Golf enthusiast and look for a sporty Golf out of the mass, I think the R32 5th generation is a smart purchase. I thank Andrea at Moscato Collection and Andrea, the new owner of this Golf which is letting me drive before him! I end the video with the note of this V6 and make sure to Like the video if you enjoy, subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t yet and as always thanks for watchig, ciao!

Dennis Veasley

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