– [Vinny] Mario Tennis Aces. Now this is the demo, the online tournament demo. Um, it activated today. I have not played this yet, so I’m going in raw. And… (laughs) why did I have to say it like that, though? – [Waluigi] Take thaaaat! (Vinesauce intro jingle) – [Vinny] “Before you try your luck in the tournament, let’s review the basic shots.” Okay, um. Give the ball a toss. Congratulations, you unlocked a crate! You can now, um, get the chance to unlock a new pair of Mario sneakers. Look at all these shots. Wow, oh, yeah! (imitating Wario) Oh yeah! Aw, you fuck! Wha—No no no no no, Bones is—Bones hit me! Is this not like baseball where you get hit and then the other person gets murdered? “This move is incredibly fast and powerful.” Also, look at the audience. Koopers, Goombers, penguins from Mario 64… and Toads. Everyone’s friends. This is what happens—like, this is definitely in the timeline where Mario defeats Bowser and saves the day. Where everybody… puts aside their differences to watch a game of tennis. (astonished laugh) After a tragic accident… Mario destroyed his brother. He will be missed. Of course someone in chat says “I wonder what Yoshi’s racket smells like.” Come on, why does everyone think Yoshi’s smelly? Leave him alone. He’s a good dino. What the fuck was that!? That’s not a—that’s not a move! We need some rules in tennis! Dude doesn’t even fuckin’ pay any taxes. (guttural noise of surprise) So this—this is tennis. This is— (passive-aggressive) Yeah, this is tennis! (laughs) Do we both suck? I think I suck less. Also, there’s clapping emotes in the game. No. Please god no. Please god no. Put that away. How is that not illegal?! No. You g—you—no (laughing) You fuckin’… sex god. (strained) Nnngyeah, where you goin’, Mario!? What!? MARIO! UUUOUGH, MARIO! I’m going to shit a GHERKIN! (shouting) GET THE BALL! “Vincent, I’d like to let you know that you, um, you have… “very high blood pressure. “You—you could boil an egg… “…on your jugular. “W—wh—what were you doing last night?” I dunno, doc. I was playing Mario Tennis. “Oh, I was Malcolm! “I fucking wrecked you, son.” Bumper or ZR, okay. Good, good, uhh… Good internet connection, Waluigi. Where the fuck do you live, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Like under the sea? Are you from the Marianas Trench? No, where’d the- No one’s fair in this game. This isn’t fair, this isn’t tennis. This is penis. But I love it. I just suck at it. YEAH EAT A DICK OOOH YES EAT A DICK That was the best… ever! We may never get a standalone Waluigi game… but he’s always down for some fuckin’ sports. I- I mean, at this point… …he really should be in Smash Bros. Do you how many people would main Waluigi? What are you doin’, asshole? Here I was, sweet talkin’ to Waluigi, about how much I love him… and now- (chuckle) now he’s an asshole. Luh- Listen to this man scream. This grown-ass man… screamin’. Just like me. WAAAAARNGHRNH *laughing* *aggressively laughing* I’m good. hfFFFUUUUCKK YOOOOOUUUUU *despairing laugh* WHATTYADOINGWALUIGIFUCK ‘Scuse me. Yeah. You deserve that, Mario. You deserve that beanage. That’s japes? Okay, that’s japes. Got another Petch. *chuckle* “Nyairo”? Okay, I see, uuuuuuh, this is a little different, than… than previous Petch Apparently, this is a streamer. “Vinny, you’re on another stream.” No shit. [Nairo]: Gimme that Chain Chomp guy. Damn man! “Vine”? [Vinny]: Hey Nairo, I hope I’m saying your name right. I wish you the best of luck. I’m not very good at this. [Nairo]: Oh wait, this is Vinesauce? Dude, in my head I- I was like “it’s not him”. *chuckle* like when I first saw the name. [Vinny]: I’m playing against a pro smash player? Oh shit. [Nairo]: Tell him Im’ma beat him though, so it’s okay. [Vinny]: What are you doin’, Waluigi, you don’t have to JUMP TO IMPRESS THE AUDIENCE. [Nairo]: Aw, he messed up. I know he- he probably tried to do it the other way [Vinny]: GUAAAUUUGHUGH CONGRATULATIONS NAIROMK, YOU DID IT! If I’m gonna lose to someone, it may as well be a pro smash player that’s streaming this. I’m very pleased to lose against Nairo, thank you. That was pretty awesome. Two random… …strangers in the night, meeting. Nah I’m not out- I’m not out to get him, I swear to God, it’s all good. I’m not a good… video games anyway. [Nairo]: Okay okay, the comeback, the comeback! Aright, the comeback’s happening! It’s comin’ it’s comin’, oh we’re goin’- we’re goin’ in now, hold on, we’re goin’ in!
[Vinny]: There he is. [Nairo]: I gotta do this for Vine, dude. [Vinny]: You hear that? You got this, Nairo, come on.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “[Vinesauce] Vinny – Mario Tennis Aces: Online Tournament Demo”

  1. Unknown to vibbleglroph his window was open the entire time
    so all of saten island could hear him scream "Mario Mario Mario GET HE BALL MARIO"

  2. Waluigi is like that old friend that grew up faster than you. He's currently wealthy, looks handsome, tall and in good shape. Usually performs well in sports and such, but rarely gets invited. The other guys are like a little gang who don't really like eachother. But they do dislike Waluigi enough to join forces and try to freeze Waluigi out.

    Waluigi is missunderstood and complex, he's a great man. The only drawback of his is the WAAAAAAAA's.

  3. Maybe the reason Waluigi isn't in the main games is because he didn't show up until after Mario saved the world and everyone just wanted to play sports forever.

  4. “This is penis, but I love it, I just suck at it” vinny, is there something you want to tell us?

  5. All comments in one: Comparing Luigi and Waluigi's cock sizes, Tennis is boring, Nario, RAW, Salt, Vinny, sex god WA

  6. It's so cool that they just had a friendly coincidence in which they were both streaming and happened to play against each other, really loved that they both were adult and mature about it, no mocking or name calling or anything, just two fellow streaming bros having a good time. Love ya Vin and NairoMK <3

  7. Why the heck is Dry bones the first tutorial character? How unusual is that. It's not toad, not luigi, no it's a dang skeleton turtle. His is truly the ultimate in tennis skill.

  8. Waluigi is the jock friend that doesnt know shit about videogames so he usually just watches but when it comes to go to the park to play some soccer hes down.

  9. 4:44 Did Waluigi just MOONWALK.
    Ok, Nintendo, you better do something with this SOLID GOLD you have in your hands cause we're getting fucking impatient!

  10. 2:26 So that's why he isn't in Smash Ultimate. (I just literally realized this was in the description…)

    5:15 This is really odd. The odds of that happening have to be very low XD

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