– What? – It says “Who wants to play a game?” “Once you start, you must finish.” – I don’t want to play. – It has a question mark
just like the envelope. Is this part of the game? (screams) (upbeat music) (laughs) (cards hitting table) (doorbell) I’ll get it. Did you do this, Taylor? – No. – Who left this here then? Check this out. – What is this? – I don’t know. – Look, it’s a giant envelope. (gasp) – Wait, maybe we should get Mom and Dad. – Fine, but hurry because I
want to see what’s inside. – Mom! Dad! You should come take a look at this. – What? – This was on our doorstep. (envelope hits table) – What? Steve! That’s odd. – What’s going on? – The kids found this on our doorstep. – What is it? – I don’t know. Should we open it? – Yeah, let’s see what. – I don’t know. – Was anyone around the
door at all when you – Yeah, who left it? – I couldn’t see anyone. – Did they ring or knock the door? – Daddy, there’s a mystery on the front. – It was a doorbell. – They rang the doorbell? – Doorbell ditchers, probably. – Okay, let’s see. – What? – It says “Who wants to play a game?” – [Jordyn] Me. – [Stephen] I do. – To play, you must defeat every villain. Villain? What does that mean? – It sounds almost like a
video game or a board game. – “Once you start, you much finish.” So does that mean if we can’t take breaks. – [Steve] What does it mean finish? – If we start the game, we have to – [Steve] Ah, so you just
have to finish the game. – We have to finish the game. We can’t play and then be done, I guess. – [Steve] Yeah, that’s
probably what that is. – When it comes to
villains, anything goes. (laughs) – [Steve] Villains? – That’s so weird. – [Payton] What does that mean? – [Steve] It sounds like a villains game. – Have fun. If you dare play, go to – [Steve] Why is there a
bunch of numbers on here? – [Mom] What does that mean? – Wait, wait. – [Mom] 41. – That looks like GPS coordinates. – [Steve] What does it look like? – GPS coordinates. I was learning it in school. – [Mom] Really? – Yeah. – [Steve] Is that GPS coordinates? – I don’t know. – Dad, it’s longitude
and latitude coordinates. – So, should I just put on my GPS and we just go there? – Yeah, put it in your phone right now. – Wait, guys. I think we first need to decide if we even want to play this game. We don’t have to play it. We don’t have to do anything with it. We can just get rid of that,
throw it in the garbage, and be done. – I think we should of
course play. (laughs) – Why?
– What could go wrong? – Yeah, what could go wrong? They’re villains! – It’s simulated. It’s pretend. It’s probably just some
video game or board game. – That user family probably sent it to us. (gasp) – [Mom] Maybe they did. – Hmm. I think we should do it. – All right, so, maybe
we should take a vote because I just don’t know. – [Payton] No! – [Steve] Play the game! Play the game! – I don’t know! – I don’t want to play. – Definitely want to play. – I’ll play. – I think I’m with Payton. No go. – Count me in. – You guys already know
what I’m gonna pick. And Mom, you’re outnumbered. – All right, guys. Get your shoes. I guess we’re gonna be playing a game. (cheers) – Let’s go, Payton. It’ll be fun. (screaming) – Where are you guys going? Wait for me. – All right, so we’re all in the car. Are you ready to put in the coordinates? I’ll do it. I’ll put it into your phone. Then, I guess we’re gonna play this game. I don’t know where it’s
gonna take us. (laughs) – It’s gonna be so much fun. – [Mom] Who’s ready for this? – [Payton] Not me. – I hope so. (scream) – All right, so I entered the coordinates 41.1052640 and -111.9498 and I guess we’re gonna
see where it takes us. – Whoever sent this must have
wanted us to get there fast. – All right, so we’re
heading down the highway and, guys, can I just say, I am regretting this decision. The further we get away from our house, the more nervous I get. – Play a game! – No! – Play a game! – It looks like we have
almost a straight shot. We needed to make a few turns and go for several minutes, and we may be there. (fun music) All right, so we’ve been
driving for about 15 minutes and our GPS says that we’ll be there in about three more minutes, so, guys, it’s getting real
and we’re getting close. I’m so curious to see where
it is that we are going. – I really can’t believe
we’re doing this, guys, even though I want to. – I want to go back home! – It’s too late. It says it’s one of the rules. Once you start, you must finish. – Guys, we’re here. (doorknob) – It needs a code. – So, were we sent all the way here to not be able to get in? I guess we’re not playing the game. – [Steve] It’s seriously locked? – Everyone get back in the car. Let’s go home. – No, we already started. We are not leaving that easily. – [Stephen] Guys! – [Steve] THere’s got to
be clues or something. – [Stephen] I have an idea. – Stephen has an idea. – I’ll ram it with this thing! (screaming) – Oh! Absolutely not. – That would work so, That would be perfect. – It doesn’t say that we need a code. – [Steve] Wait, Jordyn. Jordyn, what’s this? (gasp) Could that be a code? – Yeah! Five, one, three, two, four. – Five, one, three, two, four. (door opening) (gasp) (cheers) – It worked! – Mom, we are doing this game,
whether you like it or not. Come on. – All right, so this place is humongous and it goes on forever. I’m not sure what game
we’re supposed to play because I don’t see anything, but let’s actually check
it out and see what’s here. – Woo! (running footsteps) – All right, guys, time
to check out the kitchen. First off, there’s a soda machine. Lots of delicious food. Lot of space to cook or
play a game, I guess. Some food in case we get hungry and what’s this room? (door creaking) (door handle) – Welcome to the playroom. Welcome to the play house. There’s a slide! And a ball pit! Wee! (balls rustling) Hey, what’s this? (balls hitting) – Guys, look. My favorite thing. Did I get it? And, there’s tons of
rooms with lots of beds. One, two, three, four, five, six beds in this one room. It’s crazy but where’s the game? Do you have to play one of these games? (discs hitting and shuffling) Wait, there’s another room right here. – Welcome to the theater room. Look at all these couches! (footsteps) I can’t believe I didn’t see that! – How are we supposed to beat the game when they’re all out of order? Wait. (basketball bouncing) – Check this place out, guys. There’s a hoop I can shoot at. (ball hits) Space to drive my RC car. (toy car driving) What’s that? (door creaking) – What’s this? (screams) – It’s a mystery box. (screams) – Whoa. Wait a minute. What is this? It has a question mark
just like the envelope. Is this part of the game? (screams) – This is a pretty box. That it has lid. (teleportation) – What the, what is this? How did this even get up here? This has to be with the game. (net creaking) (teleportation) – I thought I heard a sound. (doorknob) (door creaks) A box? Should I open it? (teleportation) (doors slamming) (teleportation) (eerie voice) (doorknob) (animal noises) (screaming) (chairs falling) – No! What happened? (chairs falling) Go, go, go, go, go! Take this to Missouri. Hurry! – Jamie, he’s coming! (screaming) Oh my gosh, he’s over here. (hitting table) – What do we do? (screaming) – I gotta live! (chairs falling) Take the stairs! Get up the stairs! (screaming) Hurry! He’s catching up! (door slams) (heavy breathing) – I can’t breathe. – Jamie, I don’t know
how long I can hold him. – Hold it tight. What is happening? Guys, I am so confused. Was that Uncle Derrick? What happened to him? I think, Steve, – Oh, it’s getting hot! – Steve, I think that we are in the game. I think the game is going on right now. – Wait. – Yes! – This is the game? – Yes! (blowing) – So, guys, there are
numbers on these doors. – Jamie, seriously,
it’s getting really hot. – It’s turning red! Oh my gosh. Guys, look. Look! There’s numbers. There’s a two. There’s a four. Is this where our kids are? (door banging) – It’s locked. – You can’t open it? (door knocking) – Hey! Who’s in here? – [Jamie] Hurry, Steve. I think he left. – Is there another way up here? We got to figure out what we’re doing. (heavy breathing) – [Jamie] Look. Look. (gasp) There’s a five. What is going on? (tense music) – He’s not in there. He’s not in there. (screams) – [Jamie] Help me! What is going on? – [Steve] Can you hold it? Jamie, all these numbers. The door downstairs where
the lava monster came out of had a one. – Yeah, a one. – [Steve] I think they’re levels. – Oh, okay. – So if it’s like Derek is the lava monster now. That’s the game. Where he turned
– He’s the villain. – Into the lava monster. He’s the villain. – Okay. – So we have to figure out how to defeat – [Derek] I’m a lava monster. (screams) – Go away! We got to figure out how do you defeat the lava monster? (gasp) – Oh, water. Water, remember. – But what? – We pour water on him. – But what if he gets us? He’s got us trapped in this room. Where’s water? Is there water up here? – Go look! – Okay, let’s go find some water. Okay, utility closet. A sink! That means water. (rumbling) It doesn’t work. The sink won’t turn on. We got to find water somewhere else. Where can we get water? – All the water is downstairs. – [Steve] We got to get down there but he’s blocking us in. – We have the other door. If I let go and we run really really fast, I think we can make it. – Really fast? – Yes. Ready? – I’m going. (laughs) – [Jamie] No! (door opening) – The floor is lava! (evil laugh) Four, three, two, one. (screams) Lucky. – [Steve] Stay away from my wife! – [Derek] Are you on there too? You won’t be so lucky next time. Because I’m the lava monster. I’ll find you. (door closes) (heavy breathing) – What just happened? – Is the floor still lava? – I don’t know. You try first! I’m not gonna put my foot down there. – I ran first earlier. You try first. – [Jamie] You left me! – Okay, I’ll do it. (tense music) I think we’re good. – Okay. Okay. So, Steve, I think this level is all about playing the floor is lava. So, anytime he says the floor is lava, we have to get up on
something before he says one. – Yeah, because it was
like he couldn’t get us when we were on something. – Yeah, so as long as we’re around somewhere
that we can hop up on as we make our way
downstairs to some water – The stairs, there’s nowhere to – Oh, gosh. – This is risky. So we just stay here? – We can’t! We’ll never defeat this level and we’ll never get our kids back. – Maybe we should just try to get out. – No! All right, so we’re gonna
sneak to the stairs, right? – Okay.
– Ready? – Yeah. – Okay, let’s go. – Wait! – What? – Do you think we could play a quick game on the Batman pinball machine first? – No! What are you thinking? – It looks awesome! – No, let’s go. (tense music) – Okay. – [Jamie] The other side! – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. (heavy breathing) – What? We’re never gonna get out of here. – Really? (footsteps) – [Steve] Oh my gosh. Please don’t be there. Please don’t be there. (chips crunching) – How are you so fast? What? – [Steve] Okay, okay. – Okay, you know what? We have to separate. That is the only way
we’re gonna get down there to the water. You have to go over there and I’ll have to go here, okay? And then we’ll go down and whoever can get down
there will get water, okay? – So I’m opening this door? – Yeah, sure. – Or you’re opening this door. – I’ll go this way.
– I’ll go open that door. – Okay.
– Okay. – All right. (heavy breathing) Good luck. (sigh) All right, Steve, are you ready? – [Steve] I’m ready! – Okay, on three. Okay. One, two, three. (gasp) I’m clear! – [Steve] He’s over here! (screaming) – I’m sorry Steve! I have to go. Oh, no. That lava monster got Steve. Water. No. What? Why? Why is everything out of order? What’s happening? Oh. There’s a soda machine. No. No. It’s out of order too. There’s some faucets. None of the faucets work. Oh. (heavy breathing) I don’t know where to go. Steve, are you okay? (tense music) (footsteps) Steve? (heavy breathing) Where’d you go? (ping pong ball) What’s that sound? (gasp) (doorknob) (comedic music) (laughs) What is going on in here? – I distracted him. Let’s go! (screams) – No! He’s coming. He’s coming. (footsteps) (screaming) – Let’s go! – [Jamie] We got to go. (evil laughter) – The floor is lava! Five, four, three, two, one. – So refreshing. (moaning) – I’m safe. (sigh) Do you think he’s gone? – He walked away. I think we’re good. – Oh my gosh. I don’t know what to do anymore, Steve. I can’t find any water. There’s not a lot of places to hide. I don’t know what to do. – It feels good in this fridge. – Okay. That’s not much help at all. – Wait, wait. I have an idea. No, it’s really cold in this fridge, so, when the lava monster came to get me, he was, it hurt him. He was like “Oh, it’s cold.” It’s kind of a girly lava monster, but maybe we can freeze him out. – The thermostat. – All right. – [Jamie] Oh, yeah. – This will slow him down. This might slow us down. – All right, so – It’s really cold. So it’s gonna get colder. I think we need to go where he came from. – Oh, maybe – In the gym. – If he came from there,
we can get rid of him. – In the gym. Maybe there’s some clues
or something, okay? Should we go check it out? – Yeah. – Okay. All right. There it is. Okay, go ahead. – What if he’s behind the door? I haven’t seen him in a while. Maybe he goes back here after we win on the floor is lava. Should I knock? – [Jamie] Sure. (knocking) – I have no idea why you’re knocking. – It’s a knot. All right, let’s go in. There’s no one here. – [Jamie] Okay. (door closing) – This is where he came from? This place is crazy. (tense music) – What is that? There’s a box. (footsteps) (ball bouncing) What is it? – What is it? – [Jamie] No. No, don’t open it! Obviously, something in there turned Derek into what he is now. – Oh, the question mark from the card. – Guys, I think these boxes are what turned everyone into villains. – So we don’t want to touch it. – No. We don’t want to touch it. – There’s got to be something
else here that would help us. – [Jamie] Steve, look. It’s another thermostat. – Oh, let’s turn it down. Maybe we can freeze. – [Jamie] Yeah, turn it way down. (ball bouncing) – I’m the lava monster! (screams) – [Jamie] Steve! (footsteps) – The floor is lava! Five, four, three, two, one. – I’m safe. (heavy breathing) – Help me. – That’s pitiful. It’s getting a little nippy in here. Who turned the thermostat down? – Should we make a run for it? I think it’s our chance. – All right, on three. One, two, three! – The lava monster! (groans) – [Jamie] Come on, let’s go! (grunts) (chase music) Okay, so I think the
thermostat is working, because he’s getting a lot slower. (heavy breathing) – A lot slower. – I know. We need to find water. I don’t know. – In the kitchen, when you went in the kitchen earlier, did you check the fridge? – No, I didn’t check the fridge! Why? – The lava monster! – I think, I thought I saw a water
bottle in the fridge. We got to go to the fridge. – Okay, so you – [Steve] He’s coming. – No, you keep getting him. You keep going. I’m gonna sneak. All right, you distract him. I’m gonna go for the water. Okay. (heavy breathing) I hope he’s right. (gasp) This is exactly what we needed. All right. I’m coming, Steve! I’m coming! – Bottle me! (bottle cracks) (heavy breathing) – No, no (heavy breathing) – What happened, guys? (sigh) Seriously, guys. What just happened? – Are you serious? – I don’t even know. – I just woke up on the ground over there. – This is insane. So, we are in the game. This is the game, okay? We just defeated level one. We got Derek back. So now we have to play the game if we’re gonna get our kids back. – Yep, we defeated the lava monster, which turned out to be you. – Okay. – And then you came back. So. (sigh) – What’s that sound? – Did you hear that? (fun music) (jingle bells) – Did you hear that? It sounds like bells, like Christmas bells. – That’s terrifying. – I don’t hear anything. (jingle bells) (door creaks) (jingle bells) (thunder) (footsteps) (thunder) – All right, so I think I’m gonna walk around and I’m gonna see which door is maybe open so we can figure out where this came from. – Yeah, we gotta find level two. – Okay, yeah. We need to find level two. So, I’ll go look upstairs. You check out maybe the gym. And then you, I don’t know, downstairs. – Yeah, I’ll check downstairs. – Okay.
– We’ll do good. – All right, I’m gonna go. – [Steve] Let’s go. – Okay, wish me luck guys. I’m scared. (sigh) – Looks like I’m gonna go look in the gym. (fun music) – Not down here. – [Jamie] Hello? Who’s up here? Hello? It’s so quiet up here. I don’t know. I don’t know what that sound was. Room five is still shut. (doorknob) And locked. (fun music) Okay. Here is the number four door. And yep, it’s locked, like I thought. I just need to look for the two. I found it! Okay, there’s the second door. Okay. (door opening) Oh, okay. (gasp) So, whoever came in this
room opened that box and now they are out somewhere and they are making that noise. (toy car driving) (fun music) (door opening) Hello? Anyone? Is anyone down there? Steve? Uncle Derek? Guys? (fun music) (jingle bells) (laughs) (toy car driving) – Where’d my car go? (laughs) (jingle bells) (heavy breathing) – I don’t know where anyone is. No one’s answering me. I’m super scared. I don’t know what’s going on. Where’d my earing go? (laughs) (jingle bells) (laughs) (banging) (jingle bells) (laughs) (jingle bells) (heavy breathing) Steve? Uncle Derek? Guys, there’s something upstairs. Seriously. Something took my earing. – Something took my cell phone. – [Jamie] What? – It’s gone. – And guess what? Some guy, some thing, took my RC car, right in the middle of me playing with it! – [Jamie] What is going on? – Wait. Do you think this is part of the game? – It for sure is part of the game. – [Derek] If it is, it’s not funny! – I don’t know who it is or
what the villain is at all. – What villain would take our stuff? (jingle bells) – I think it’s upstairs! Let’s go. Come on. – [Jamie] Really? Let’s go. – [Steve] Look at this. – [Jamie] What? – Santa’s taking our stuff. – It’s a Santa hat? – Oh, that fat guy. – Guys, Santa is not a villain. (heavy breathing) Let’s go. Let’s see. Please be quiet okay. – Shh. Wait. There’s something on the ping pong table. – Guys, we don’t know what
this villain does. (laughs) Okay? You remember the lava monster. – I remember this shoe. – I remember that shoe too. (fun music) – I feel like Cinderella. – Does it fit? – It is! It’s the Grinch! – Did someone say my name? (scream) (jingle bells) You guys think you’re so tough. Well, I enjoyed stealing your stuff. Good luck finding it with all this fluff. (blows) (cracking) (wind) – Oh my gosh. – Snow? – What is going on? We’re indoors. – Oh, I’m wearing shorts. – Guys, guys, we have
to look around, okay? – I can’t see anything. – I don’t know. We have to try to find either your phone, oh, are you okay? – I can’t see. – Okay, we have to either find your phone or your RC car or my earing, okay? – I think I left my phone. Where we going? – I don’t know! I can’t see. – [Steve] We need a strategy. – Okay, you guys need to look. – Maybe we need to split up. – You go that way. Jamie, check the pinball machines. I’ll go over here. – Guys, I hate winter. I hate the winter so much. This is awful. I don’t see anything over here, guys. – [Steve] I need something warmer. – Okay. It’s freezing. No, guys, I don’t see anything over here by the pinball machines. (wind) – [Steve] Ping pong either. – Or the air hockey table. – I don’t know where it is, guys. It’s cold though. – Derek, where did you get that blanket? Give me one! – Why are we wondering around in the snow when I can just call his phone? – You had a phone this whole time? – Yeah. – Okay, Derek. Whatever. Just call it right now. Okay, I’m freezing. You have a blanket and a phone. Just do it. – [Steve] Oh, I hope it’s in here. – I hear it! I hear it! Look everywhere, guys. We need to find it. – I can’t take anymore! – It’s coming from over here! – I found it! Hello? – We found my phone! – It’s hot. That’s better. – We need to find that Grinch. – Forget the Grinch. We got to find my RC car. – What about my earing? Actually, guys, the most important thing is solving this level so that we can get our kids back. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Okay. – But also RC car. – Sure. (door opening) All right, guys. The coast is clear. Let’s head downstairs. – [Steve] Yeah, let’s go. – [Jamie] Let’s go. (screams) – You guys still have
two more items to find. (laughs) But you won’t because you’re blind. – It’s like the Twilight Zone. – What does he mean by blind? Oh, oh. What – Oh, shoot. – Is going on? Okay. – It’s dark. I can’t see. Okay, we’re good. – This is messing with my head! How are we gonna find anything? – [Steve] We’re good,
we’re good, we’re good. – [Jamie] Be careful. – [Steve] I can’t see anymore. (screams) – Okay, everyone calm down. Okay, look carefully
for either the RC car or my earring, please. – Let’s look for that RC car. – I’m finding my RC car! – [Jamie] No! I can’t see anything. – Is it under here? – I don’t know. – [Steve] It’s not here. – The lights don’t stay on long enough for me to even focus to
see if I can find anything. – We’re gonna find it guys. Keep looking. – Guys, you need to help me! Derek, get off the floor. Come on! – It was dark. (laughs) – [Derek] I can see! – [Steve] Woo! (crash) – [Steve And Derek] Oh, we can see! (crashing) (sigh) (gasp) – [Jamie] You found my earring! Yay! Thank you, Steve. (laughs) – You’re welcome. – I found my earring! – [Grinch] So bright! So bright! So bright! – Give me back my RC car! (punch) – You can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen! – It’s so hot. – So smokey. Hey, you guys need to look everywhere. Come on. – I can’t focus. It’s so hot in here. – Okay, there’s just stuff under here. There’s bowls. – Dump out the trash. – All right, guys. Come on. Keep looking. Man, we need to hurry. Someone is still in here. Guys, we need to pass this second level so that we can finish this game. Come on, guys. Keep looking. – I’m looking. I’m looking. – It’s hot in here. – It’s got to go in the cabinets. – How big is the RC car? There’s just stuff in here, guys. It’s just food. Come on. (cough) It’s getting really smokey. Oh, this is a big one! You see it? (doors slamming) Look at ones like that. (knocking) Has anyone checked these ones, these big ones? – [Steve] You got it Derek. – It’s so hot in here. (doors closing) – [Jamie] Look! Look, down below! – Oh, instructions for a pinball. – [Jamie] No, down below! – My RC car! Woo! – My oh my, it’s only July? Goodbye! (drums) – Whoa, wait. Why am I down here? I was upstairs in that room a second ago. What is happening, guys? (teleportation) – So, Stephen, you really
don’t remember anything? – Last thing I remember
– So weird. – Was opening that box and a bright light. I thought I was gone. – So we got the lava
monster, we defeated him. – Uncle Derek. – And then – We got Stephen back. – Stephen back because he was the Grinch – The Grinch. Four more, guys. – Four more. – We have four more. (signing) Oh, no. No, no, no. – She’s back. (door creaks) (singing) – Guys, we need to hide right now. Let’s go. (footsteps) – [Steve] Come on! – Do you want to play a game? (singing) (static) – Guys, she’s coming. Let’s go! Come on! Go to that bedroom. Lock the door. Lock the door. Go, go, go. Oh, no. Guys, this is seriously
the scariest one yet. Taylor has turned into the doll and she has Cynthia. She’s back. – What are we gonna do? (knocking) (screams) – I just want to play. – [Jamie] Hurry, shut
it, shut it, shut it. – She’s too strong. – [Jamie] Get under the bed. Hurry, hide, hide. Guys, seriously, I don’t remember. I don’t know how to get rid of her. I don’t remember how to defeat her. – I don’t think we ever did. (grunting) (singing) – [Derek] Steve left us. – [Jamie] Run! Get out of the room. Go, Derek! (singing) (screaming) – Will you play with me? – Never! – Guys, don’t let her touch you. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but don’t let her touch you. We have to get out. Come on. Go, go. Run, run, run. (singing) – [Stephen] Mom! – Okay, everyone got out. I don’t know. (screams) (signing) – Hey, Doll! Come here. Come and get me. (singing) (door slam) (knocking) – [Jamie] You left us! – It’s every man for himself. Are we safe? – [Jamie] I don’t know. I don’t think so. (knocking) – [Stephen] I don’t think
there’s anywhere safe. – Let’s go. – How are we gonna get her out? – [Jamie] Let’s go.
Let’s go. – What do we do? – [Jamie] Let’s go back upstairs. – Let’s go.
Let’s go. I’ll be the heroic one that waits last. – We have to get some kind of plan to figure out how to defeat her. – I don’t know about you guys but whenever Taylor gets around that doll, it gets a little creepy. – What if we just steal the doll from her? – What happens if we touch the doll? – I don’t want to be a doll. We got to get Taylor back somehow. – All right, guys. So, are we all in agreement that we need to try to get the doll? Just don’t let her touch you and I don’t know. – Jamie. (child laughter) Jamie. – What? – [Stephen] Oh, no, no, no, no, no. (gasp) – Are you guys playing without me? I really want to play. – All right, guys. Are you ready for the plan? Guys. Guys, come on. Come on, guys. – She’s coming! (baby cry) (static) (child laughter) (static) – [Stephen] Run!
– [Derek] Run! (footsteps) (static) (screams) – Ow, my arm. No, no, no, no, no, no. (singing) – How is she doing this? It’s terrifying. – I don’t like this at all. (static) – Will you play with me? (screams) – Oh my gosh. – This is horrifying. – I do not know what to do. – [Stephen] I’m too tired. – [Steve] I want Taylor back. – I don’t know how long I can do this. – I don’t think. This is like an impossible level to beat. – This should be the last level. – [Jamie] What should we do? – The couch is moving. – One of us just needs to get that doll. – [Jamie And Stephen] Not it. – Rock, Paper, Scissors? Sorry, Derek. – [Taylor] Can I play? – Help. All right, guys. Wish me luck. – [Jamie] Good luck Derek. – [Stephen] I wish you the best of luck. (falling onto couch) (eerie music) (singing) (pillow hitting) – Taylor! – Tag, you’re it. – Uncle Derek? ♪ Ring around the Rosie ♪ – I have a new friend. (screams) – Bye, Derek! (screams) Go, go! – Go, go, go, go, go. (door slams) – So, that did not go as planned. You cannot get touched by her. – What happened to him? – I don’t know. – He was petrified. – It’s like he turned into a doll, guys. – Oh my gosh, she’s turning
everyone into dolls. We can’t let all of us go. – What happens if all of us become dolls? – Then we won’t be able
to defeat the level. – How do we get Taylor
and Cynthia separated? (door knocking) (gasp) – [Jamie] Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. – Hand me this. Hand me this. – What if it’s Derek? (faint child’s voice) It’s not Derek. – [Stephen] I don’t think
Derek’s really good either. – [Jamie] Hold it tight. Hold it tight. – She’s too strong. (footsteps) – It’s not nice to keep friends out. You could be my friend too. Welcome to my museum. Here, we have Derek. Next, we have (static) Stephen. (screams) (singing) – Oh my gosh. – What are doing? She said that she wants Stephen. – What? (footsteps) No. Don’t leave me! (singing) – Stephen, don’t you want to be friends? – Oh, yes! (footsteps) (heavy breathing) – [Jamie] Did you get him? – Oh my gosh, I got him. (heavy breathing) – [Jamie] Okay, got you. – Why’d you guys leave me behind? – We were trying to do a plan, Stephen. – [Steve] It worked. – Okay. – [Steve] We saved you. You should be grateful. – I could have just gone with you earlier and it would have worked just fine! – No. No, this worked fine. Okay. – Where is she right now? (heavy breathing) – Oh, my. I think she’s coming. – All right, so we need some kind of plan. I think that we need to use him. We have to use you. – As bait.
– As bait. She wants you next, but – What?
– But we’ll set you there. We’ll you somewhere. – We’ll protect you. We’ll protect you. – She’ll go towards you and then one of us – Will get the doll. – Will try and get the doll. Ready? Rock, paper, scissors,
shoot. (hands hitting) Rock, paper, scissors,
shoot. (hands hitting) Sorry. – I’m not ready to go. All right, I guess you’re the bait and I’ll get the doll. (sigh) – All right, so here’s the plan. Stephen, you’re gonna go over there. You’re gonna be shooting baskets, okay? – [Stephen] This will still
be the last thing I do. – Okay, and then we are going to be hiding in this bedroom. – And I’ll jump out of here. – [Jamie] And then, as
you’re shooting baskets, she should come up behind you, you’ll jump out and get the doll. – Okay. – I can do it. Good luck, Stephen. (door closes) – You’re playing games without me? (singing) (static) – I gotta get out of here! (singing) Dad, no! (singing) – I love new friends. – Stephen, I’m in here. Come here. – Mom, mom! – Right here. Come here. Did he get it? Did he get the doll? – No. – What happened? – He’s gone. – We’re just left? – It’s just me and you and then Cynthia. (child laughter) (knocking) – What’s that? – I locked the kitchen door. There’s only one way in. And one way out. – Come here. (knocking) – The door won’t leave her long. – Okay. – Have you seen what she can do? (heavy breathing) – Okay, so we need a plan. We have to have a plan. (singing) We have to work together. Okay? There’s, the only way that we’re gonna be able to get that doll and save her and defeat this level is if both of us go for
her at the same time. Come here. – Okay. (singing) – Okay, so you’re gonna try and go for the doll. (child laughter) – Okay. – I’m gonna go towards her, okay? (singing) She can only tag one
of us. (child laughter) Okay? (singing) If I get tagged, don’t worry. Just grab that doll as
hard as you can, okay? – What if you guys don’t come back? – We will. It’ll be okay. Okay? – Okay. – Let’s do this. You ready? (singing) – Yeah. (child laughter) – Okay, let’s go. – All right. (singing) – [Jamie] Are you ready? SHe’s coming. – Knock the door. (door knocks) – [Jamie] Okay, on three. Ready? One, two, three. Let her in! Okay, get out of the way. (singing) (door slams) (singing) – No. No. (hands slam) – Cynthia, I’ll play with you. (singing) (hand slam) Do you want to play a game? Look, we’ll just play a game right, right here. Okay. (singing) (cracking) (singing) (cracking) – No. – Cynthia? (drums) (eerie effect) – What? – I feel weird. (eerie effect) (sigh) (eerie effect) (heavy breathing) (teleportation) – All right, guys. So, we’ve got Taylor back. Welcome back, Taylor. – [Steve] Well, Stephen did it. – What do you mean? – We’re playing the game. – [Steve] We’re in the game.
– [Jamie] We’re playing the game. We just defeated level
three, Taylor’s level. So we have how many more levels? – We did the lava monster. – The Grinch. – The Grinch. – The Grinch. We just did the doll maker. – We have three more. – We have three more levels. (sigh) – We can do this, guys. – What’s next? – Oh, no. It can’t be worse than that, can it? – No. (sniffing) – Does anyone else smell cookies? (door creaks) – Hi, kids! Oh, my back. (groaning) Barbie. Why am I, where’s my spectacles? This isn’t Granny’s house. Oh, my back. (falling) (footsteps) – Is this the next level
we have to complete? – Easy. – Is it even alive? – Oh, come here. Come here. (groaning) – Yeah, we can help you up. – Help your granny up. – Come here, Granny. (groaning) – To Granny’s House! (screams) (thunder) (screams) – What is going on? – Where’s Granny? – What is that? – Where are we? (sniffing) (coughing) – I can smell the dust bunnies from here. – Cell phones were huge back then. (key clicks) – Is this a dinosaur egg? What year is it? – Wait, wait, wait. – It must be 1999! Were you born then? – Guys, What happens at
Grandma’s House never happens. – [Granny] You’re in Granny’s house. (screams) – Guys, that was really scary. Where does she keep disappearing to? – Is Granny a villain? – [Taylor] Maybe she is. (sniffing) – Guys, I either smell
cookies or moth balls. Let’s go check it out. – Guys, I don’t know why I’m so scared. (sniffing) (screams) – A corner! (ding) – I think the cookies are done. (scary sounds) – Cookies are done. (gasp) (slap) – Ow. – Nu-uh-uh. Those are Granny Barb’s cookies. (snaps) (laughs) – Not the cookies. She is a villain. – You betcha I am, silly boy. You have ten minutes to find the cookies. But if you don’t, you’re stuck
in Grandma’s house forever. (laughs) Ten cookies in ten minutes. Good luck. (thunder) – All right, guys. So, I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to find all ten cookies
in ten minutes, guys. – Ten minutes? – That’s really hard to do and I don’t know anything
about Granny’s house. If there’s tricks or anything. – Maybe we could split up. – Okay, yeah. It looks like there’s some stairs, so – I’ll be the leader. You two, downstairs. Us, upstairs. – Okay. – Let’s get searching. – Me, in the closet. (cane tapping) (laughs) – Taylor, stop messing around. Let’s go. – But we could sleep at Grandma’s house! – All right, guys. So, I think we need to
find Granny’s bedroom. – Good idea. – I think that’s the best bet we have of finding cookies. There’s lots of doors down here, so I guess we’re just gonna try them. – Wait, guys! A closet! – No cookies in here, dearie. (screams) – Hurry, guys. Follow me. Hurry. Let’s try this room. (door creaks) – [All] Whoa. (door opens) (screams) – [Stephen] Should we go back upstairs? – Welcome to my cellar, sunny boys. – Nothing. We’re just over here
looking for some cookies! (screams) – You’re running out of time. – What about the fridge? – Why would there be
cookies in the fridge? – Food, cookies, I don’t know, fridge. (thunder) – No, but Granny is. (screams) – What about the oven? There’s a cookie! – Don’t eat it! We need to collect them all and I don’t think it counts if you eat it. No! – I’m satisfied. We got one. – No! – Guys, I think we found Grandma’s room. – It looks like a grandma’s room. – Look at this place! – Look at this old stuff. – Yeah, guys. Things look kind of old in here. (door opens) – Look at all this old people clothes. – I don’t know, guys. This might not be Grandma’s room. (thunder) – Are you kidding me? Get your filthy feet off Granny’s bed. I don’t know if you’re gonna
find any cookies in here. But time is running out. Then you’ll be stuck in
Granny’s house forever! (laughs) – All right, that was frightening, but, guys, I only see a bunch
of music boxes and stuff. – It’s not in there. (rattling) – I never knew Grandma had fashion. (rattling) – I know it’s in here. (rattling) – [Taylor] It’s locked. Can’t you see? It says keys. – Maybe she hid it underneath this. Nope. – That’d be gross. There’d be crumbs in the bed. – I don’t know, guys. There’s not many places to look and I don’t see a cookie in here. There may not be one in here at all. – Oh, look, another music box. (teleportation) There is a cookie! We found a cookie! – Taylor, I wouldn’t
touch that if I were you. It just appeared.
– Did that cookie just appear out of the music box? It’s creepy. (gasp) (teleportation) Way to go. What luck. (teleportation) We found a cookie! – We found a cookie too. – Yeah, but it just disappeared
right out of our hands. – Same with ours. (gasp) Guys! – You only found two. Eight more to go. But you only have six minutes left. (laughs) – We need to hurry! – Yeah! – Go! – Come on. – I downstairs. (doors slamming) – I got one! (teleportation) – Is it inside there? Okay, that’s too heavy. Look at this old toaster. (gasp) A cookie! (teleportation) (heavy breathing) (whines) – [Stephen] Found one. (footsteps) (hits door) (doors opening) (gasp) – I found one! Finally. (teleportation) Not again! – Guys, everyone keeps finding cookies. Guys, I can’t find them anywhere. I’m looking everywhere. We’re running out of time. I don’t even know. (items hitting) – Oh, found another cookie. (teleportation) Oh, it’s gone again. – What? – Oh, shoot. It’s got to be in here somewhere. Cookie, cookie. (sniffing) I found two! (teleportation) I did find two. I swear. (teleportation) (footsteps) Guys, I found two! (sigh) – That means we have nine. – Are you guys even looking? – We have looked everywhere. I can’t find a cookie. – Guys, we’re out of time. We have to keep looking. (groaning) You can do it, Jamie. Let’s do it. – Yes, you are running out of time. – Granny, we can’t find the last cookie! – Is this the cookie you’re looking for? (gasp) – That’s it! Get it! – Get it! (snaps) (laughs) – You have one minute and then you get to stay
with Granny forever! (cane tapping) (door creaks) – We got to find this
cookie right now, guys! (footsteps) (doors opening) – Where are these cookies? (door closes) Ow. The last cookie! – There’s only ten seconds! – I’m coming! – Ow. No! (heavy breathing) (footsteps) (gasp) – Derek! – I got the cookie. (cane slaps) (cookie falls) (cane taps) – No! – Three, two, one! (thunder) – I think I broke a hip. (thunder) (teleportation) – [All] Whoa. – [Stephen] My goodness. – [Steve] That was crazy. – [Stephen] That was – [Taylor] That was insane. – [Stephen] Something else. – Whoa. – What was insane? What are you guys talking about? (door closes) (teleportation) – Okay, guys. We only have two more levels
that we need to defeat. Two more villains, guys. – We almost have our whole family back. – Yes. – What? – We’re almost all the way back. – [Steve] We’re in the game.
– Payton, we are playing the game. – [Stephen] We all disappeared, became different villains. You were Granny. – [Derek] You were crazy Granny. And I mean a crazy Granny. – If I’m Granny, who is Jordyn? (evil laughter) (happy music)

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