Welcome everybody, Michelle home for ViaSport, at the 2013 Canadian cadet engineer Open
Table Tennis. I’m joined here today by Ann Chew and
Michelle, two members of Team Canada in the junior ranks who
have just finished their match today how did things go for you? Oh we just won 3-1 for our team match. Excellent. Fabulous. And what’s next for you today? We’ll be playing Netherlands and Hi Pay, it’s a mixed team. It’s a mixed team, yes. Great. And I understand that this match for
this competition is part a a series of competitions that is
going to happen over the next year that’ll be leading up to the 2014 Youth
Olympics is that a goal for both have you moving forward? For sure We’re aiming for the Youth Olympic Games but
only the same goals count for the child’s the team’s it’s
like separate so this match was the team match now
will you both play a singles match… …this weekend as well? Yes, yes. Who do you think is going to be some
other toughest competition here, I understand that there’s people from all over
the globe add China fourteen different countries
at who is the toughest for you? Japan is a very strong team and then there is USA, Ariel, and Bernadette, she’s pretty strong too. Pretty tough for me, but we are going to try our best, yes… Excellent. And so who did you guys get involved in
table tennis, obviously you’ve been playing for a number of years. I used to play a Chinese instrument in
China, and so my mom thought maybe I should play a sport music as for together, so my mom chose table tennis for me. So your mom chose the table tennis for
you, was she also a table tennis player in the past as well there was this just something that she
I’m made became aware of through the community? No one plays table tennis in my family,
but my dad said as long as there is a net between my opponent
I’ll be able to play the sport. Excellent and what about yourself? I’m quite different than hers, both my
parents were professional table tennis players and well, at first
they wanted me to use just play for fun but I guess I’m pretty
fast and good I just started playing more and more
competitions. So it was in the genes definitely then, so… Excellent and so…. …..after this competition what’s next for
the night In a couple of days, I’m gonna go to Brazil for another Junior circuit It’s the same series, I don’t have any coming up yes so and I understand that although you guys are on Team Canada, you come from opposite ends of the country from
Ontario and Vancouver, so how did you guys get paired up to play in the team event
today? We actually got paired up quite like a few years ago cuz on way around I
same age, so we played in the same category and we started practicing our doubles for
like in numbers of tournaments so we get more practice. So we’re pretty god, have pretty good chemistry. Excellent, well thank you very much
congratulations again on your win this morning and best of luck on the rest of your competition this weekend,
thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I’m Michelle Home, for ViaSport.

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