18S AND 16S NATIONAL CLAY COURT CHAMPIONSHIPS ROLLED ON TODAY THROUGHOUT DELRAY BEACH. THE NATIONAL TOURNAMENT IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL JUNIOR TOURNAMENT IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY AND IS ONE OF THE 4 MAJORS FOR JUNIOR PLAYERS. THE TOURNAMENT ATTRACTS NEARLY 250 PLAYERS IN BOTH AGE DIVISIONS. THIS YEAR THE TOURNAMENT ALSO FEATURES OVER 100 COLLEGIATE COACHES THAT ATTEND HOPING T FIND FUTURE STARS FOR THEIR — AN OPPORTUNITY THAT EXECUTIVDIRECTOR JOHN BUTLER SAYS REALLY ADDS TO THE TOURNAMENT. 3 john butler executive director – it’s amazing because now for the 1st time instead of these players just playing fothemselves individually they know that they are playing and auditioning for an opportunity to be a part of a team. you have coaches from all over the country, d1, d2, ivys. its a uniqueopportunity for them to really show off their stuff 3

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Dennis Veasley

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