RANKED PLAYERS IN THE U-S COMPETED IN THE U-S-T-A BOY’S 18’S AND 16’S NATIONAL CLAY COURT CHAMPIONSHIPS THIS PAST WEEK. THE TOURNAMENT WAS HOSTED AT FIVE DIFFERENT VENUES INCLUDING THE DELRAY BEACH TENNIS CENTER — AND IS THE AGE GROUP’S HIGHEST LEVEL U-S-T-A JUNIOR TENNIS TOURNAMENT IN THE COUNTRY.THE COMPETITION IS TOUGH — BUT THE REWARD WELL WORTH THE GRIND AMONG THE COUNTRY’S ELITE. 3 “You have the best of the best kids who are here. The biggest, the strongest. That’s why you see all the college coaches who are here. We have more than 100 college coaches here this week. Scouting for their programs and these kids are really putting on a show for them. Including our own hometown here that we had local player who actually won boy’s 18 this morning, which But, it’s been a battle. These kids have been extreme conditions all fellow best players in the country. So, q get here, but to come out on top and to be here this final weekend is even more special.” 3

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Dennis Veasley

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