Here I am with my favourite Trigger Point ball. I was given a great tip by Sophie, one of the physiotherapists with the ITF, on how to release the tensor fasciae latae (TFL). The TFL is a hip flexor, that’s a muscle that bends your hip joint, and it often gets tight in tennis players. What she suggests is that you feel the bone at the front of your hip, the lowest part. Here’s the top of my hip. And this is the bottom part. that’s called the anterior superior iliac spine. Then what I want you to do is place the ball in front of the anterior superior iliac spine, and then…. Press your hip and the ball against the wall, and roll around. You’re going to go side-to-side. And you’re going to go up and down. You can move the ball down a little further. There’s a spot; right there. Now I found a spot that’s tight. So I’m going to sit there for a second, putting pressure by pressing my body against the wall, and then what I ‘m going to do is… I’m going to bend and rotate my hip. I found this an excellent way to release my tight hip flexors.

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Dennis Veasley

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