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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “US Open Winner Naomi Osaka Speaks Out On Controversial Serena Williams Match | TODAY”

  1. when the man serena said he should be proud or whatever…serena was trying to save face, serena reminds me of Hillary, she expects to win, and blames everyone else but themselves

  2. To a Japanese person she might look foreign, but her manner of talking and those minor nods of the head betray her origins. She could've been speaking in Japanese and I wouldn't have noticed! (I'm a half-Japanese too)

  3. Dumb interviewers. "Congratulations on your successful career. Now let's talk about Serena."
    Every question has Serena in it.

  4. This beautiful ,humble young woman of mixed background is the kind of woman which can restore the hope men in womankind.What a difference between her and Serena Williams and these two white women,women which don't know the meaning of the word humility but know very well the meaning of self entitlement.Naomi Osaka is a really good woman and she should be a poster girl for what real femininity looks like.

  5. So humble….contrast with Serena …. she may win 100 slams but I have no respect for her … she had the chance to be a great role model but she is not

  6. As a Chinese, I like her for her calmness and humility and so proud that she represents the virtue of east Asian culture. Very different from the antagonist, arrogant character of Serena. Very intelligent answers not to give any more things to the media. Best of luck to you Osaka! Lovely to see some fresh new face and she completely deserves the title. But in the future, don't apologize for things you didn't do! Warmest regards from Shanghai, China.

  7. Naomi is a beauty. She outshined Serena people need to get over it and give this young woman her props. Serena cant be dominant and great forever, her time may have come and gone. Lets celebrate the up an coming talent. its time for a new face of professional tennis.

  8. This is the world.. when you re on top of the game they will highly praise you but when you re at the bottom.. they are the same people who drag you down… they dont even have their own victory

  9. Serena should be ashamed of herself! This young woman idolized her and that’s how she acted in defeat! Pathetic self centered b!

  10. What annoys me is that her interview was mostly about serena. like how about congratulations or talk about how she played. Serena already had a bunch of news stories. let naomi have her moment! she deserves it! so sweet and humble! also my favorite tennis player! Congrats Naomi and I hope you win even more!

  11. She’s so humble and so truthful. She’s amazing and the crowd that was booing her, shame on you. I’m glad she won ❤️

  12. Her opinion is obviously serena William's acted like a spoiled victim mentality brat lol go watch ESPN review on it and this was sad for her robbed her of her moment it was bs and serena should be ashamed

  13. Serena's dramatic outburst at the umpire didn't have a place at the U.S. open. Her behavior was outrageous demanding an apology from the umpire. She should have been also fined for disrupting the match. Naomi won deservedly playing a great match. She shouldn't have had to apologize for winning and being made to feel bad by the crowd booing. It's not the way to treat anyone.

  14. Those Today show hosts need to be replaced by professional intelligent interviewers. They were boring and frankly, rude.

  15. Naomi seems like a very bright kid. These 2 woman don’t know a tennis ball from a golf ball. Kept asking her questions all had to do with Serena. They should have talked about Naomi!!!!! Not that over the hill former player. Horrible interview

  16. How pathetic, those "reporters" were like hawks wanting Naomi to say something controversial just so they get views, how evil and heartless… Just look at their eyes, fake and dishonest, just like their souls. Corrupt to the core, I couldn't stand even looking at those harpies.

  17. Wow, she sounds exactly like Sharapova!! Entirely different personality though, what a charming girl champion!👍👍💪

  18. So sad to see a girl deserving of the fame in the shadow of someone who lost her cool. Respect Osaka you are awesome

  19. Naomi, you are too kind. Those two blabbing idiots are in fact sorry that you crushed their American idol. They will show her towering over you whenever they have an opportunity. Arrogant and despicable.

  20. Couching from the side lines, Insulting the empire and she even pulls out the woman card. How pathetic. It is sad because this immature outburst kind of took away from Naomi's amazing victory and she didn't deserve that. She earned her way to the top and bested a legend in the sport who just happened to be a bad sport. Sad!

  21. #Today talked about Serena's mess basically the whole interview, can't ya ll just talk about her game… etc instead of trying to make her feel bad.

  22. These ladies are doing the absolute best job possible.Its not an easy thing to do.I know it's important to be a good sport,but even that can be difficult to handle because in just about every sport,there's always someone or the other team to taunt and maybe show off to make you look awful and embarrassed , Serena had a bad day,now yes Naomi Osaka is champion,I congratulate her,but I feel Serena got shown up badly.

  23. Look at those 2 vultures circling around and trying to bait Naomi saying something juicy, just horrible, even the title of this video is clickbait….

  24. If only Serena had half the decent, grounded, down to earth, modest personality of Naomi she might actually be a smidgeon likeable as a person. As it is, Serena is arrogant, rude, bombastic, imperious, argumentative and downright annoying. She's clearly also not averse to cheating in her matches – getting coaching on court when the rules dictate that that shouldn't happen and having hissy fits and using the race / gender / motherhood card to try to get umpires to bend the rules for her when a match isn't going her way. Her ludicrous and shameful behaviour during that match against Naomi really showed her true colours. By behaving the disgusting way she did she totally drew all the attention to her and managed to ruin what should have been a joyful, ecstatic time for Naomi, the winner. It would take a lot more than Serena doing her cringeworthy act of twirling around at the end of her (winning) matches, waving royally at the crowds, to make her likeable as a person. I've never enjoyed watching her matches because of her dubious personality and always root for her opponent. I'll be very happy when she retires from tennis! By the way, Hoada (is that spelled right?!) and the other interviewer are so annoying, doing lowest common denominator interviews and this interview with Naomi was pathetic on their parts, constantly fixating on Serena's behaviour during the match and trying to get a reaction about it from Naomi instead of focusing on Naomi's fantastic performance and trouncing of Serena.

  25. Humble vs arrogant and pride. Sorry for serenas fan. I have to say this but i feel sad for naomi for not feeling assured of her winning.

  26. #Shine like a Diamond Sista..#Don’t allow anyone to steal your Shine #Respect the Sista’s who you arrived on their Shoulder..

  27. Girl apologizing!!! Shoo.. YOU GOT THAT BLACK GIRL MAGIC. NO APOLOGY NEEDED. Serena understands. You are a beautiful role model. Congratulations!!!

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