Dill Tomast is catch-and-shoot point six remaining Knicks out of timeouts they’ve got to do it here Anthony guarded Marvin Williams is going to be posingues On the court they’re saying it counts Did he get it off before the zeroes Oh, that’s close he busted the play though. He was supposed to go down and screen Carmelo, Anthony He saw Zeller reading the play, and he just broke it off He’ll back at the basketball that as close he may be cursed by long fingers no good its wained off America with up tone its no good Porsing is too late and the Hornets With the win there he is looking for and he believes he can play all season long with this lineup Another block and what a save by young, he threw it in the basket! James young is so locked in he threw it into the wrong basket So the Lakers only down by six Kobe on a roll Kobe Bryant just took a shot and Our carls Junior X mode shows you just how far down this ball was before it decided to come back out. This is amazing It’s in there. Isn’t it all of a sudden Boop Hits the side of the rim and his team oh my god Theres gotta be another way to attend ball good luck old Look like it hit him right in the groin. You know the Lakers gotta get a timeout Russel is still down Crowd you saw the replay and that hurts And hope that he’s okay first thing you think of now is not mono Ginobli and what you just thought was a Iguodala missed the gun I don’t think he missed it. I think it went down hit his shoulder and came right back Here it is yeah, I was right that ball went in it hit his chest and Pedro That’s the referee for that being able to talk that much But that is two points the USA was wrong 6x for Duncan Stuckey on the drive Jennings for five seconds On the drive Ginobli has exploded the basket before but I don’t think his shoe is exploded until tonight. What in the world This is left foot right there But I’ve never seen that happen before People for Wow what’s he wearing? Always been a work ethic especially in the offseason as the year goes on this guy did better and better until the end of the Season he’s pretty good player comes at the challenge hang saw oh ho ho look at this i Didn’t think that ball was coming down Just look at his ability there as he stayed in front of Rosco off the ball screen Boy the three-point line has just not been kind. Oh my goodness. Ki Cabela’s just threw it in Denver’s basket I have never seen that actually thought AJ Jacobson was good, but watch this oh It is a three-pointer And what I don’t know is if there’s something about if the other team does throw it in if it has to be a 2 I don’t know, but that’s clearly behind a line I’ve never I I’m right there with you. I’ve never seen anything like it

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Dennis Veasley

57 thoughts on “Unlucky Moments in Basketball”

  1. I lost respect for LeBron at 2:30 (don't care if he doesn't care). The guy hit a dude in the dick with a bullet pass and didn't stop once to help him up or even apologize. No class. That should have been at least a technical as well. Idc what you think of him as a basketball player. He lacks common sense and human decency.

  2. 2:08 this is my school. we're the Saint mary's Bears. Its pretty cool to see out small school in this big video. really. Look it up. I swear this is the COOLEST thing EVER!!!

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  4. 4:34 the school (Prosser) is in Prosser which is a town near mine!!!!! & you can see on the wall the different schools they play against, and I live in one of them!! because we play against them in sports, how cool is that?!!? I live just a couple hours away from the school in 4:34 WOWWWW

  5. 0:50 put playback speed to 0.25 and you can see without a 10000 dollar camera that it was not touching his fingers

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