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presenting yet another unboxing so this time I’m doing the unboxing of my new
shoes which I got from Under Armour but haha the project Rock Under Armour shoes
type 2 so let’s do it welcome back everyone if this is your
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the new shoes so I just got this blood orange Project rock and armor shoes
which I’m super stoked about cuz just look at it just look at it how beautiful
they look especially the color I’m a big sucker for any of the red tone colors by
the way that’s not my favorite color my favorite color is black but still
anything that’s in the shades of red let’s do the unboxing let’s start with
the box the first thing you see is rocks bull symbol also between the rock
Johnson signature on the front of the Box you can see his tagline which is
blood sweat and respect respect mr. raw so when you open the box as usual your
shoes are covered in this nice crisp paper but with this box because it’s
called Project rock they send you this lovely card and a little bit of
explanation about the project what it means you get this sticker which you can
put it on your laptop in my case I’m probably gonna put it on my one wheel
cuz I like this bull symbol also I’m a Chicago Bulls fan so now let’s get
straight to these shoes first of all these are the redesign one so low cut
shoes and you can see so the front of the shoes is the mash material of it a
little bit of logo on the top corner the design on the sole it’s actually great
and you can look area where they have it is not a small tiny lace here to look
like black but they are actually blue bull symbol
on the top opening of the shoes they stretchy material the one thing I really
like about the shoes and the design is it’s just one layer and that’s it there
is no opening or gaps so the feeling is pretty snug when you put it on you can
see all this molding on the side they have used the different materials all
around so this on the side the molding is different but it also has some kind
of air circulation and in the back you have the bull symbol which is designing
the gold and the Under Armour logo also gold so they balance the colors pretty
well on the other side the Under Armour logo and the tagline blood sweat and
respect again the molding and the design on the side it’s pretty good they
focused a lot on the fitting so no matter what kind of workout you’re doing
whether you’re running you’re doing a gym workout or CrossFit how comfortable
it feels in your legs so I really like that at the bottom they have a nicely
laid out grip on the back Center to the back area it’s one flat area but at the
front they gave a really nice great boring – Under Armour this design is
supposed to give you the most comfortable experience when you workout
or run so that’s something I’m looking forward to and when I press it like this
it actually feels pretty sturdy and the bottom like you can see it’s not
I can’t flex it like your usual shoes so that’s a good sign that it gives you a
from firm grip then you’re running so overall super excited to test this out
and especially the color me let me know in the comments section below do you
like this color or not because out I’m I’m a sucker for this color this is
called the blood orange it’s not the brightest red but it’s a pretty
noticeable color and everyone’s gonna notice this one and also they balanced
it out with the grey on the sole the gold and also in the bottom you can see
the pudding like a glittery thing all over in the bottom initially I thought
my daughter was playing with and she ended up spraying at the bottom
but then I realized no it’s actually the part of design so it’s pretty good I
really like it and these are 140 us I think it’s reasonably priced if you go
for any Nike running shoes or any kind of workout shoes you’re looking to spend
somewhere around $100 to 159 it’s pretty good obviously The Rock’s name is
attached so there it’s gonna increase the price a little bit but hey you know
I respect that man and I’m sure the lot of people out there respects them so
it’s okay to pay a little bit more for somebody you know you can look up to but
overall great job on armor and mr. I really like this and I have one more
item from the same project which the unboxing in next video but that’s all
for today folks thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video
if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see
you guys in the next video let me know what do you think about this shoes
design color leave everything in the comment section below and I will catch
you guys in the next video till then

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