skip the world tour at the beginning it doesn’t matter now we can play tour as much energy as we have with the player you have selected. always check the highest attributed players to win the match easily its easy to win with low attributed player. just make sure to hit the ball on time. play continue and collect cash and other stuffs as much as possible this super shot skill will make the games to win easily later. this enhancement material can be used for enhancing the pl ayer later. now let’s use the super drop shot power Lob shot is useful at the time when your opponent player is near the net. lob shot was very useful on here this item can be used to buy dress from the store she got sexy sound. lolzzz league challenge??? we are not in the league yet I guess but we may be able to enter to the league and challenge some weaker team than ours. we are at the league already. it’s beginners’s Rookie League. I came back to the next day and now collecting all the free items and login bonus let’s go to challenge to the league with someone let’s find out who is weaker than our team its stronger team than mine .let me skip I can win over this team. when you challenge in league always try to challenge the team which is ranked higher than you in the league because when you win the match at the end of the match , you will be rewarded higher league point. we have already finished this skill training and games on previous days but we still have to play again to get some cash. now let’s put Isabel to the starting line up TP is a trade point which we can use to buy normal players to gold players on the trade market. now we are going to play to get our first 90k trade point . let’s use Isabel because she has curt advantage to win the match easily. since she is in player level 1, she can’t have all the skills . so we have to play with her the previous world tour or use free manual training. let’s go for it. we have 4 Beginner training manual lets use only 2 and leave for other players. can you see that AUTO Botton ? we can already play auto mode now (X1 or X2) to save the time and energy . no problem. now let’s play manually haha. there are the technics that we can win easily. let’s use different shots. like drop and slice is vital to win the match. now use lob shot when the opponent is on side or near the net. now here we won easily haha. energy finished. and please do not buy energy using your coin better wait few hours to get automatic energy back. you can buy later energy using coins only when there is main quest to get free cash. now it’s time to enhance player with some players we can actually use all the players to enhance Eunha but let’s use only players with (X1.5) which gives higher enhance points. 100% then Eunha’s attributing will increase to 46. let’s wait for that in the next episode . please wait. now let’s equip free equipment . it will also increase player’s overall attributes. and let’s how much. we followed the main quest and got free gift box. now let’s just equip the remaining equipments now her attributes have changed from 43-47

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