Here we go, here we go, come on! KABOWSH! HA Team Dunkey’s blasting off agaiiiiin~ Who was the dog on Rugrats? Spike! No! Get me out! Ge- [Dunkey screams in dispair] OOH! OOOH! AH Get him outta here. I’m feelin’ a comeback. I think it’s time for my comeback time. Which way am I goin’? Which way I’m- oh. God damn it. Show me your moves, fucker! ehhhhhhhh HEH OH NO NO EHHHHHHH But NOOOOOOO The doctor is in, baby. And I prescribe you one pun- BAMM Hell yeah! Y’all ready for this? Bah dahdahdah dah dundun duuuuuuuun Here we go! Here we go! One! Two! Three! Oh– Four! Five! C’mon – C’mon – Six! C’mon, seven! Uh, bah! Uh, eight! Bam, nine! C’mon… C’mon… Ohhh buh! Ten! Eleven! Here we go! Here we go! Twelve! Thir- eh, thir-, thirteen! Oh, I see fourteen. Oh, fourteen! There we go. Make your move, man. Make your move. heh heh heh Oh, here we go. C’mon, eh – Oh.. wait the stage is going d- No no no! Let me out, lemme out of here, fuck you! [Laughter] Steal my character? Steal my moves? s-s-steal my identity Oh he’s got that he’s got- oh pff- haha I hate Ness so muc- aaaand it’s over wha- oh! oh! oh! oh! OHHHHH and it’s over baby! Suck on this. Uagh *muffled screaming* Get me outta here with this fucking amateur Come back here, you little puss! Come on, let’s go! nah nah nah *mumbling* don’t be that
way, don’t be that way, come on, nananana WHAT THE FUCK?! WEEHEE so long, gay Bowser! BONK NOHOHO You play like that eh? You play that shit!? BAM HELL YEAH CAPE?! NO! NOT THE FUCKING CAPE! So long Bowser you big gay brute Oh! no nono oh no nononononono, don’t do it, don’t-, do- BAHAHAHA I tried to tell ya man, I tried
to tell ya not to do it, but ya j- …What? oh my- it can’t be Oh my God. Ladies and gentlemen, one of
the greatest r…rivalries in gaming history Dunkey vs. Sky for the world
championship of Smash, baby It’s gonna be an exciting match
alright I can tell you that Sky: You’re playing fucking Diddy Kong? Yeah I always pick Diddy This is my main You’re cheating! Just a- Sky: Cheating? All I see is you getting hurt. Don’t let me – what – it doesn’t let me hit. Nah, this guy sucks, I don’t like Diddy
(*SKY MOANING*) Oh! Oh, wait. Hold the phones and eat ’em. Eh, AAHH, you piece of shit Diddy Sky: AAAH Nah, this guy’s no good. And here I am, oh, just getting destroyed by Jason. Oooh, he’s kickin’ my dick off. AH, OOOH OOOH OOOOH
Sky: No no no no no no no Sky: NOO, no no Mon-key HIT!
– no no no no no no OOH! OOH AH AH A- C’mon, come down here Come to papa! OOOH
Sky: Oh my God. Bah-neh-neh.
Sky: Aww, now you on my stage, nigga My stage. Sky: Now you on my stage.
This is- This is my comeback stage. Sky: You put items on??! Nah, *pff* nah man, must have been you I don’t play with items Sky: NO…. OW!
Only you would- ah ha ha ha ha ha I can’t believe you using all these items, man Sky: Fuck you! That’s fucked up, Sky: You threw a Pokeball at me! He’s a fuckin’ nice guy, lookit ‘im, He just hugs you, He doesn’t even kill. Oh, here’s a neh now – here’s a good item Y’ALL READY FOR THIS Bah deh deh BAMP bamp beh Sky: Oh-ho-ho-ho shit NOOO, ho ho ho ho ho GET this guy, outta my sight!
Sky: NO NO NO NO NO! Damn! Wouldn’t be the best idea- YES YES! Get this geh, OUTTA DIS GAHH. Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Sky: What are you – is that REAL??! Heh heh, I earned that victory. [thunk] Fuckin’ go! Dis one’s for all da marbles, ba- Get dat shit outta here, GET- GAH- NO! Nonono, YAH WHAT?! Sky: Oh my fucking God… GET ME DOWN, BEH- BEH! BYYEEEEEH!!! HELL yeh! BRRRR BEH JUST STOP, NO! NO! Sky: Yes! NO! Let me down, let me doooowwn Let me down! NOOOOOOOO *intense fight* Get outta the damn ba- Oh, my God… Don’t – SWEEP C’MON just DIE, just…BWEH JUST COME ON BOTH OH JUST- JUST- DIEEEEEEEE! Just d- AUGH JUST- DAH- BAH! DAH dddddnnnnooo Just DAAAH BAAAAAH BSSSS Sky: Intense READ! DOOOOOUH MY DOOBA DABBA I’M STILL IN THIS SHIT I’M STILL IN THI- COME ON AND SLAM, YOU BITCH! *grunt* I’M STILL IN- BABABABABAAAA! I’M STILL IN THIS *surprise* *surprise followed by laughter* GET THE… FFFFFFUCK OUTTA HERE! Just fucking DIE! YAAAAAAA- Come o-o-o-on! SURPRISE! NO! Sky: Yes!
NOO! Sky: Yosh (?) my egg!
nonononono *gasp* *supreme comeback* Sky: Nononono, PLEA- Let’s FUCKING go what do you go?
Sky: Oh. my. god. *sigh of satisfaction* *laugh of satisfaction*
Sky: Noooo. Noooo. Ya know man, That match reminds me of the time I beat Sky in Smash! *laugh*

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Ultimate Smash Bruddas”

  1. Let us be honored that of this video, we are reminded to say "this reminds me of the time that Dunkey beat Sky in Smash".

  2. Watching this after getting used to Ultimate is so strange. Everything feels sluggish, and the colours are so washed out…

  3. Marble Hornets didn't make my hands as sweaty as this did. That was easily the most tense fight in anything I've seen.

  4. I used to think Smash 4 looked good and played well. Now that I've played Ultimate, I can't go back.

  5. goddamn, that last battle was like obi-wan and anakin fighting in revenge of the sith. you were my brother, yoshi. i loved you.

  6. woah did u guys realize dunkey said ultimate smash bruddas then smash bros ultimate came out as the next game? i think im the first to realize this happened

  7. I know im 4 years late but rewatching a lot of old vids and just noticed green yoshi trying to do ‘take the l’ when he wins at 1:22

  8. I legit thought that sky Williams was Dunkey…. Like literally for the longest time…I kinda still think that…

  9. dunkey just yeeted his way through that final part. watching that for the first time is not good for your cardiovascular safety.

  10. I watched this video for 4 minutes before I realized it was an old video and it wasn't gameplay of Smash Ultimate

  11. Am I the only one that thinks it sounds like Dunkey just took soundclips of sky talking in other videos to make it sound like they were playing together? Idk, maybe sky just normally sounds very out of place like that.

  12. The game the description says he’s playing is Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but he is playing SSB4, which came out in the early-mid 2010’s. Smash Ultimate wasn’t set to be announced for a few years afterwards.

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