(upbeat music) – [Mark] The whole motive
of this USTA facility, speaking on their organization’s behalf, is to get more people playing tennis. It’s about relativity, and we’re one of the best facilities in the world. And we’re fortunate to be here. – [John] Yeah, kinda the most unique and best outdoor facility in the country, and it’s a great place to
showcase college tennis. And we’re thrilled to be the home team. (players hitting tennis balls) – To be affiliated and associated in some way with the USTA is
an amazing recruiting asset and community asset for not just Orlando, but for UCF in general. – Now after being out here
and seeing the resources and the help from the USTA
from an operation standpoint and things like that is immeasurable. – To pursue excellence through tennis, such as a collegiate tennis center and what it’s bringing to Orlando, are highly competitive collegiate
tennis programs coming in to compete at the highest level
at a world class facility. We’re fortunate that UCF
is … This is our home. (upbeat music)

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Dennis Veasley

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