[ Cheering ]>>Well, since we seem like a small campus,
I didn’t think we were going to have sports for a very long time and it’s really exciting.>>It’s actually really cool. It’s giving our university that college
environment that you typically see on television, and it’s kind of catching
us up to that, so it’s really cool to have that school spirit, have something to look
forward to other than academics sometimes.>>Go Bobcats. Let’s go Bobcats. [ Cheering ]>>You have another huge crowd
like that supporting the home team, it really not only brings us up but it
pushes them down and it shows, you know, that our school has a lot of support. It shows that we want to win, we
want to take this, we’re UC Merced. [ Game noises ]>>Especially coming out of that first
tournament, we worked on the stuff that we needed to work on and learned what else
we need to improve on, but for the most part, we we did improve from our tournament
and that’s a really good — good thing. [ Crowd cheering ]>>Being part of this big history,
knowing if we look back in the books, we’re the first ones and
everything we did right now. It just feels — like, I’m
proud for myself and the team. [ Crowd cheering ]>>Getting a win at home and stuff, it’s nice
to have the community out and the fan support, and it’s just a big occasion for all of us. [ Silence ]

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Dennis Veasley

2 thoughts on “UC Merced Women’s Volleyball Wins First Home Game”

  1. My volleyball team won our first home game but we had 2 games so far and we one the first one too in middle school

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