yes me opening that it’s awesome I mean it’s it’s exciting
it’s record-breaking but above all I mean it’s feeling not surprising just
given how talented this team really is in the work that they’ve put in I’m very
exciting this year has been special for all of us and it’s very exciting and I
can’t wait to play again for our NCAA’s I mean this has been by far the most
talented group as a whole that we’ve ever had and you know we got a school
outside the top ten so it’s exciting we can’t ask for anything more so now it’s
time to get to work practice and go after them you know for tennis it’s one
through six and to have a solid six top to bottom you know that we know we can
win in any position that’s what makes this group so outstanding that it’s the
depth from one two three four five six they’re all able to compete and win at
any level you put it in front of we have two transfers that came in this year and
they brought more maturity to team as well so definitely helps all of us on
and off the court this weekend was amazing and I was ecstatic I’m still
extremely really happy and I’m just looking forward to the opportunity we
have the team to do it Buffalo’s on the radar now because of
what basketball is done this year and that’s huge people know Buffalo and we
hope to continue to make us some national noise and make sure they know
Buffalo tennis too you

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Dennis Veasley

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