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Dennis Veasley

46 thoughts on “Two Golf Grips: Strong vs. Weak (THE WINNER!)”

  1. Adam just wanted to thank you for your drop five strokes videos. I purchased it and the solid strike video series and have dropped about 10 strokes. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Adam! Do you ever recommend people weaken or strengthen their grip to play a certain shot shape?

    If I'm on a dogleg left (I'm a lefty), and I want to hit a big fade/slice around the corner, would you recommend it all be taken care of during setup with body and ball alignment, or would weakening the grip help, too?

  3. I started playing with neutral grip and had an avg club swing speed in 90mph …slowly developed body swing and now have somewhat more strong grip and club speed. Thats explain it so nicely. Also would request Adam to add a second part in this video to explain the how much power should we apply to hold different club for different kind of shots. Like for chip shot i hold it more hard than a Tee shot.

  4. I was hoping you might do an explaination on offset hosels, and if any, some compensation i can try to compensate for the offset. Let me be clear, I do not like them, but they are what I have for now.

  5. Perfect timing for this video. I was using a weak grip and was working on making it stronger but other videos didn't explain how to fix it as simple and easy as this video did

  6. Great video Adam. I have a tendency to just pick up the club without paying attention and over time my grip gets way off. Very important to keep this in check! Thanks for the video and your Solid Strike Formula course is ROCKIN'!!! Love it. Highly recommended.

  7. Hi Adam. Random question.. Did I see you walking on the 18th hole on the old course at St Andrews on Sunday or am I just imagining things??

  8. Probably the best teacher on YouTube. The best advice is always to learn your body and not fight what's natural. He gives you the things to notice and the things to look for as you practice, which is the only way to get better at this sport. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the new video Adam. You explained that hand position determines a strong or weak grip. Once you figure out which position is best for you, how firmly should you grasp the club – clamp your hand hard on it or not so hard?

  10. I was having a real problem hitting thin shots. I tried switching my left hand grip from fairly weak to strong and the thinning has decreased dramatically.

  11. The strong(er) grip is key guys. You will eventually eliminate slice and develop a much more playable draw with the right ball position. What you then need to work on is takeaway. Specifically club face angle as it hits waste high and is ready to go up and hinge. Tendency is to keep it shut down causing problems. My key swing thought is too make sure my club face gets open enough on the way up. It makes a world of difference on the way back through. Your mileage may very but that was the starting point for me of beginning to really hit some great shots.

  12. Im a natural right hander that plays left handed (one hand right, both left). I was a terrible slicer with the driver until strengthening my grip. I would say that my grip is neutral with the irons. Im still experimenting with the woods, depending on whether hitting from a tee or not. Is this normal or should I be adopting one grip for all?

  13. How about the right hand grip for a righty, is the crease between the thumb and finger supposed to be pointing towards your right shoulder, can you have a weak or strong grip with the right hand or should it be a neutral grip.
    Thanks 😃👍🏌🏼

  14. Adam I'm a natural Lefty that plays golf Right handed, with a weak left hand grip I've always been able to hit a fade without much trouble of losing it way right. My natural strength in my left fingers, hand, wrist, forearms, shoulder seems to keep the face square to target and with path to the left, the fade just keeps happening. I know some right hand players that have tried my weak left hand grip, and that always turns out a disaster for them. They always go back to a stronger left hand grip, and forget what I do.

  15. Great video… I always used a strong grip because I was told that is the best grip to have. I was experimenting with a more neutral grip just today and I was hitting the ball straighter and more solid throughout the bag. I am going to dial in the more neutral grip.

  16. Thanks for the awesome content Adam.
    I’m a slicer. A Bad Slicer! I’m having a lot of trouble finding the happy medium. If I grip too strong it goes left, too weak and I’m on the next fairway. Occasionally I’ll land it in the middle but can’t pinpoint what I’m doing right when I hit a decent drive. Love this game!

  17. John Daly in his book recommends a strong grip.Jack Nicklaus says in his books,a strong grip is a weak grip.Fred Couples,Paul Azinger ,David Duval,all use strong grips,whereas Ian Poulter,Monty and Greg Norman are neutral.Yet they've all earned huge amounts of money from golf, playing golf as they see fit.Personally I think you should go over your local driving range and hit a bucket of balls and see what works best.I don't think you can go far wrong with a neutral grip where the left thumb is just right of centre.(if you are right handed) Why ? Because it is easier to repeat and keep a check of.

  18. Hogan weakened his grip after his car accident. Yes he hit thousands of balls to perfect it, but weak isn't dead. Hogan won 6 majors with a weak grip.

  19. This is a great video. To see what your natural physiology is, stand up straight and let your arms naturally hang. The more you see the backs of your hands the stronger the grip you should have.

  20. Yet another excellent piece, Sir! Being naturally left-handed but swinging right-handed – the alleged perfect recipe – I do have a tendency to allow the left hand to rotate left and become weak. Although 'comfy' this is no good and I understand why top players are so meticulous in their fundamentals…

  21. How to make an awful golf video? Step 1: Pose an interesting comparison between 2 techniques and suggest that you have an answer. Step 2: Go through a video where you introduce a third option. Step 3: End by saying, just do whatever works…. Scratch this channel off my list

  22. Adam – I appreciate your videos very much. Question on the right hand grip — should the club grip be aligned 1) at the point where the two middle fingers meet the hand or 2) closer to the first joint of middle fingers. I have an old book by Joe Norwood called Golf-O-Metrics that went into a lot of detail on grip and setting right wrist down, which seemed to have my right above the club too much. Appreciate any comment you might have. Thanks!

  23. wouldn't a strong grip requires the ball position to be more towards your right leg? or else the club face will be much closed during contact..??

  24. Thank you Adam! Quick question please, speaking of grips. Due to a skin issue I stopped wearing a glove on my left hand for over a year. I’m comfortable not using one. Now that the issue is a mute point, do you think a person is missing out of any benefits, by not using a golf glove? Thank you in advance.

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