Hi, my name is Marian Gorban and in
this video I would like to show you how a cured my myopia and sharpen my
eyesight. Today I’m going to perform two funny eye exercises which the boxers use
as a training routine. These exercises are not easy for the beginners
and at the beginning it is a little bit difficult to do them. So, first exercise will
be an exercise with a small trainer made of an elastic round strip attached to a
tennis ball like you see in a video and photo.
I dress the black elastic strip on my head,
reinforcing it with a hat on my head. But you could link the round strip directly
to the back of the Hat like you see in a video. In case you want to see how to
make a good eye trainer below the video I’m going to leave a link to my blog. So,
as you see I started the exercise. What you have to do is to punch the ball
as many times as you could. It seems like a funny game but behind this exercise
there is a lot of science. Performing this exercise you train your eye muscles
as well as your coordination and reaction. But do not be upset if at the
beginning it will be a struggle for you. After 3 or 4 times of doing it you’re
going to manage to perform this eye exercise properly. I love this exercise
because it’s funny and at the same time it trains your eyes.
I do recommend to perform this exercise at least 10 minutes per day. Next exercise is an exercise which has a
purpose to strengthen your vision and coordination. For this exercise we are
going to use the same tennis ball. So, as you see, your eyes follow the ball the
ball goes up and down. Respectively the eye muscles work with the eye lens in
order you to see clear the colorful ball. The more you work your eye muscles the
better for the sharpness of your eyesight. You could do this exercise
statically or moving yourself around like you see in the picture.
I do enjoy this exercise because it’s like a game. This exercise like the
previous one it is included in a training routine for professional boxers.
I do recommend to perform this kind of exercise six minutes per day. At the
beginning it seems difficult but after several times you’re going to see
improvement doing it. I did this eye exercises to cure my myopia and still do
today to maintain my eyesight sharp and healthy. You could see the results after two
months if you are going to do these kinds of exercises together with the right
diet. I mean you’re going to see clearer with no need for wearing glasses. And
remember you have to do both exercises without glasses or contact lenses. This
is very important. Try to do these exercises regularly in
order to maintain your eyesight sharp and healthy. These exercises are just
some of the many I used. More information about the program I used you can find on
my blog. Below this video in the description I’m going to leave the link to
my blog. Thanks for watching. Give to this video LIKE if you find it helpful, SHARE
it with others and of course don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel.

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