love this idea the 38th annual thirty-eighth already tuxedos and tens detroit Achievers Awards it helps raise money for mentoring programs at the bowl Family YMCA here to tell us all about this year’s event it’s full of fun as Terry mile from the YMCA Terry welcome on a Sunday morning well thank you for having me tuxedos and tens they just go together and people love these kind of events yeah this is a this is a big one and it’s a good one it is it is we’re pretty excited about it Sean this is our 38th year and with for the achievers program she’s achievers program as the national initiative by the YMCA of the USA and ours in Detroit we’ve had it 38 years so we help young people yes yes tell us about that because who are you trying to help with the big fundraiser so this particular fundraiser helps our college preparatory program for students ninth through twelfth grade and then on beyond 12th grade we allow those students who graduated from the program to come back and work with us up to age 24 you you’re helping them in a critical time and then also helping them at work this is a that’s a twofer there that you’re getting tell us about the event because I was reading up on it you at the way the tuxedo you get to wear the shoes the tennis shoes that’s the cool part and then you get to go around the bowl family y and you can make sushi tell us about some of the fun things you can do so some of the fun things we’re doing this year we call it the white experience so we try to highlight all the programming that we do so some of the things we do we have a healthy living branch of the YMCA so we always do a healthy cooking workshop and then we have wine tasting we also have pride Japan which is learning Japanese some Japanese in 15 minutes a representative from Google is gonna be there this year so we’re doing why Google learn to use the best use of Alexa okay and 15 minutes I need that one yeah I think a lot of people do right and then we also have ballroom dancing this is all in the one of that this is all tour the first hour you get there’s nine experiences to choose from you get four experiences one every 15 minutes let’s tell people how to get involved how can they jump in with their tux and tens so they can call our office at three one three two two three 28:41 got it and it’s August 4th so it’s coming right up responds I assume is good so people say we have a lot of ticket sales going on we’re also still of course looking for we’re always looking for sponsorship and so we have some major sponsors this year but always looking for more to help support the programming that helps kids with workforce development college prep mentoring and some of the other awesome services that we have for our new 9th through 12th grade that is Terry thank you so much for coming and I can’t wait to see what kind of tens you’ve picked out well I have picked out some pretty cool ones every jump Jordans will actually be a puma this year who is the hottest that’s hot that’s the new comeback brand yeah Gary thank you so much more information about tuxedos and tens on the community page of

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