Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. I’ve got
wonder girl with me, and we’re going to show you some stretches and exercises
for Turf Toe. So let’s get started. So turf toe is
basically when you spray the ligaments in your big toe, and it’s called turf toe
because it happens a lot of times in football players or soccer players who
are playing on turf. Kind of stub your toe and then you sprain those ligaments. So let’s start off um just propping your
foot up so you have a little bit of room at your heel… room room at your heel! So you don’t have to use a role, you can
just put it off of the edge of a bed, or if you’re in a chair just prop it up on
the other side or something like that, but give yourself some room to move the
foot around. So this is gonna be a combination
movement, you have to really concentrate on it, and I have a hard time
doing it, but i will say it as I go and try and do it for you, but my toes are
not as flexible as other people’s toes. So what you’re going to do, is you’re
going to point your foot downwords. As you point your foot downwords, you’re
going to flare your toes. So you’re going to point and flair. And then you’re going to
pull it up into that dorsiflexion, and as you pull it up, you’re going to curl your
toes. So it’s down, flare. It feels so weird, and
up curl. So hopefully you have a little more movement in your toes than I do, but
if you don’t that’s okay, you’re just trying to get the movement. As you can
see not everybody’s going to get a whole lot of movement. So just start off with
five to 10 of those since it feels very weird, you don’t want to do a whole lot.
And then after it becomes easy you can work your way up a little bit more than
that. So the next ones are going to be sitting
in a chair. So now you’re going to do a towel stretch. It doesn’t have to be big
towel because you’re really just stretching those toes. Make sure you put a lot of weight on
your heel, a little bit of space up top so you can grab onto the towel, and then
just pull upwards. But you’re basically keeping this part of your foot down, and
pulling your toes up. So just pull out that way, remember you don’t want to go to
pain because those ligaments already sprained, you’re just trying to stretch it
back out, get everything loose and backup. So
hold it for about 30 seconds, come back down, and do that three times.
Just a nice stretch especially in that big toe there. After you’re done with the
stretch, you can leave the towel down, and then do
toe crunches, or towel crunches. So you’re just basically trying to scrunch
up the towel with your toes to make them work and exercise in there. So as you can
see, I’m not great at it. You don’t have to be wonderful at it, but you’re just
trying to scrunch it up and get that movement in the toes. So, oh that’s pretty good for
me. The next one is going to be doing some
exercises with the resistance band. So this time just put it around the big
toe. And then give it a little bit of tension, and then curl that toe down.
The other times might go with it, that’s fine, but you’re just getting that
resistance. Really try to control it, you can see that the coming up for me is a
little bit difficult, I don’t have again a lot of control in
my toes is some people do, but if you feel like it’s jumping back a lot, take the tension off of the band just a
little bit. And try to go down as far as you can, and then control it coming back
up. So we can just start off we may be 10 of these and then work your way up from
there. If that becomes easy and if you get to 20
to 25, then you can go more heavier resistant band. The next one, I’m going to
show you on this foot because you’re doing some arch work, going into what we
call pronation and supination. So supination is coming up and then pronation
is going down. So you want to kind of keep your toe
down and your heel down and bring your arch up like that. And then come down and
flatten it as much as you can. So you’re just kind of rotating that foot up and
coming back down. And those have a lot to do with that big toe that first ray
there, those muscles, and tendons, and ligaments. So that’s just kind of
stretching it out. So coming up into that arch, and then flattening the arch down. So again just starting off with 10 and
kind of work your way up to their just a little pause at end, two to three seconds,
and then come back down and flatten it back out. Then if you have a massage ball like a
lacrosse ball, a tennis ball, something like that, just set it on the ground and kind of
roll it around on your toes. Just to kind of stretch everything out. You can even go into the arch here
because most of the time if you’ve got that turf toe, you’re going to have pain all the way
down into the foot because those tendons and muscles go all the way down and then
come up the leg. So you really want to kind of work that
out as much as you can as well. Just you can do 30 seconds and work your way up
to about a minute with this one. And then the last one is just going to be
spreading the toes out. Almost like when you do your fingers and spread out like
this. So just keeping your heel down you can
bring your foot up just a little bit so your toes have some room for movement,
and then just try and spread them out as much as you can. You can see again, mine don’t
do a whole lot, the pinky goes more, but trying to go as much you can. So relax and
then spreading as much as you can, and then come back in. So again just start off with about five
of these, hold it for about three to five seconds, and then relax. So those are your stretches and
exercises for turf toe. If you have any questions, leave them in the
comment section. If you’d like check out some other videos go to AskDoctorJo.com Don’t forget to Like us. And remember be safe,
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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Dennis Veasley

65 thoughts on “Turf Toe Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Glad I saw this video in my feed. I have been dealing with this for the last two weeks. Went to the ER twice for it and they basically told me to just elevate and ice the foot. The pain for me is actually on the second toe, next to the big toe. I'm just now able to walk back on it but still feel pain when raising and lowering my toes. All of it is manageable but not back to 100%

    I've been using golf balls to roll my feet over and massaging. Does this video still apply?
    Thanks for these useful vids.

  2. Do these exercises help early stages of hammer toes too? I have hammer toes tendency in both feet–apparently hereditary. Podiatrist was not concerned bc I have good flexibility. But he neglected to give me prevention exercises. My understanding of hammer toe is that it's a muscle imbalance but I'm not sure which are too tight and which are too loose. I have high arches when foot is at rest but they flatten when standing or walking. I'm not sure whether that influences hammer toes or not. I'm thinking that targeted exercises and Massage Therapy would help if I knew more about what type of muscle imbalance. Please advise. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Dr.Joe, I was trying to kill a large cockroach and stumbled across my carpet causing my turf toe. I will work hard at this video to get back to my old self. Thanks!

  4. My son sprained his big toe playing lacrosse. The hospital just said don't play for a few weeks. When we next went to his national training squad he mentioned it to his medic and she immediately said ah thats turf toe and she strapped it up with flex tape. I was searching on utube how to retape the foot properly to support it and came across your video. Thank you this is so helpful and easy for a teenager to follow.

  5. I am confused. Some say to pull or stretch your toe to yourself or pulling up. Others say never to do that. What are the variables to know to pull up exercises or no?

  6. i got turf toe but my gp insist it gout.   Look the same isnt it, but i am sure it turf toe as i got it from running , not from high uric acid.

  7. So I definitely have it, my question is should I do these stretches right now in the middle of the injury? Or should I wait to do them after I recover?

  8. Hello DrJo, thank you for this video, you´re helping lots of people. I have a question for you if possible. I surf almost a year now and and regular, it means my backfoot is the right, 2 months ago i probably hit my big toe on the board, and now everytime i surf the toe gets sored and purple on the inside, normally i ice it after and it gets better, than if i dont surf for 6/7 days it gets tottaly normal, but when i go surf again it happens, im trying to correct my stance on surf because i think i press to much on that back foot and on the big toe, but i think im getting the turf toe. Can i tape the toe before surf? any sugestion beside the exercices? We have surf boots for winter, should i try to use it to see if it keeps the toe on the right position? Thank you so much for your help.

  9. I have been told all kinds of crazy things about the pain in my foot from torn tendons to arthritis and now street watching this video I did some of the stretches and this helped my toe feel much better that fast. I'm gonna keel doing it every day to see if it gets rid of the pain

  10. Thank you for posting such an easy to follow video.
    By the way, I'm pretty bummed about my injury and the dog and costume put a smile on my face. Thanks for that too.

  11. Every time I stretch my foot or exercise it, it gets worse. Idk what to do because leaving it alone and resting isn't doing anything. I want to speed up my recovery becuase ive had this pain for over 3 months now. Is there anything else I can do??

  12. For all of those who are wondering, it does work. I have seen massive improvement by doing these exercises every single day before bed. Dr Joe rocks!

  13. Wow ooh my god wow it worked wonders instant relief. Because of your happy face initially I didn't take you seriously.Now I love you.
    Do you excercises for backpain after playing sports

  14. Hey Dr. Joe I know I'm late but I had turf toe for a week and then it when away. Now it is back and I have had it for a 2 weeks. Should I see a doctor. Also it started bleeding under bit we know it is turf toe because I play soccer and I stopped to fast so my foot flew up in the shoe and now my joints hurt.

  15. Hello my friend. I have a close friendly who has been toe pain. I am not physical therapist like yourself, but I know he doesnt have gout, overnight arthritis with uric acid. However, my buddy may have turf toe or hallux rigidus, which started acting up three months ago from doing a lot of walking. Will these exercises work for either toe condition. Thanks for your help as always, which is greatly appreciated. Take care. God Bless.

  16. I am a kicker for my high school football team and got turf toe by kicking the ground at full force. Will these stretches work for me?

  17. Dear Dr Jo, I sprained my toes on my right foot by twisting them inwardly when I fell off the stool (the second next to the big toe severely and the third and fourth ones are moderately) 13 days ago. Can I start doing these toe workouts? The physio said I could do but basic ones like stretching up and down shown in this video. I started driving through using inside my foot on day 5 but when I came home it got swollen and I was in pain. I went back to driving on day 9, this time it was not sore. I drove yesterday and today, again using the same method and there is no more swelling but aching while my foot is still on the foot pedals. Am I doing more harm to my toes?

  18. Hi Dr. Jo, so after almost a month of rest I went to my doc and he said it was fully healed, but I still see some slight inflammation. He says I should start putting weight on it and stuff but I'm scared I'll make it worse. I ship off to bootcamp in a couple months and this has really set back my fitness goals. I dont know what to do.

  19. Hi Dr Jo! This was super helpful! Question- I have had plantar fascitis in my left foot now for several months and after yoga teacher training I developed pain in my right big toe. I never heard a pop or anything and it started hurting once I returned home. The pain appears in the joint connecting to my foot but closer to the inside (near second toe) when I flex my toe. So if when I walk the pain is when I press off of my big toe and its on the top of the main joint but closer to my second toe. Does this sound like turf toe? I mention my plantar fascitis on my left foot because maybe there are some similarities here with my fascia. Would these same exercises help this pain I'm experiencing? I've had this pain for 2 months with no relief 🙁 Thank you in advance for your help!!

  20. I was wearing unsupportive new shoes when my toe clicked a month ago as I was walking down stairs. I can barely move it now. It hurts so much. Twice now, it has clicked back and the pain subsided for a day but it comes back. I also have a bunion on that toe. Are these exercises for me?

  21. Looks like I can give a name to my injury now. Taking rest for almost 2-3 months now. But not healed still. Hope this exercises help.

  22. How often should I be doing this per day? Is there such a thing as too much? Also this is definitely helping my turf toe. Really relaxing/strengthening those muscles!

  23. I’ve had turf toe for three months I got it after months of baseball and football the doctor saw no damage to my bone and made me wear a boot for 4-6 weeks but it still won’t heal

  24. Hi doc, I'm having a pain in the toe for 4 years (soccer match) and nothing but cortisone shots helped me. X-ray and MRI show no visible damage and I'm kind of desperate. Is it too late for me to start doing these exercises? Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks.

  25. Mine has been bothering me since september last year. Odd that first exercise is easier curling while extended and flaring when pulling back. So hard the other way but i guess that's how to work it.

  26. Thank you for the video! Would these exercises be helpful for sesamoiditis as well? (I’m not sure if “turf toe” is the same as sesamoiditis.)

  27. I’ve had pain for months that was minor and just 4 months after having minimum pain I began to ride my long board more often than normal and then noticed the pain to be excruciating. It’s at the point of un-bearable. Not only do I have extreme pain under my toe I’ve started to notice the pain has now become under the arch of my foot were it bends. I think it might be a good idea to get some imaging Becz I’ve had this pain for more than half a year and it hurts very bad. Also I am a chef so I’m in the kitchen in my feet up to 18 hrs sometimes. Not that easy to find time to allow my foot to rest as much. Any advice?

  28. When can you start these exercises it's been almost six weeks my toe still kind of swollen and sore

  29. Dr Jo, after dealing with runner's knee, I was finally back to running/walking (halfway through the program) and I stubbed my baby toe, and learned I broke it! I'm in a boot for 3-4 weeks. My concern is, I fear my calf muscles with atrophy. Can you recommend any kind of safe calf strengthening exercise I can do? My break lucky, it's not misaligned. Can I still wear "yoga toes" (it stretches the toes out a bit, and helps strengthen them. Do I have to wear this clunky boot 24/7 or is it ok for me to walk around barefoot on the carpet (but very carefully!) I am a big barefoot believer!! I don't have any pain doing floor work with ankle weights on by the way. Hope you will consider doing a broken toe vid. It really is the pits.

  30. If OVER-stretching tears or damages the ligament…. Why would you want to stretch it to help?? Wouldn't it need Immobilization?

  31. Hi. I have hallux rigidus both big toes. Can’t seem to find any good info on how I can help this condition. Any ideas? Thnx

  32. Hi Dr. Jo thanks for posting this video! When I do some of the exercises I feel a moderate amount of tightness build up in the arch of my foot close to the joint of the big toe. Is that ok or should I be trying to tone the exercise down a bit? When I do the lacrosse ball roll I find it helps relieve that

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